Time Runs Away.

By sanchita in Poems » Long
Updated 21:14 IST Aug 23, 2016

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The clock is ticking,

Turning Hours into days, days into months and months into years.

Heart is filled with memories,

And memories they say will never leave.

Years fly, dear ones die,

You had never thought goodbye will be so nearby.


If only I could turn back the clock,

I did go back to school when homework was the only thing to do.

Friends you once knew,

Have walked away without a clue.

Events, which I had thought occurred yesterday,

Turned into moments that have gone down the memory lane


Time goes by and slips away

Just as the sky turns blue to grey

Look for the stars, when it turns dark

And wonder what life is all about?

Seek Joy in whatever you do,

For tomorrow is never promised

While today holds true.


Life is beautiful, not because it is perfect

It is because you have things to do.

Learn something new every day,

But give in to the little things that you know have made your way.


Listen to the passion of your soul,

Believe; set the wings of your spirit free;

Fly high and appreciate all the rewards.





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Tanuja 23-Aug-2016 22:43

Aptly expressed journey of life !

Rahul Rathod 28-Aug-2016 00:52

Good, Time is money.

Chidambaram 28-Aug-2016 13:56


sanchita 02-Mar-2017 15:32

Thank you all!

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