The Art of Existing

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Updated 10:54 IST Aug 25, 2016

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Since a few days now I have been using this one particular word way too often. It’s not that I have recently learnt this word or read it somewhere. It’s not even fashionable to use it. But somehow it’s been a part of my thought process and conversations with some near and dear ones.

The word is ‘exist’. Yes, it’s a trivial basic word, but it occurred to me that everything we humans do, we do for our existence. To prove constantly that we exist. We probably exist since the day we are an embryo but to show our existence we learn as soon as we learn how to learn.

The clichéd truth of life is that we all want to exist successfully. Exist in the world, exist in our environment, exist socially, exist on social media, exist in other’s thoughts, exist in someone’s praises, memories or acknowledgements. As tiring and untrue this may sound, it’s probably the biggest truth. To live is one thing. Even the algae live. But to exist, takes effort. And funnily we all take that effort. Immense effort.

While I was gathering my thoughts to put them together in words, I was consciously thinking about everything a person does in the day and whether everything does really route towards existing. My answer was ‘yes’.

Kids go to school. If they are obedient and well behaved they probably are so because they intend to exist in everyone’s good books. If they are wrecks they probably know they will always be remembered for it and exist in the memories of all those who dealt with them.

Collegians undoubtedly want to exist extra extra successfully. To be noticed by opposite gender, rivals, inferiors, superiors etc. In fact, existing popularly on social media seems to be the biggest challenge in the life of a college student today.

Those working, do so in a particular field and manner so as to exist in the society, in their peers. To exist respectfully in the thoughts of their families.

Older generation have their own challenges with existence. They are probably tired of existing but cannot give up existing. So they will do things intentionally or unintentionally to exist or even co-exist in their environment.

Friends want to always exist in each other’s plans, posts, secrets and lives. Lovers do everything they can for the existence of the love to linger. Even an anonymous lover or a stalker leaves trails to exist in the thoughts of the lovee (if I may say so).

It’s funny. The more I pondered upon the thought the more it reassured my ‘eureka’ moment. Well am I going to write a theory on this? Nah, not really. But I am going to try and co-exist instead of existing. In short, subtly exist and not make a loud noise about my existence.






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veds 25-Aug-2016 15:44

Interesting Theory (don't mean to contradict you, but exchanging ideas) but doesn't ,'to exist ' literally mean to continue to live ! All matter living, non living exist in the world and hence we notice it or know it exists!

Kalamwali 25-Aug-2016 21:58

@veds true that. It's just an amusing way to look at it, that's all.

veds 26-Aug-2016 10:10

True ! Like your writing style.

Kalamwali 26-Aug-2016 11:05

@veds Thank you :)

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