Ragi Cocoa cookies

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Updated 16:20 IST Apr 14, 2021

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Ragi Cocoa Cookies - A perfect accompaniment to the afternoon chai and comes in handy for the odd time hunger pangs. Easy to make, delicious, and with the goodness of ragi flour! Kids and elders all can relish these little munchies.

Ingredients :

> 1 cup - fine ragi flour 

> 2 tbspn - multi-grain atta / whole wheat flour 

> 1/2 cup - powdered sugar 

> 1/3 cup - unsalted melted butter 

> 1-1.5 tbspn - cocoa powder

> 2-3 tbspn - cold milk 

> 1-2 tbspn - choco chips (optional)

Procedure : 

In a big bowl, sift together the ragi flour, wheat flour, powdered sugar, cocoa powder. Mix well. Add the melted butter and milk. Knead softly into a dough. Make small size balls and flatten them a bit. If desirable, top it with choco chips ( lightly dusted with flour, so as not to melt). Preheat oven, on a baking tray line up cookies, place them a little apart and bake at 170 degrees for 10-15 min. Keep a check. Once done, remove and cool. Store it in an airtight container. Enjoy the delicious cookies!

Cheers :)

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