Stir-fried Veggies & Tofu in Peri-peri Masala

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Stir-fried Veggies & Tofu in Peri-peri Masala: Another low-calorie, delicious one-bowl meal. It's a must-have for us at least once every week, to bring in some change & delight to the dinner routine. You can whip this in a jiffy and savour its goodness. The protein ingredient (tofu/paneer/ chickpeas/ soya granules) makes it filling and veggies add to the nutrition quotient. Hope you too enjoy making and having this bowl of freshness. This also pairs well with vegetable soups & can also be served as a healthy party starter.

Ingredients  :

> 1/2 cup of square chopped capsicum/bell peppers (red, yellow, green mix) - bite-size chops

> 1 cup mixed veggies - peeled & chopped carrot, chopped - zucchini, french beans, peas, cut broccoli florets

> 100 gms Tofu - chopped in small cubes 

> 1 small red onion - square chopped 

> 1 small firm & ripe tomato - square chopped only sides, no seeds (optional, it add's a nice tanginess))

> 4-6 garlic cloves - peeled & finely chopped

> few fresh basil leaves chopped roughly

> seasoning of pink Himalayan salt (or you can use the regular white salt) & black pepper powder - as per taste

> 1 tsp Peri-peri masala (you can adjust the quantity as per your taste)

> recommended 1 tbsp olive oil  (or any other refined / cold-pressed oil is fine or low-fat non salted butter can also work)

> some black sesame seeds to garnish

> a tsp of lime juice


Start by putting a deep & heavy bottom pan with a lid on the burner. Add olive oil, once a little warm, we shall stir fry the garlic. Do not burn/brown the garlic. Add chopped onions & tomatoes. Saute for a min, now add all the veggies, give it a quick mix. Add salt & pepper & close the lid for 2-3 minutes (so as to allow the veggies to cook a little, they will still have the bite but not be completely raw).  Once you feel the veggies are cooked, add the tofu & Peri-peri masala. Now saute it for another minute, add lime juice, give it another mix and take off the flame. Immediately serve and top it with roughly chopped basil leaves & garnish with black sesame seeds.

You can also create some variations, by adding mushrooms, corn kernels. Low-fat paneer also works well as a substitute to Tofu, cooked chickpeas or even better mini soya chunks!


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