Watermelon Dosa

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Watermelon Dosa is a unique dosa that you can make with the white portion of the watermelon. Usually, the red portion is consumed and white is discarded, but this is also a nutritious and fibrous part that we can use in many ways. This recipe is an ideal breakfast dish, as the batter doesn't need fermentation, though rice needs to be soaked for 5-6 hours. So if the soaking is done overnight, then the batter should be ready for breakfast. This dosa pairs well with white coconut chutney or podi. This recipe is also special as it was shared with me by my dear friend Mo. Thank you for this healthy, delectable recipe!

Ingredients :

> 1 cup - idli rice

> optional : 1/4th cup - white poha (thin / medium)

> 1 tbspn - fenugreek (methi) seeds 

> 1 cup - watermelon whites chopped

> salt as per taste


Procedure : 

In a big bowl, soak the rice, poha, and methi seeds for 5-6 hours, I soak it through the night. Drain the water. Now in a blender, add the chopped watermelon whites & soaked rice+poha+methi seeds. Add a little salt and fine blend the mixture. Do not add water, as the watermelon whites have enough water to moisten the batter. If required add water by the teaspoon, very little at a time. Once finely ground, it will be a little runny batter. Now make the dosas. Enjoy the soft, tasty dosas with chutney and podi. 

You can add some finely chopped onions & chillies, to make them like uttapams. 

If the batter is left, you can refrigerate the batter and consume it within a day.

Cheers :)


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Mohita 23-Apr-2021 18:00

Super chef .....you are simply the best...just like your food....😍😍🥰

archnehas 24-Apr-2021 17:13

Thank you @mohita.

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