Healthy Kabuli Chana Salad

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Healthy Kabuli Chana Salad - yes, you heard it right! For a change, we will use Kabuli chana in a salad than our normal feast of the sinful chole bhature. This is a one-bowl, low-calorie and high-protein meal. An innovative accompaniment to party starters. Surprise your guests with a sumptuous salad that is both yummy and healthy and at the same time quick to prepare. 

Ingredients  :

> 1.5 cup - cooked Kabuli chana (soaked 6-8 hours and pressure cooked for 2/3 whistles, cooked but not mushy)

> 3/4 cup - Bell peppers, all 3 colors preferred (red, yellow & green)

> 1 green cucumber - peeled and chopped

> 1 tomato - deseeded & chopped

> recommended addition - chopped coriander / parsley

> (optional)  1 tbsp red onions - finely chopped

> (optional) few roughly chopped mint leaves

For the dressing :

> 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

> juice of 1-2 lemon

> 1/4 tsp of black pepper powder

> 1/2 tsp  of rock salt

> 1/4 tsp peri-peri masala

> recommended addition - finely chopped 2-3 garlic cloves

The seasoning quantities can be adjusted, as per your taste.


In a salad bowl, add the cooked chana, chopped - bell peppers, cucumber, tomato, onion, coriander & mint leaves. Mix well. In a small glass bowl or jar, add the olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, peri-peri masala & garlic cloves. Stir it well. Add this to the salad bowl and give it a good mix. Garnish with coriander leaves. Serve the salad immediately to savour the fresh and yummy preparation. in case you are preparing this salad a little in advance, keep the salad base and dressing in the refrigerator and mix only before serving.

You can try some variations by adding a few veggies. 


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Mohita 02-Mar-2021 21:16

Loving it

Deepa Dias 02-Mar-2021 21:22

Wow..this salad sounds yummy...would definitely try it out 😊

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