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By Dr Sana Khan in Experiences
Updated 22:52 IST Jul 18, 2019

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I was unable to enjoy college life due to  many reasons. 

One of them being the distance from home to college as well as the distance between hearts. 

There's a lot of difference in the opinion of people from place to place. I'm proud to be from Pune because we have been blessed with a broad minded outlook as well as cultural acceptance. Being raised in a cultured family I have been taught to be nice to everyone and respect everyone no matter what. 

Unfortunately I was a part of a college where there was narrow mindedness, no acceptance to different cultures as well as unfriendly nature of students. 

Due to these reasons I never felt that I ever belonged to the college. I always thought that I'm a localite and as soon as college is over I'll go back to my world. The batch is to be blamed probably as well as the difference in upbringing. 

But life always gives everyone an opportunity to express themselves and live according to their wish so the story changed and life gave me an opportunity to do everything I always wanted to. Even jobs sometimes can give you the required freedom and liberation.

I can tell the readers one thing even a standard gym at Pune has a better crowd than my Dear college crowd.

I achieved what I wanted to as a child and somewhere I fulfilled my desire of becoming somebody I used to dream of but 

Being stared at when you open your hair or do anything different is the worst thing and I have been through it all. I had a really tough time in going 100 years back where liberation and freedom were not valued...

There were some great people too but some rotten apples are sufficient to spoil your entire opinion and this happened to me.

I do have some great friends but college gave me more wounds than happiness. I can never remember any fond memories of the place.  Taking unnecessary signatures, interference and all that any college in Pune doesn't even think of are my only college memories....

Even being nice to each other was not accepted by so many of these and I'm really happy college is over for life. I only wish I could have a better college crowd. I cannot understand this old mentality of troubling people it's so Stone age type. I mean don't bother anyone and don't trouble anyone is what I believe in and finding opposite people is an absolute No No.  


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