The Siblings Sty

By Asmita Javdekar in Stories » Fiction
Updated 10:26 IST Apr 01, 2019

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Miraya had just turned thirteen and Mohit, nine.
They were like any other pair of siblings, at that age.
Goofing around, quarrelling, pulling each other’s legs. Basically, annoying the life out of each other.
A straight forward dialogue exchange was nearly extinct, in their relationship.

With both parents being celebrated surgeons in the city, the children had tasted independence at a young age and had grown accustomed to solving problems, by themselves.

      It was a Wednesday and Miraya was irritable since morning.
She decided to drag her self to school as she had a Physics test.
Her stomach was cramping, her head was throbbing and her energy sapping with every passing minute.
For a reason unknown to her, she wanted to just bawl.

The school nurse asked her to have some water and use the toilet.

To her horror, right inside the stinky school loo, she met with her first period, head on!!
Although she had heard stories from friends and had attended the “Puberty and Hygiene” workshop, nothing had prepared her for the blood red reality.

The nurse counselled and assisted her with the proceedings. Finally, the bell rang to announce the end of a miserably embarrassing day at school.

Miraya was unusually quiet on the ride back home.
She warned Mohit not to provoke her.
Mohit couldn’t resist it and bantered that the reason could be her Physics test and she was going to Fail it.
She tried to ignore him but her face contorted with resentment, 
Her quiet annoyance encouraged Mohit further, to poke fun at her.

By the time the car reached home, Miraya’s face was a stinging red tomato.
She burst into tears.
She stomped towards her bedroom howling and screaming, 
“I hate you. I’m on my period you Idiot.
But, you are just too dumb to understand.
God!!! I so badly wish I had a sister!!
I hate you, you insensitive pig!!”

Mohit was dumbstruck.
He hadn’t witnessed an outburst like this one before.
He paused for a bit and headed straight to the kitchen.

After a few minutes, there was a knock on Miraya’s bedroom door.
Outside, stood a little figure carrying a tray with cup of chai and a note with Sorry, scribbled on it.

“Didi, Papa does this when mumma is really upset. I cannot be a sister but I promise to be a sensitive pig."

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