Ode to my little ones

By Mohini Limaye in Stories » Short
Updated 10:48 IST Aug 20, 2016

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This is a general Whatsapp of my baby sister GAURI JOG, which I found it of great quality and positivity and hence worth sharing. Her expression is as clear as her intention! 


I have two nieces and two nephews. All four of them were born at different milestones in my life.

*Anannya*'s birth took me half way across the world and I discovered myself as a _unique_ entity.

*Arjun* helped me get acquantined with my _soft, tender_ side when Pra and I started dating. I became a _warrior_ to withstand the pressures of a long long distance relationship.

Prasanna and I started living together, a _fantasy_ we held in our hearts for over 6 years, around *Maya*'s birth.

And only this year, with *Jay* have I started feeling like I can do this thing - life - on my terms. I believe I am a _champion_ and things will turn out to only be _victorious_.

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