All you need is less!

By Jyoti in Daily Musings
Updated 17:02 IST Apr 12, 2020

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We need so less and we have so much more; we have much more and we still want more!

This lockdown forced me to do some introspection and made me realise that I possess so many unnecessary things! There is so much clutter in our wardrobes, workplace, home and in turn a chaos in our mind and lives which leads to stress. It’s almost over half a month and we are surviving with bare minimum things; we are happy in our comfort clothes, eating simple home cooked meals and trying to be entertained with limited resources and guess what it feels not so bad! We are concentrating more on the things that give us real contentment.

I know we are getting desperate to go out of our houses and return to normal but we should pause and think seriously as to which things are worth returning to. We should make a few changes in our lifestyles and work pattern so that we can keep aside time for the things that really matter and bring a genuine smile to our face.  We should try and instil habits which will be eco-friendlier and more sustainable in the long run. I suppose this was a warning for the mankind to change before it is too late! So, we should respect the environment and start living a greener life so as to provide a better future for our children.

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