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  • Team2dzign | 02-Mar-2016
    I am living in a fairy land with you my baby, where all i can experience is joy and love my honey. You have brought me out of the "stressed" world, Every moment with you is a celebration of life. You teach me new ways to rejoice, Even a small walk or a cooing from you deserves "oh ! nice". The day starts with big smiles, Admiring the beautiful sun and waving to bright skies. Having my morning tea with delight, I see you enjoy every small tiny sip and bite . Throughout the day a small shadow keeps following me, Its my little boy who is constantly on move to be by my side. Never before i felt so responsible and loved for, And you opened the doors to a whole new positive world for me ajar. Bathing is a ritual for you, celebrating with the bubbles, The tub is the place for more laughter and giggles, While Getting dressed we play peek-a-boo, Once ready the mirror must say "How cute you look today too", Time to say our prayers and bow to god, Dedicatedly folding hands you bow to the almightly, G
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  • Team2dzign | 03-Jan-2017
    “The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy.”  ― Kalu Ndukwe Kalu Thanks to my Nona , I witnessed and experienced everything as mentioned in the quote above, very closely with her. An excerpt on her life. I received the disheartening news of sad demise of my maternal grandmother Shrimati.Gokulbaiji Ramnarayanji Mantri on 30th Dec'16.She was 80 years old. The purpose of writing this is to appreciate and spread the message of a great deed that she performed even after her death. As per her wish, her body was donated to Godavari Medical College and research centre in Jalgaon .The body is being preserved and will be used for medical research and study purpose by many a students. This indirectly is a service to humanity, as hundreds of doctors will study and in turn serve many thousand patients recover from their ailments. Indeed a very noble and dignified gesture. She is also one of the first women to do
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  • The New You – Version 2.0
    Team2dzign | 23-Jul-2017
    Quite a weird title! But it seems apt at the moment. This story is about every girl & women who has been through a sabbatical at normal life or work or studies or any activity that was her agenda. The many reasons for sabbatical could be – shifting to a new city, a maternity leave, to take care for some family member who is sick, choosing the wrong path for academics, acute health issue, etc. The purpose of writing this is, I have experienced a sabbatical from my profession and am now in a way getting back to the thing that keeps me going – My Work ! Though not in a “conventional job” but in way that suits me, works well for my family and personal space. In today’s competitive world – there have evolved lot many “apparent” parameters that constantly decide your rating in the Society like - Job, Profile, Package, Bonus. Moving onto your personal life “How healthy is your life on Social media”, fan following at Facebook - Instagram, where do you
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  • Best is yet to come..
    Team2dzign | 14-Oct-2019
    » Long
    One season has gone past me,I have been through the quest for joy,I am not assertive about the distance I have covered,So it’s the time to reckon, of the trail I have crossedTo start was the known lane,To choose between was stone path and green pastures,It was simple and easy to go for green pastures..To my amusement, it wasn’t so obviousMy illusion of having known it was fake !Suddenly transforming, it shattered my perceptionsLost I staggered, wandered...Too much lost in transition, but no delightful creation.Yes, there was a dawn of realization,Rifting apart, my thoughts got influencedI stood there for myself, seeing the bridge of my dreams and life flouting awayA huge sea poured in from nowhere separating me into two halvesI am still, pondering for the fate that slapped me so absurdlyWhy it took so long to comprehend the insanity of my ideas ?It wasn’t the insanity though; it was the apprehension of my surrounding which could not amalgamate this rebel,So, at this point, I stand, still con
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  • नाती ...
    Team2dzign | 14-Oct-2019
    नाती ही अशी असतात..खुप कही बोलून पण बरच कही बोलायचा असत..खुप कही कलुन पण बरच कही कळत नस्त..खुप अन्तर चालून पण बरच अन्तर बाकि असतो..कुठल्या ही गोष्टी साठी काहीच प्रमाण नसतो..मोजता काहीच येत नही..तरी पण नतयअन्चि हीच तर गम्मत असते,की आपली भावना प्रेम अणि विश्वासात सांगता येते..जितका जास्त प्रेम तितका जास्त विश्वास अणि तितकीच कमी भीती,म्हणुन म्हणतात प्रेम करायचा मनापासून..खुप अपेक्षाना धक्का देत मन तोडून जातो..अणि काहीच न मागता पण खुप कही देऊन जातो…
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