my first baby-my brother

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Updated 15:10 IST Apr 14, 2018

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since we are celebrating national siblings day here.. it bought me back to a piece i had written about my little brother.... 


Straight from my heart

I write you a little poetry

In simple and thoughtful words

Carefully compiled for you my baby!


I can never forget those days

When you took up all the beatings,

And my share too,

Not too late you took your revenge

This time you left a permanent scar

And made my pinky nose blue!


There were times you embarrassed me

By getting naughty in your class

I would be called by your teachers often

For being your older sister

And without me knowing they would never let it pass


The saddest moments in my life

Were also given by you,

When you ran on the street after a ball

And got hit by car

For the first time I realized what it would be like to lose you


The phase when you grew older and mature

You gave me the best advices

Even so far as to choosing my life partner

Because you wanted to see me in safer hands forever


May be I was too small at the time of your birth

So I know not how ecstatic I was then

But today for sure I can express my happiness

 And my joy for you over and over again

For my life would clearly be incomplete without a brother like you












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