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Adorned in chains 
still trying to run
One foot at a time 
you're almost done
Bare skin 
bared witness
Drenched and wet
who could say
was it blood or sweat
Physically exhausted
and mentally numb
or Mentally exhausted
and physically numb?
Chains clinged at 
the foot's stomps
chains clung but
the foot stoped
Inhaling hope
she fell
closed eyes
paralysed at state
Paralysed at mind
The splash was quite
the bubbles were subtle
No reason to live
No sign of struggle
Sinking into the darkness
through light...
the cold felt home
No reason to fight
skin felt cold 
not like the chains before
Skin felt cold
it felt like home
Chills down the spine 
ohh my body is still alive!
Opened eyes
nothing but miles
miles and miles 
of darkness abides 
Breathing is stable
but the heart has died
who needs a heart 
to live anyway
who needs a heart at all
she cried 
No one saw
No one heard
Underwater that's how it works I fear....
now to stay
stay at a mess
A deep hollow soul filled 
with nothingness!!!

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Aditya 09-Aug-2017 17:38


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