The silent subconscious

By Sushil Chikane in Experiences
Updated 12:39 IST Jul 22, 2016

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The silent subconscious of every soul that watches the society evolve....
Well where the evolution is towards destruction is a different case! But when I encountered the Rajbehra family of a tigress with 4 cubs, one of the cubs sat silently behind a tree, undisturbed by our presence, observing the entire drama on tourists reacting to the tigers. This triggered me to compose this frame. Each of us no matter what families we come from, what education we got, what neighborhood we come from, has a silent yet rational conscience that observes the society drama on a daily basis. And trust me that it;s an unbiased mind no matter how blurred the thoughts seem.... Question is when will this radical mind speak for a better tomorrow....

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