Hydration tips for Summer

By Dr Sana Khan in Health & Wellness
Updated 00:45 IST Apr 14, 2018

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Here's a quick advice to keep yourself hydrated in this scorching summer.

1) Drink plenty of water - try having detox  water - add some mint leaves , cucumber and lemon in your detox water.

2) Have plenty of fresh fruits such as musk melon , water melon.

3) Eat at regular intervals but remember eating light stuff is important don't binge or crave for pasta and pizza. 

Now for maintaining the skin - use cleanser toner moisturizer and remember to apply sunscreen whenever you step outside the house. 

 Urinary tract infection is quite common so ensure that you drink plenty of water. 

 Keep workouts a little light during summer as we all sweat profusely at this time of the year.

That's it for summer. Enjoy vacations with family have fun. 




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