Two cups of Tea

By Asmita Javdekar in Experiences
Updated 12:20 IST Apr 03, 2019

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I was about to put my footwear in the locker at my morning Yoga class when my attention went to a pair of senior citizens, struggling with something on the road.
I could sense discomfort on the old lady’s face.
The man accompanying her, stooped to check on her shoes but this was making them lose their balance. I rushed to lend some support, sat them down and realised that the cause of discomfort was a tiny splinter of wood in her shoe.
Once that was taken care of, the man wished to walk the lady to the nearby temple, which was about 200m ahead.
He told me this was their routine.
I accompanied them to the temple. They both had Name Tags on.
The man appeared to have a speech and hearing problem and the lady had Alzheimer’s.
She told me that the man with her, was her brother and he had forgotten to give her tea.
She almost had tears in her eyes when she told me that she was starving since morning.
The man tried to pacify her, but in vain.
He insisted that he was her son and had made tea for her every morning, without fail for the last many many years.

I quickly ran to the nearby tea stall and got two cups of tea and Parle G biscuits.
The lady gobbled the biscuits up, like a kid. 
Slowly, she regained herself. 
As she finished her tea, a sense of calm and joy descended on her face.

She told me, “He takes very good care of me. Didn’t I just tell you He makes very good tea for me every morning. 
Now we will walk home.”

Amidst bygone years, memory lapses
and forgotten relationships, Love still finds a way to flow.
It may not always have the same syntax, intensity or response but it’s surely something that keeps us all going.

On my walk back home, I dialled Aditya’s number and cried my heart out.
When I reached home, there were two cups of tea waiting by our bedroom window.

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