An incident that changed lives of Mr. & Mrs. Gupta forever

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Mr. and Mrs. Gupta, married for eight years now lived in a posh apartment in a Middle Eastern city. They worked hard all day in their respective fields. Neha Gupta, the wife still looked very sharp and dainty for her age at thirty five while Manoj Gupta, who was soon going to be forty, carried a tall broad image of himself. They both complimented each other in their looks as well as their professional lives. Neha worked in the same multinational company for almost a decade, now at a very high post, while Manoj was managing his well settled business of gold jewellery.


Everything looked very happy around this couple and their three and a half year old daughter Kiara. She was the apple of their eye. Kiara spent most of her time with her grandmother, Neha’s mom who lived with them too. She loved taking care of Kiara, all day with help of a nanny. She took her to the park in evenings or nearby lake for strolls while mornings she got her ready and sent her to a pre-school. Manoj had kept a driver and a nanny for their convenience. He was very grateful about the fact that Neha’s mom was staying with them, in that way Kiara could be looked after and also get the love of a grandparent which otherwise wasn’t possible. Manoj’s parents lived in India with his younger brother. They would come down to visit them once a year and vice a verse. Neha’s older brother lived in India with his family. She had lost her father a couple of years back in an accident. She was the one who requested her mother to stay with them away from the memories for a little while so that this change could help her overcome her father’s grief. Her mother agreed to stay with them but only for some time and then with Kiara’s birth she stayed back even longer.


It was the beginning of the month of April and Neha was planning a surprise for Manoj’s fortieth birthday. She still had the whole month to arrange, so she took it slow. She didn’t want to reveal any part of the surprise to him in any way. It all seemed to go smooth and routinely, just when their nanny told them she couldn’t continue working as she had to go back to her family in Nepal due to some problems. They were all so heartbroken. To find someone so trustworthy and very caring was a tough task here. Moreover Kiara was also extremely attached to her nanny by now. There wasn’t much they could do but let her go in few days time. They immediately applied for a new nanny to a lot of companies who provide this help and also spread a word about the same amongst their friends and family in their vicinity.


They found one in just three days of time, through a friend’s friend who didn’t need her services anymore. Mani was very sweet looking woman all of twenty eight. She was very good with kids which is why Kiara at once grew fond of her. She soon forgot about her old nanny. The family did a quick check on her background and got all the papers necessary for their security reasons. Since she came from a well known friend’s reference they didn’t find the need of getting into too many details. Days passed, Mani had adjusted herself so well in the housework and with the baby. She was cheerful and looked very innocent. Seeing all this, Neha’s mom now felt she should return back to her country to her family. She knew everything is taken care of and Mani was also doing a good job. With a very heavy heart Neha agreed to let her mother fly back to India after a week only with the promise that she would come back soon to see them.


This was indeed a tough moment for Neha. She had to let go of two people she trusted a lot. Their old nanny and her own mother. Her work kept her on toes so she didn’t have much time to indulge into emotions lately. Also Manoj’s surprise birthday party needed execution more than planning now. She was super occupied this coming week. She had guests list to make, food arrangements, tiny other things that needed her attention. She had asked her mother to stay back until the birthday but she refused saying that her friends might not feel comfortable in her presence and that she wanted the young couples to enjoy themselves without having to bother about her.


There were just three days left for the party. Neha’s excitement knew no bounds. She really wanted to see the surprise on her husband’s face. Since she had applied for two days of leave for the same, she was going to work until late that evening. Manoj had no clue of what was planned for him. He was supposed to meet his client later in the day for lunch, so he thought of finishing other important errands and go late to work, straight after lunch. He finished his tiny chores and returned home thinking he would get a chance to pick Kiara today from school. He entered home and Mani had no clue about it. He called out for her but no answer. He ran up to his room in his duplex to see if she was busy working but couldn’t find her anywhere. Just then in the bathroom he heard some noise. It was her, she was in the phone with someone, mentioning about Kiara! “Today is the day; they won’t see Kiara return home from school! I have planned it carefully and you have to meet me exactly near the coffee shop and not the school gate. Madam is working till late today and sir has also gone for lunch outside. So it’s best time to do it. Remember the amount we need to ask for!” Manoj’s heart stopped beating for a few seconds he felt. He stood still in shock. But he didn’t want to ruin all this by revealing her secrets out just like that. He went out and made a quick call to Neha. He explained everything to her and asked her to stay calm and pick Kiara too. He went outside the door and quietly rung the bell. She came to open and was very surprised to see him. She didn’t react thinking he would soon leave for his lunch. Manoj being into jewellery business had some good political contacts. He immediately called his friend who worked at a good post at the government and told him about all this. They somehow in an hour got her arrested and didn’t give her any chance to speak. She was taken to the airport on request of Manoj as he didn’t want to see Mani around his daughter ever.


In sometime they got a call that Mani had escaped the police from the airport; from the washroom and was nowhere to be found. Meanwhile she had gone back to her old workplace making some excuse to stay around for some days until she got a new job. They agreed knowing her and kept her back. Somehow she was traced by her cell phone and caught again. This time only to be deported from this country forever. They found out that she was married to someone who was equally involved with her in all this from the very beginning. Her husband was also thrown out with her. Her being initially very sweet and naive was just a way to prove her innocence and get her way out. She was being pretentious under her skin.


After making sure that she and her husband had been caught and deported from the country, Neha and Manoj breathed a sigh of relief! They hugged Kiara and kissed her profusely. Tears of fear and joy ran down Neha’s cheeks. She wanted this eventful day to pass as soon as possible. She was grateful that Manoj had reached home just in time to know about Mani’s filthy plans. She didn't want to even imagine what could have happened with her daughter. they learnt a lesson, of getting every detail cross checked before hiring any help for their daughter. Having saved their precious daughters life definitely called for celebration! Manoj wished that they soon plan a getaway and celebrate to relieve the stress. Little did he know he was in for a lovely surprise for his own party. She winked at him and gave him a kiss and said “may all your wishes come true.”


p.s taken from a real life incident.


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