Yoghes (That’s exactly how he pronounced it)

By Asmita Javdekar in Experiences
Updated 23:21 IST Jul 19, 2019

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After churning stories from my hunky-dory comfort nest, I finally stepped out into the real world of putrid monsoon lunch sheds and bumper to bumper traffic.
My first day as a #TeachIndia volunteer!

After attending the day long, rigorous “Student-centric facilitator training” program at the Times of India office, all I craved was the familiarity of Home.

Amidst dodging potholes, niggling pitter pattar, and helpless Uber intezaar, I bumped into a Chana chor garam stall.
Yoghes tossed the kernels perfectly, with a luxurious drizzle of lime juice and a glorious sprinkling of masala.

His gesture was enough to shuffle my mood. I struck a conversation and Yoghes opened up to me about his childhood in Rajasthan, daily earning and life in Pune. I asked him if he ever missed home or regretted coming to the city.
With an embarrassed half-smile, he told me, “Bas padh nahi paye.” (I couldn’t get an education.) .
Wow! This message on the exact day that I put my wavering foot forward into the world of Teaching.
The universe really does have a crazy way of aligning your purpose with your journey...

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