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I don't know if I should,
Or if I could let you go,
I dived too deep,
To now let it snow,
My skin is on fire, 
burning away in desire,
Longing for your touch,
Did I ask for too much?
Reminiscing now on all that we had,
evokes memories made unknowingly,
Fills my heart with sorrow unfortunately,
you were there and so was I,
there was nothing but your magic,
A swish of time and things turned tragic,
We were twins under a skin,
Same Spirit burning in flames thin,
been burnt before but I chose to hold on,
Wasn't I worth that risk,
I question for too long,
My sunshine , shining on my darkest of days,
Your moonlight, guiding you along the way,
Or was I,
Or were we,
Did 'we' ever happen,
Did you even dive down,
Let go of what was, what will,
And dwell in nothing but now,
In what that mattered,
And what matters is you,
I'm sorry I made you feel love is difficult,
I'm sorry I made wanna let go,
I'm sorry for a lot of things,
But never for loving you,
was glad your name came after mine,
And in between that apostrophe,
What began a fairytale,
Ended in catastrophe.

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Aditya 09-Aug-2017 17:35


Aditya 09-Aug-2017 17:48

More often than not we tend to look at art or read expressions like the one shared here from "our" perspective, isn't it? I attempted (to the best of my limited capability) to read from the "other" perspective and the effect was...

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