In love

By Diyaa in Poems » Long
Updated 08:09 IST Jan 15, 2021

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An everlasting love this is

You melt my heart with your sweet kisses

You promise to trade the world just for me

You gave me the best there could ever be


We shed tears and we fight

We love and we love tight

Staying away from each other even in thought

Gives our core a painful knot


Everyday we see our love grow

Inch by inch as we take it slow

When I feel its all full grown

You never fail to show me more


Your arms are my perfect shelter my love

The safest I have ever felt is in there

The way you warm me up in those

I am stuck to you like a glue so close


It’s been a long long time since I saw you

I have had some sleepless nights

So hold me close to you my baby

Hold me very close tonight


Please let me back in your strong bare arms

And allow me to dream of you

Be my knight in shining armour

And let me be caressed by you 


- Diyaa














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