Maintain Your Mane this Monsoon

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Updated 13:03 IST Jul 25, 2016

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Come monsoons and hair care instantly becomes a major concern for most of us. If you're looking for basic tips to beat away those hair woes, here are a few do's and dont's to remember.

Hair wash

Before stepping into the shower, comb your hair lightly with a wide-tooth comb to untangle knots. Begin with the ends and slowly work your way up. Never try to rip through tangles from top to bottom. You'll end up with a clump of hair on your comb that could have been avoided if only you'd had some patience!


The temperature of the water you use for washing your hair should ideally not be warmer than room temperature. In fact, the best thing would be to use the lowest temperature you can bear. Too cold for you? Well, hair is not sensitive, so you could at least bend over and give the lower part of your hair a final rinse with cold water.


Shampooing your hair

Start washing your hair from the scalp, because that's where the greasiness originates. Gently massage the shampoo into your hair with your fingertips. It is a good idea to dilute the shampoo with a little water in a mug and then massage it on your scalp. This way the shampoo is all the more gentle on the hair. While applying shampoo to your locks, leave them hanging down instead of piling them on top. Yes, it's better to let your hair fall naturally so the lather works its way from the roots to the ends.

Go gentle while rinsing

The best way to wash out the shampoo is to keep combing it with your wide toothed comb while rinsing it out under the shower. This helps in the de-tangling process and also helps the shampoo to rinse out better. While you rinse your hair, do not rub it harshly. Hair is at its most fragile state when it's being rinsed. The correct way is to just simply let water run down your hair. Also remember that it's best to rinse hair under running water. Post washing, wrap your hair in a soft, absorbent towel.

Fighting Frizz

If you're looking for a way to deal with frizz, you can tie up your hair in a silk, satin or velvet scarf at night. This will help kill some of the frizz. Another effective method is to simply wet your hair. Your mane needs to be kept mega moisturised to fight frizz.

If you just can't help the bad hair day you're having, simply wear a cap or put your hair up in a high top-knot bun and you're good to go. 

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