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Rihaan and Tanya head for their honeymoon some days after the marriage and they leave for Switzerland and they take a place riverside to spend some time there.

On the other side,

The President and his other colleagues are talking and the Mayor of the City, Mr. Khanna arrives there on call by the President.

The President says, “Mr. Khanna, your City was in news some years back for destruction and havoc that happened there, what is your say about it?”

Mr. Khanna says, “I know, Sir, yes, there was some destruction created there, huge round ball like looking things arrived there and created havoc. Police and Army did their best but thanks to Mr. R and his team, they saved the City.”

One of the ministers says, “Isn’t Mr. R a criminal, what I have heard, he killed many people and also beaten them bad using what, knives and huge guns?”

Mr. Khanna says, “Yes, he has, if police fails, he is there to help us even if they hate him, there are still arrest orders on him, but we cannot catch him.”

The minister says, “When will he get caught?”

Mr. Khanna says, “I don’t know, when the crimes and terrorism stops in our City stop, he might stop and get invisible again for years.”

The President says, “We know about the hero, what we know about Diablo?”

Mr. Khanna says, “He is a head of a Terrorist group of the same name and he has a huge army with advanced weaponry, some Diablo bases were attacked and destroyed by us.”

The President says, “What I have in hand are some reports and there is a statement that says that Diablo is alive and he was caught by your some officer but he fled with some help of his subordinates. Is Diablo will be attacking the City again?”

Mr. Khanna takes a deep breath and takes a sip of water and says, “YES.”

The ministers get worried and The President says, “An answer we all expected, can Mr. R stop him?”

Mr. Khanna says, “We have the police and army and if they fail, he will come to help us.”

Mr. Khanna then leaves and the reporters ask him questions outside the Cabinet and reporters says, “Diablo, is the by far the most feared and dangerous terrorist this City has ever seen and he has been creating destruction all over the world and due to his return, people are still in shock and in fear that what is plan will be now, if he has any plan, what is the plan to destroy his plan?”

The President sees Mr. Khanna and tells his Assistant, “Find me Rihaan Kumar.”

In Switzerland, a huge parcel arrives outside Rihaan and Tanya’s personal Suite and it is morning time and Chang calls Rihaan says, “How is the honeymoon going?”

Rihaan says, “Great!! Wassup?”

Chang says, “The whole City is here worried on Diablo and what he is planning to do, they want to know the police plans and somewhere in their mind, they want know your plan too.”

Tanya sees the parcel and goes outside and Rihaan also comes out and sees a huge guy with a beard in a car and looks at him.

Rihaan says, “I don’t know about my plan, but that does include Diablo’s death.”            

He keeps the call and Tanya goes at the parcel and Rihaan gets a text, ‘Hope you like the present, D.’

Rihaan looks at Tanya and dives at her and the parcel which happens to be bomb explodes and the whole Suite explodes with it.

The guy in the car leaves and keeps looking at Rihaan while driving ahead.

The medics then arrive there and some people there in black Suits arrive the and look at Rihaan and they says, “Mr. Rihaan Kumar (gives him the phone), it is the President, he wants to talk to you.”

Rihaan takes the phone and from other side The President says, “Rihaan, congrats on your wedding.”

Rihaan says, “Thank you, what happened?”

The President says, “We have some incomplete topics to talk on if you remember, Rihaan?”

Rihaan then gets a glimpse that he had saved the President as Mr. R and took the responsibility of the killings of Death Squad and went in jail for a month.

Rihaan looks at Tanya and she says, “We should go, what we had to on your honeymoon, we did.”

The President says, “What you did?”

Rihaan says, “Sir, that’s a personal thing. We are coming.”

The people there take them via VIP plane to Delhi.

Rihaan and Tanya arrive in Delhi Airport and Rihaan there sees the same guy there and Raghu arrives there and Rihaan signals the Raghu and says, “See the guy in beard there?”

Raghu says, “Yes, he is been following you.”

Rihaan says, “I hate people like that. Do something.”

Raghu says, “With pleasure.”

Raghu then goes to the men’s room and the same guy comes behind him and Raghu then holds him by neck and throws him inside the Lounge and they have a fight and Raghu then breaks the guy’s leg and holds him by neck and says, “Diablo sent you?”

The guy says, “Yes.”

Raghu breaks the guy’s neck and kills him.

Rihaan, Tanya and Raghu then arrive at the Cabinet and The President calls him inside the cabin and he closes all the cameras and mikes present in his room.

The President says, “What is yours and Diablo’s connection, huh? It is some personal vendetta or just hero-villain thing?”

Rihaan says, “Personal, I should say, he killed my parents and I took the job to stop crimes and terrorism and I knew many people would stop me as they care for me, but I knew till people like Diablo don’t die, I have still job in my hands and people believing that have joint me.”

The President says, “I have seen that.”

Rihaan says, “What do you want me to do?”

The President says, “The City which you live in has seen battles that you have been in against Diablo and stood up with you, they cannot take another toll of another war or battle, let it be you and Diablo only.”

Rihaan says, “I will try, honestly saying, Diablo doing nothing for the City is like a calm before storm.”

The President says, “I can also feel that, Rihaan and I hope this time you don’t lose anyone or anything.”

Rihaan says, “Me too, Sir.”

He leaves the cabinet with Tanya and Raghu.

The reporters ask Rihaan questions and he cannot the real truth and dismisses them by saying that his company will be helping the President with weapons and ammunitions.

On the other side,

Diablo is with his team and Queen asks the plan and Diablo says, “There is no plan, Queen, this time I don’t care about the City, I just want Rihaan dead.”

Rihaan then arrives at the base and meets everyone there and he then takes Ryan’s help and they create a GPS that can search anyone in the world and they call it, Phantom.

Tanya says, “The system is good.”

Ryan says, “It’s like a GPS on steroids.”

Rihaan then says, “I have to go, there is a meeting at the Company.”

As he comes outside the base others get come out of the base and just then, a helicopter comes there and the door opens and it is Diablo with a sniper in his hands and Rihaan sees this and says, “Guys, go inside.”

Rihaan then shoots Raghu in the leg and they take him inside and Charlotte says, “Bye bye, hero!!!”

She then hits a missile on Rihaan’s car and it explodes and Tanya screams, RIHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN”





            Diablo then looks at the exploded car and then looks at the base from where Rihaan and his friend’s come to him and he signals Charlotte and she gives a devilish and evil smile and hits another missile and explodes the base too.

            Ryan then uses his energy and picks the whole car and Rihaan falls from the car and Tanya tries waking him up and then he is taken to the hospital.

            Rihaan is unconscious at the hospital and doctors try their best to wake him up and but they are not able to and they then get to know that he will still be unconscious.

            The doctors then tell Tanya and others that Rihaan will be unconscious for a few days and Tanya gets all worried and she starts crying and says, “The President said to him that Diablo has always taken something from him, I hope that doesn’t happen today.”

            Chang consoles her saying, “Calm down, Rihaan is a brave guy, he could have died, thanks to the security system inside the car, it saved him, and he is still alive.”

            Shakti is inside Raghu’s room where he too is unconscious due to explosion and the bullet wound in his leg.

            Chang says, “How did he find us though? Nobody knows the base, it is just we and Rihaan know.”

            Tanya says, “It is Diablo, we shouldn’t underestimate him that much.”

            Ryan looks at Rihaan and says, “I don’t want to lose a friend a like you. We need you.”

            Tina comes at Ryan and hugs him.

            After sometime, many news reporters come there and question Tanya and the team and one of the reporters says, “What was in that warehouse that Diablo burned that too?”

            The team has no answers to this and just then Mr. James arrives there and says, “Nothing that usual, these people were sent by me to that old warehouse which was the first ever warehouse of Kumar Enterprises and I sent them to look into it and keep a check but we all know what has happened.”

            The reporters then leave from there.

            At night, Ujwal Naik arrives at that base alone with his son, Yuvraj and they start finding on the base for some proofs.

            Ujwal Naik then stumbles upon something and he sees Mr. R’s mask (The Guy Fawkes Mask) and says, “This mask, it can be possible though.”

            He gives the mask to Yuvraj inside the car and they leave at the hospital.

            At the hospital,

Tanya is alone and Raghu is resting in the other room and she is inside Rihaan’s room.

            Tanya then goes into a flashback.

            The flashback starts some years ago where Rihaan, Jeet and Narendra Swami are at Rihaan’s house where Swami is teaching him some move called the ‘FIVE POINT PALM EXPLODING HEART TECHNIQUE’ which was taught to him Chinese people when Swami went to China for higher studies.           

            Tanya arrives there and watches them for some time and she gets inside the practice and Swami takes an attempt to teach her the technique.

            She wakes up and sees Rihaan and says, “I miss you.”

            Just then outside the hospital, some men with guns arrive with Mona and they kill the police constables present there and they get inside and Chang has some sensors there and he sees something from his car that is waiting outside the hospital and he calls Tanya.

            Tanya says, “What happened?”

            Chang says, “You and Rihaan are in a huge problem, Mona and some guys just showed up, they killed the guards, they are coming at your floor.”

            Chang sees the cameras and says, “What is he doing here?”

            Actually, he sees Ujwal Naik and Yuvraj in a lift and he texts him saying Rihaan is in danger.

            Chang then sees a bag behind in the car and says, “Why not I give it a try.”

            Ujwal Naik gets a text and he reaches there inside Rihaan’s room and just then Tanya attacks him with a knife and he stops her and Tanya says, “Oh, it’s you.”

            The men and Mona arrive by the elevator and Ujwal Naik sees this and starts shooting at them and some of the men die and Mona shoots Ujwal’s hand and the gun falls down.

            Mona comes to him and just then the glass window breaks and Mr. R comes there and Ujwal looks at Rihaan and says, “Is that possible???”

            Mr. R then kicks Mona and fights the men and kills them with the knives Tanya sees Mona and she says, “You are mine, witch!!!”

            Mona sees and Tanya goes and attacks her and Ujwal Naik sees this and sees Mr. R fighting and he goes to him and tries removing the mask and he just kicks Ujwal and goes back from another window and Mr. R gives a small look at Yuvraj and he says, “He isn’t the real one.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “Dammit.”

            Mona and Tanya are fighting and they get inside Raghu’s room and he wakes up and sees them fighting and decides to help Tanya.

            Mona then breaks some of the window inside the room and she points her gun at Tanya.

            Raghu sees this and kicks the chair at her and Mona’s gun falls down and Tanya kicks her and she falls down on a car and dies.


            Ujwal Naik comes in and sees the dead body and looks at Tanya and she says, “She slipped.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “Yeah, right, she did.”

            The next day,

Tanya gets the reports that Rihaan is getting better and may get well once and for all.

            Chang and others arrive and Ujwal Naik arrives there and says, “I found Mr. R‘s mask there where Rihaan and you guys were present when Diablo attacked you, what is the story behind the mask, anything important?”

            Tanya says, “One can be, that at that warehouse, Mr. R was operating his missions or you are taking a wild guess that one of us might be him and we are helping him.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “May be, may be.”

            He leaves.

            The doctors then tell Tanya that Rihaan can be taken home for now and he will wake up in some time.

            Just then,

Tanya’s phone rings and it is an unknown number and she picks it up and from the other side, it is Diablo and he says, “Nice work, sister, you killed my one, huh!!!”

            Tanya smiles and says, “I did, you did attack my husband.”

            Diablo says, “Yes, I did, do you like the present that I had sent you?”

            She says, “We did, it didn’t do the job, you know, impress us.”

            Diablo says, “There is more to come.”

            Tanya says, “We are waiting.”

            She keeps the call and says, “Chang, before, Diablo finds us, find him.”

            Chang and Ryan remove the Phantom software and they reach home and they rest Rihaan on his bed and the software starts doing the job and Chang says, “Last time we saw his at our base, the cameras there must have caught him.”

            The cameras then are hacked and they get Diablo’s image and it starts searching and Raghu says, “What is it doing?”

            Ryan says, “Hunting. Now, we are not the hunt, we are the hunters now.”

            After sometime, Chang says, “We got him.”

            Chang says, “He is in Chennai, he is at a house there, it is like a line of bungalows and warehouses.”

            Tanya looks at Rihaan and says, “Wake up!!!”





The whole team are at Rihaan’s house and Chang finds out by the Phantom Software that Diablo and his team are in Chennai and Chang says, “What now?”

Tanya looks at Rihaan who is still unconscious and says, “You all should go ahead.”

Ryan says, “What about Rihaan?”

Tanya says, “We all don’t know when he will wake up and get ready and fight, you all go ahead, if he wakes up, his first aim will be to be to come for you guys and help you.”

Raghu says, “She is right. We should get ready.”

 They all leave the house and Tanya sits near Rihaan.

            Raghu then arrives home and he meets his wife and they are talking and his daughter wakes up and she says, “What happened daddy?”

            Raghu says, “Nothing, baby girl, daddy has some work, so he has to go.”

            The daughter hugs him and wife too and she says, “You better don’t die.”

            Raghu says, “I will try.”

            He leaves the house.

            Chang then goes to his house and meets his mentor, Yudhisthira Bhosale aka Uncle is at his house and he is sharpening the swords and other ninja stuff and he says, “Ready for one more battle?”

            Chang says, “Hell yeah!!!”

            He hugs him and he leaves the house.

            Shakti then arrives at his house and he meets his mother and she says, “Hey, kid, I am proud of you, what you have done till now, all the stuff, I am proud that you are part of it.”

            Shakti says, “I will make you more proud, one thing, make some of your favorite food right now, I want to have some.”

            Ryan is with Tina and he powers up the gear and he says, “This is my first battle and I hope it will not be the last.”

            Tina says, “It will not be, I have faith in you and someone else has faith in you.”

            MJ (THE Artificial Intelligence System) then appears on a laptop screen and says, “Yes, sir.”

            Ujwal Naik is at his place and his wife and sons arrive and he says, “I have to help Mr. R’s help, I have helped them before and now also I would help them.”

            His wife says, “What about the police and army?”

            Ujwal Naik says, “Screw them!!!”

            Yuvraj says, “Dad!!!”

            Ujwal Naik says, “Sorry.”

            He then leaves his police gun and badge and he opens the cupboard and removes his Kevlar and some guns and Yuvraj says, “How will you find Mr. R?”

            Ujwal Naik then gets a text and says, “I just did.”

            The team then arrives at an airbase which was closed and Chang (as WD) arrives there and Streak says, “Why are we here?”

            Chang shows them a huge plane and Leo says, “How much I know, I don’t know how to fly a plane!!!”

            A car arrives there and WD says, “He knows…”

            Ujwal Naik gets down from the car and says, “Great to see you guys.”

            WD says, “We feel great too, cop.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “Cop!!! Not Today!!!”

            They all then get inside the plane and Ujwal Naik says, “When will get to know your REAL names?”

            Altogether say, “NEVER!!!”

            Ujwal Naik starts the plane and says, “I thought so.”

            They reach Chennai and they locate Diablo again and get to know he has a huge army of his own men and women and WD says, “He is at local army base, he has his house there, he is there with his guys.”

            Streak says, “We are not that ready for an army!!!”

            Crusher says, “We have to.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “This plane has some weapons, so I can hold them off.”


Just then a phone rings inside the plane and says, “Remember me?”

            Chang says, “R?”

            Mr. R says, “You shouldn’t have left me!!! Move ahead, I am coming.”

            Rihaan had woken up and he and Tanya leave for Chennai and Rihaan has a new gear with him.


            Diablo is at the house and Charlotte comes and says, “There is a plane that has been seen in the surroundings.”

            Diablo says, “They are here. Ready the army, we will have some fun.”


            Rihaan is at another base and he and Tanya are waiting for someone and Tanya says, “Who are waiting for?”

            Rihaan says, “A person who I told the truth too.”

            A car arrives there and Devraj Singhania arrives there and he says, “Need any help?”

            Rihaan smiles and says, “What I did was wrong, what you did was wrong, why not we do a right thing together, huh?”

            Devraj says, “Let the rivalry stay, R!!!!”

            Devraj gives him the helicopter keys and leaves from there.

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