Sushil Chikane

When was the last time we were born? When was the last time we grew strong? When was the last time we faced the storm? When was the last time we were human? When was the last time we faced ourselves? When was the last... read more...
22-Mar-2016 • 631 views
The silent subconscious of every soul that watches the society evolve.... Well where the evolution is towards destruction is a different case! But when I encountered the Rajbehra family of a tigress with 4 cubs, one of the cubs sat silently behind a tree, undisturbed by our presence, observing the... read more...
22-Jul-2016 • 652 views
While in this age we are so busy critiquing our goals, that we with timing have forgotten to take some time off for ourselves,To sit on a bean bag, legs on the bed, stare at the ceiling endlessly and dream with open eyes...Dreaming, an idea that we are... read more...
02-Oct-2017 • 670 views
She hid from the world into the root network of a Sal tree,Wanted to be not seen by any,Trust was something she didn't have for humans, Weird it was,As the humans kept distance as they didn't trust her either,When left alone she stared... read more...
03-Oct-2017 • 725 views
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