The Princess and the Bird

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This is an original Story built during a Story-Building Activity done with a group of 11 kids (5-6 years old) and two grown ups. It was an absolute Fun-filled experience as the kids pushed their Imagination and Concentration to relate and build. Don't miss their innocence as they strived very hard not to pick pieces from the stories they already knew. Also we chose not to edit the story before publishing it as the story belongs to the children and had to be told their way. Here it goes:


Rohin: Once upon a time there was a princess. She lived in a castle.

Kashvi: And then her father came and then the princess woke up and brushed her teeth and ate breakfast.

Samruddhi: Then she got up and goes to the garden. She was playing with the shrubs  

Durva: She was taking some flowers and she got lost in the jungle.

Sonia (Grown up): She realized she’s not in the garden of the castle. She got scared and started to cry. Suddenly she heard a bird chirping on a branch hanging on the top of her head. 

Samaara: The bird was trying to say “what happened? Are you lost?" She just could not understand what was the bird saying.

Mihika: The bird said, "Come sit on my back I’ll take you to your castle".

Ridhima: The bird flew away and the princess started following her. 

Param: Then she came to her home. The guard says “where you were we were waiting for you”.

Ms. Indira (Grown Up): The princess thought, this little bird has helped me. She told her father, "can we award the bird?"

Vidhi S: The bird says "you can take me home. I am lost"

Sanjana: But in the night there is no light. In the morning there was so much light. Then the princess spotted the bird’s nest in the daylight.

Kiara: The bird was sleeping in the cage so the princess woke up the bird and sent the bird to the nest.

Everyone together: The bird said, "thank you, I helped you find your home and you helped me find mine" and happily flew back to the nest. They became very good friends and lived Happily Ever After.



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