Sarodey Kaka

By Asmita Javdekar in Experiences
Updated 22:51 IST Jul 19, 2019

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On my way to #TeachIndia this morning, I had a tête-à-tête with my Rickshaw driver; Sarodey Kaka. . . He told me that besides driving, he has a farm and he is also into marketing of Sakas Food products. His zest for multitasking was interesting so I prodded on about what he did for a living when he was younger. Kaka had worked for a Mechanical Pumps Unit for 22years before the company suddenly closed down. With two young children and no job, he was in a state of helpless turmoil. . . “I took odd jobs, whatever came my way. It was about taking one day at a time. When your world comes crashing down, it means it’s only your problem. Not Life’s problem. Life doesn’t stop for you. It doesn’t stop for anyone and if you don’t keep pace, you will stay in the past when everyone around you moves into the future. In my difficult time, all the menial jobs that I did are the reason that have made me who I am today. You name a job and I can do it but talking to people and Marketing is what I enjoy the most.”

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