Seizing every opportunity in this journey called life and leaving behind a trail of me... like a starseed.
» Long
Adorned in chains still trying to runOne foot at a time you're almost doneBare skin bared witnessDrenched and wetwho could saywas it blood or sweatPhysically exhaustedand mentally numbor Mentally exhaustedand physically numb?Chains clinged at the foot's stompschains clung butthe foot stopedInhaling hopeshe fellclosed... read more...
04-Aug-2017 • 697 views
» Long
I don't know if I should,Or if I could let you go,I dived too deep,To now let it snow,My skin is on fire, burning away in desire,Longing for your touch,Did I ask for too much?Reminiscing now on all that we had... read more...
09-Aug-2017 • 735 views
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