The Evil Joker

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This Story was built by the second group. Again, their Imagination and fantasy, impressed us and made us laugh hard. Their sincere effort to steer clear of the stories and characters they already knew proved how well their minds functioned when they were given the freedom to think. 



Sonia (Grown up): Once upon a time long, long ago there was a little prince.

Anya: He found the queen (his mumma) in the palace.

Serah: The prince went to a cottage.

Soha: The queen is touching the curtain.

Ms. Indira (Grown up): The Queen set out to look for her son, the prince.

Vivaan: There was a bad joker in the forest. The queen got caught by the bad joker in the forest.

Siray: The queen was standing outside the castle.

Collectively decided: The prince started to return to the palace when he saw his mother trapped in a cage.

Rheya: The prince cut the joker’s trap. (He broke the trap and got his mumma out of the trap. The joker wasn’t around.)

Dawon: Silent. Smiling. Thinking

Arjun: Then the joker found the treasure on an island (and threw it in the sea). He came back to find the queen.

Arnav: He saw that the queen was not there. He was thinking that the queen went back to the castle.

Risha: He left the treasure and started running to find the queen

Vidi K: He saw the prince and the queen running towards the castle.

Collectively decided: He saw the queen and the prince and started running behind them and he tumbled over a few stones and hurt himself really bad. He realized that he shouldn’t have caught the queen and taken somebody’s treasure. God punished him for it. Then the guards came from the castle and put him behind the bars. They found the treasure and took the treasure to the castle. The prince said to his Mumma “I’ll never leave the castle and go out again”.

Unanimously: The queen and the prince lived happily ever after.

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