A Designer, enthusiastic cook, proud mother & dreamer. Writing is a way of penning down all the impromptu but heartfelt emotions!
I am living in a fairy land with you my baby, where all i can experience is joy and love my honey. You have brought me out of the "stressed" world, Every moment with you is a celebration of life. You teach me new ways to rejoice, Even a small... read more...
02-Mar-2016 • 132 views
“The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy.”  ― Kalu Ndukwe Kalu Thanks to my Nona , I witnessed and experienced everything as mentioned in the quote above, very closely with her. An... read more...
03-Jan-2017 • 145 views
Quite a weird title! But it seems apt at the moment. This story is about every girl & women who has been through a sabbatical at normal life or work or studies or any activity that was her agenda. The many reasons for sabbatical could be – shifting to a... read more...
23-Jul-2017 • 146 views
» Long
One season has gone past me,I have been through the quest for joy,I am not assertive about the distance I have covered,So it’s the time to reckon, of the trail I have crossedTo start was the known lane,To choose between was stone path and... read more...
14-Oct-2019 • 127 views
नाती ही अशी असतात..खुप कही बोलून पण बरच कही बोलायचा असत..खुप कही कलुन पण बरच कही कळत नस्त..खुप अन्तर चालून पण बरच अन्तर बाकि असतो..कुठल्या ही गोष्टी साठी काहीच प्रमाण नसतो..मोजता क... read more...
14-Oct-2019 • 203 views
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