Bound by routine

By Dr Sana Khan in Experiences
Updated 13:48 IST Apr 14, 2018

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Minutes to months to years all pass and we are left with routine.

We have tied ourselves to the same system that has been going on for years. No time for emotions, expression or enjoyment.

First comes school then high school then graduation. As soon as graduation is over placement and job. A 9 - 6:30 routine and deadlines .

Life is loaded with frustration. Nobody finds the time to realize what they really like. No time to think. Just do what everyone does. Same struggle for everyone rich or poor. Those who choose to lay back and relax are pressurized by their peers to get into competition this is a never ending cycle that goes on generation to generation. 

We have become like robots , we want to achieve everything within a given time limit , no place for parents or other emotions. Where's life? It's left out somewhere between routine and the genius human brain...

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