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Stress by it self is a huge topic to deal with so I have decided to break it into fragments.
For every fragment of Stress,I will carve a short story based on my perception and analysis.
Here goes the first one:)

Once upon a time there was a beautiful scarlet rose bush.
When the first dazzling bud appeared on the shrub, the gardener became overjoyed.
He spread the word across the county and invited people to see the beauty in her  blossomed glory.
      Deviating from his experience, the innocent bud was taking longer than expected to bloom.
The gardener checked on her every hour.
There was no progress.
He added extra nutrition, yet no progress.
Fed up, he decided to carefully peel the delicate petals to propel the process.
The tiny scarlet bud could not cope with this stress.

Unrealistic expectations is a type of external stress which can burden the bearer. This can very well be intrinsic,
in a scenario of you Vs YOU.

When I studied engineering, Stress applied to a material was defined as 
force per unit area applied to the material.
Stress =Force/Area
Clearly, as area increases, stress will reduce.
This increase in area translates to sharing of this stress. 
Problem sharing, seeking help, opening your heart and mind to alternate ways of thinking and solutions definitely helps to lighten the burden.
Most of the times, it’s not the situation but our disability to manage or handle it that causes stress.

If only the little scarlet bud would have shared her problem or simply observed the bright yellow butterfly.
She would have understood that for a wingless caterpillar to metamorphose and take flight, it had to spend enough time in the cocoon, persevere through the challenges, forge a way for itself with intelligent effort and trust the journey.

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