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Rihaan and Tanya get inside the helicopter and they see Devraj leaving and Rihaan tells her that he is leaving India forever and moving to Saudi Arabia.

            They are in the helicopter and Tanya looks at Rihaan and she says, “Will we come back?”

            Rihaan says, “Yes, we will, if I don’t, you will.”

            Rihaan sees something in Tanya’s hand asks her what is it and Tanya has a small box in her hand and she opens it and says, “Remember this?”

            It is Jeet’s mask when he used to wear it as Sikander and Tanya has it in her hand and she says, “Just a thought came to my mind, so I took it and even Ujwal Naik would be there and he hasn’t never seen me with you and I will wear it.”

            Rihaan then gets a glimpse of Jeet dying and says, “Even Jeet would have liked it.”

            On the other side, inside the plane, Ujwal Naik says, “We are about to reach, what is the plan?”

            A voice from the speakers come, “Guys, this is Mr. R, each and everyone has supported me in all my adventures and what things we have done for the City, they have showed the respect we have deserved and we are all symbols of justice. And now, talking about the plan, how much White Dragon has told me, there are some explosives in the plane and there are parachutes in the plane too and guys, jump out the plane with your weapons and Ujwal Sir, crash the plane when you see their base.”

            Crusher says, “Did he say JUMP?”

            Leo looks at him and says, “Don’t tell me you are scared of heights….”

            Crusher says, “Kind of.”

            They all start taking the parachutes and Crusher looks at his parachutes and says, “Save me, god!!!”

            WD then fixes a small timer on the explosives and they are about the base and Ujwal Naik takes his guns and ammunitions and wears the parachutes and they are the door.

            One by one then jumps and Crusher is left back.

            WD says, “Guys, I just see, five parachutes, where is Crusher?”

            Crusher gets nervous looking at the height and says, “Guys, why not we just land the plane and kill them?”

            Leo tries encouraging him and says, “C’mon, just jump.”

            Crusher says, “I am sorry, I cannot do this.”

            Leo says, “Nice thing I did before jumping, I am sorry for this, buddy.”

            Crusher says, “What?”

            Leo presses the button and automatically Crusher’s chute opens and he falls out of the plane.

            Johravar is at the base and he sees the plane and alerts Diablo and a lot of people/army gathers there and the plane crashes there and it explodes and kills a lot of the army.

            Diablo sees this and says, “Kill them.”

            More of the army comes and the team lands at some distance and they see the army coming with guns, swords and spears and other weapons.

            Crusher lands late and sees the army and he shoots mini missiles and kills some of them while in mid air.

            Leo roars and attacks them, Volt Streak (with Tina) charges the suit and hits electric attacks, Ujwal Naik removes his handguns and starts shooting and White Dragon goes ahead and starts killing the people with his swords.

            Crusher then removes a huge mini gun and keeps the shooting and Johravar sees this and he says, “You are mine.”

            Johravar picks his sledgehammers and makes a move at Crusher.

            Tyler then arrives there in a jeep and gives a shock attack on Crusher and he takes a step back and he is about hit another one, but Volt Streak comes and stops him and their powers collide.

            Crusher gets up and Johravar comes and hits him with the sledgehammer and says, “It butt kicking time.”

            Crusher says, “You are damn right, but for whom?”

            They have fight and they exchanges punches and hammer hits.

            Leo roars out loudly and he goes ahead and kills some of the people and Charlotte is with Diablo and she says, “I have an animal to kill.”            

            Diablo smiles and Charlotte leaves on a bike.

            Diablo is with some of his men and the men tell him that a helicopter is approaching at the base and Diablo says, “I see, my wait is getting slowly over.”

            Rihaan and Tanya’s helicopter arrives there and some of the army men start shooting at the helicopter and Tanya shoots them with the guns.

            Rihaan then jumps from the helicopter and he sees Tina there and he tells her to stay with Tanya inside the helicopter and a rope comes down and with its help she goes inside the helicopter.

            Rihaan then looks at his mask and says, “Let’s do it.”

            Mr. R then arrives at the battlefield.

            Tanya and Tina fly over the base and they keep on shooting the men and women.

            Mr. R then sees Ujwal Naik struggling with one of the men and another men comes at him and Mr. R kills him and Ujwal Naik kills the one he is struggling with one and Mr. R says, “It was under control right?”

            Ujwal Naik smiles and at him and leaves and fights the others.

            Mr. R moves ahead and sees White Dragon and they together fight the Diablo’s army.

            Just then some tanks arrive there and White Dragon sees this and he sees a bike too and he removes his mask and takes the grenade belt that fallen and he rides the bike and goes at the tank and throws grenades inside them.

             Mr. R goes ahead and sees Charlotte comes there and stops him and says, “Going somewhere?”

            Mr. R says, “Yes, I am going ahead to kill someone.”

            Charlotte says, “You cannot, (she removes her handgun), because I will kill you first.”

            Mr. R says, “You already have some to fight to.”

            Charlotte looks back and Leo is standing behind at some distance and she says, “You.”

            Leo roars at her.






Mr. R says, “I see you have some work Charlotte.”

            White Dragon is on his bike and another tank shows and blows up the bike and he falls down from the bike and he gets up and the tank door opens and Zaheer Abbas gets out and says, “Going somewhere, kid?’

            WD says, “Just waiting for you.”

            They start to have a hand combat.

            Mr. R goes ahead and Tanya jumps from the helicopter and Ujwal Naik joins them and he sees Tanya wearing the mask and says, “Who are you suppose to be?”

            Tanya says, “I am, Angel.”


            They see a jeep and they three get inside it.

            Mr. R says, “Angel?”

            Angel says, “Suits me.”

            Diablo sees the whole thing from the house and says, “Let’s make this more interesting.”

            Just then some men come with bows and they aim in the air and start firing arrows and in a huge amount and they come from air and his own men and injures  the team.

            Some of them hit Mr. R and Angel.

            Diablo signals and now men come with missile launchers and Tina sees this and she attacks those men with the helicopter and kills them.

             It is about to get night.

            Charlotte then attacks Leo and they have a gruesome fight and Tina gets down from the helicopter and sees Leo and she joins him.

            Charlotte goes ahead and she shoots Tina and misses and Leo roars and hits her strike and she shoots him in the leg and Tina comes ahead and the guns falls down and Charlotte tries picking them but Tina kicks her too, Charlotte gets back up and they have a fight and Tina gets injured in the fight and Tina sees one of the guns and shoots her.


            Leo then picks her up and says, “You do fight well, Tina.”

            On the other side,

Tyler is fighting against Streak and he is using the hunters consisting of electric currents and Streak tells MJ to find a weakness and he says, “Sir, the power source, it has to get overcharged.”

            Streak smiles and uses a takedown attack and Tyler falls down and Streak hits an electric attack on the source of energy and it makes Tyler unconscious, but he wakes up and goes at Streak and fights and removes his mask and Streak sees a sword and picks it up and dodges the punch and puts the sword in Tyler’s body.


            White Dragon and Zaheer Abbas fight each other and Streak sees this and he gets inside one of the tanks and signals White Dragon.

            Both of them fight and they then pick up a sword each and they have a sword fight and later then, White Dragon puts the sword through Zaheer’s body and he says, “I will kill you.”            

            White Dragon says, “Not before that.”

            He signals him to look back and the tank is pointing the missile pipe at Zaheer and Streak presses the button and says, “Allah Hafiz.”

            He blows Zaheer in pieces.


            Diablo sees everything happening and he sees the men with him and says, “Is it so hard?”

            He then shoots the men and brings a missile launcher out and shoots a missile at the jeep in which Mr. R, Angel and Ujwal Naik are in.

            He takes a sword with him and goes inside the house.

            At the base,

 Johravar spears Crusher inside a warehouse and Johravar picks a sledgehammer and breaks the Suit of Crusher.

            He then pulls Shakti out of the Suit and attacks him with the hammer and misses it.

            One man then attacks with a baseball bat and misses him and he takes the bat and they have a duel and sometime later, Shakti jumps and breaks the sledgehammer of Johravar.

            Shakti then beats Johravar with the bat and throws the bat and Johravar falls down and Shakti starts punching him still he didn’t die.


            Shakti says, “Punk.”

            The jeep explosion that took place, the three of them got down and Ujwal Naik gets injured badly and he isn’t able to move and he tells Mr. R and Angel to move ahead.

            They reach the house and there is a note, ‘Remove the mask.’

            They both remove their masks and Rihaan says, “Tanya, go and kill him (gives her the sword).”

            Tanya goes ahead inside the house.

            She then reaches a garden outside the house where there is a round table and Diablo also has a sword and a drink and he says, “Hey sister, come and join me.”

            Tanya then slowly and sits on the chair and Diablo smiles at her and says, “My all men and generals are dead, I am the one remaining, I just have one question?”

            Tanya says, “What?”

            Diablo says, “Why I am still alive, I would have died in that fire, but what was it that kept me alive?”

            Tanya smiles and says, “The fire inside you kept you alive as you wanted to kill Rihaan and Rihaan was alive at that point because the fire inside him wanted the courage he had to kill you.”

            Diablo says, “Strong words, huh (finishes his drink).”

            There is a silence for a while and Tanya and Diablo look at each other’s swords and Tanya says, “We have some unfinished business.”

            Diablo looks at her and says, “Tanya, you ain’t killing!!!”

            They have a sword fight and there is  are parries exchanged Tanya kicks Diablo and he goes in the chair and they still have a fight and Diablo hits her and her sword falls down and Tanya dodges the strike and kicks his sword and blocks her punch and hits some beats and punches combination on the heart.

            Diablo starts to bleed and says, “Huh, Swami taught you the FIVE POINT PALM EXPLODING HEART Technique.”

            Tanya gets emotional and says, “Yes, he did. I am sorry.”

            Diablo says, “Why are you sorry? When Rihaan was fighting me, you didn’t give a damn that I am alive or dying, why now?”

            Tanya says, “Because that time, Rihaan was beating you, this time, it is me.”

            Diablo bleeds more and clears some of the blood and says, “I should take my five steps now.”

            Rihaan sees this and Diablo looks at him and he gets up and goes at him.



            He falls at Rihaan’s legs and Tanya sheds a tear and they then leave the house.

            DIABLO DIES.

            They then take others and fly back.


“Diablo did survive before in that fire, he came back and this time, he wanted Rihaan dead, he had an army, we had ours and we did gave our best and wrecked hell out there and what we all hoped for, it happened, what if, Rihaan had killed Diablo some years ago at the Company building rather than getting him arrested and then too creating a new chapter, Diablo had that surviving spirit to live and fight and he did show, Rihaan on the other side, he knew he would face Diablo some day and he knew he would have kill him someday. He did??? For some people like Ujwal Naik, he did, for some, like the team, Tanya did kill her brother, Nagar Reddy, for some, a huge wanted terrorist had died.”

-         Mr. JAMES.


            People in the City and whole of India are celebrating as Diablo is dead.

Kids are seen wearing Mr. R’s masks and waving around.

Some cops are still angry that they cannot arrest Mr. R and Ujwal Naik joins back and some cops hold a grudge that they couldn’t help him in that huge battle that he was in.

Ujwal Naik gets a parcel in the station and he opens the parcel and it’s a Mr. R mask and there is a note and which says, ‘It was an honor to fight besides you.’

Yuvraj at school gets a parcel too and there is a note too with it which says, “Thanks, people like you keep my belief in people alive, your father is a brave guy.”


Some days pass by,

Rihaan and the team is at the hill where Rihaan comes often and Ryan says, “It was a great adventure, huh!!!”

Shakti says, “Yes, truly it was, we are all symbols of justice.”

Raghu says, “True that.”

Rihaan is watching the sunset and Tanya comes and says, “Becoming a hero is nice, a boyfriend is good, a husband is great, what about being a father too?”

Rihaan says, “I can be a good father too.”

They both smile at each other.

The sunset then takes place and they all leave.












-    MR. R




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