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              The story starts with Diablo and his gang at a place (den) where they are planning to conquer the City and just then, Scarface brings two people with him at the place and Diablo says, “Who are they?”

            Scarface says, “This is, Mr. Fernandez, he is an inventor by profession.”

            Virus says, “Inventor, you say, what did he invent?”            

Scarface looks at Virus and says, “I will show you, he can help stop Mr. R and his team.”                        

            Mr. Fernandez says, “I will tell you how, son, show them.”            

            His son, David shows his hands to them and they are not hands as such, they have scissors on them and he says, “My name’s David, (his father whispers something in his ears), sorry, I am Scyther.”

            Diablo says, “He looks naïve to me, but he can do something for us...”

            They leave and Scarface meets Virus and says, “Don’t you ever, underestimate me, you rapist…”

            In the City,

Rihaan is at Jeet’s house, Jeet says, “One thing is good actually, both, that’s you and Diablo are recruiting for the battle.”

            Rihaan smiles and says, “Diablo has many resources, let it be men, women, weapons or anything, and he can get as many as he wants…”

            Jeet says, “Dude, last time, when we faced him, the whole City kicked his butt and put him out of in misery…”

            Rihaan says, “True that…”

            They arrive at the base, where they meet Shakti and Raghu.

            The next day, there is a video released, Mr. Fernandez says, “Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Alfred Fernandez, I am here to issue an open challenge to anyone for a person who can beat my son, David aka Scyther in a fight, one who does, will get this money.”            

            David comes in front of the screen and shows the scissor hands to the people and Alfred says, “So, we will be at the City Boxing Stadium waiting for the challengers, if any.”

            Seeing the amount of that money, many needy people take the challenge and lose against Scyther as his hands cut some part of the body part.

            But one day, a father goes in to take the challenge and loses and Alfred tells Scyther to kill him as to get attention of Mr. R and Scyther first hesitates and comes with to that father and he begs for mercy and Scyther is about to kill him, he is stopped, Rihaan holds those hands and Alfred says, “Hey, I wanted, Mr. R not you…”

            Rihaan pushes Scyther at Alfred and says, “Take him away; he has no right being here….”

            Alfred says, “We got each and every right to do whatever we want…”

            They leave the ring and Rihaan keeps on looking at Scyther and they walk off and sometime later, the people also leave.

            The same night, Rihaan and Raghu are in the car, Raghu says, “It was nice of you, sir, that you went and stopped that challenge thing.”

            Rihaan says, “Alfred said that, he wanted Mr. R, one, he wants to fight me in a serious manner or two, Diablo has send him to test me.”

            Rihaan looks over the internet and finds an article titled, ‘Inventor Father creates experiment on Son.’

            He reads the article and comes and meets the person who wrote it and he finds that he is dead and his daughter is alive and lives nearby.

            He meets the daughter and she says, “Yes, my father was a friend of Alfred Fernandez, he was like struggling on his inventions and didn’t get any acclaims and so when he came to know about his Son’s accident and his hands were paralyzed, he replaced them with scissor hands and was successful and one day, just to cure the wife, he killed someone and was given many contracts and in wave of innocence, David did kill them on orders of Alfred and when my father came to know, he killed him and he told me the whole thing while dying till, David is innocent, Alfred is making him do it, save him…”

            Rihaan returns back to City and as Mr. R releases the video of accepting the challenge of Scyther.

            In the ring backstage, Scyther arrives and sometime before, he says to his father and says, “This is wrong, people here love him, we shouldn’t do it, please.”

            Alfred looks at Scyther and slaps him and says, “Killing the symbol of the City, we will achieve greatness, we will join the Big boys which we met earlier and so, kill Mr. R.”

            They arrive inside the ring and there is smoke everywhere and MR.R comes from that smoke (hidden under the ring apron) and says, “Scyther, you are a good guy, I will not hurt you, please…”

            Scyther looks at his father and his father says, “Kill him…”

            Scyther moves ahead and attacks Mr. R and he keeps on dodging the strikes and but gets many cuts on the jacket and then hands.

             Mr. R then kicks him and says, “Alright, when innocent kids get rough, it’s beating time…”

            Scyther comes at him and has some tears and Mr. R doesn’t stop and beats him on the face and Scyther in that rage, hits a strike and cuts on the body of Mr. R and then hits the mask causes it to get a crack.

            The people watching it get furious and surround the ring and Mr. R gets to know they might kill Scyther and he says, “Hey, don’t even think of hurting him, please stop…”

            Scyther stops and leaves the ring and starts running and his father runs behind and the people run behind them and Scyther’s old house is nearby at the cliff and he goes inside and his father goes behind him.

            The people arrive there, but Mr. R goes in and locks the door from inside.

            Alfred then meets Scyther and Mr. R comes at their meet up and says, “What kind of father are you, teaching your son to be a criminal, stop it, there is still a chance.”            

            Alfred says, “I wasn’t that appreciated for my inventions, when I made him, I was appreciated not by the people but the criminals itself and it was worth it.”            

            He starts irritating Scyther and Scyther says, “Please stop, dad, please…”

            Mr. R pulls Alfred from Scyther and Scyther comes and kills Alfred stabbing him from behind Mr. R says, “If I was you, I wouldn’t have done it, kid!!!”

            Scyther starts crying and the people outside are about to break the door and Mr. R gets an idea and throws the body of Alfred outside the cliff and the people think that Scyther is dead and his father when Mr. R throws a body made of bed cotton that Scyther helped.

            Mr. R tells the people that both are dead and the people ask for proof and Mr. R throws a scissor hand (extra one) and they leave.

            Mr. R looks at Scyther and says, “On a certain note, you made a decision, yes, you lost your father, but, it had to be done in a certain way.”

            Scyther says, “Will I die?”

            Mr. R says, “No, you will not, I will not let that happen…”

            The next day, Rihaan is sitting at his home and Tanya arrives and says, “What you did with David, is he alive?”

            Rihaan says, “He is…”

            Tanya says, “Where is he?”            

            Some days later,

A tree sculpture arrives home and Rihaan says, “He is somewhere…”

            David is seen doing tree sculpturing in China deep inside a plant facility.


       Diablo is at his place and Scarface arrives with others and Diablo says, “No need to say sorry, Scarface, we have a war to fight…”            

It is seen, the place is a huge factory and there are huge furnaces and the workers are making the equipment according to design and Diablo gives an evil smile.




The story starts into a flashback some years where, Milind Kumar, sole owner of Kumar Enterprises comes at his office where he meets Mr. Jadhav and Mr. Rao and they discuss work details.

   He returns home and he meets his wife, Sonali Kumar and Arjun Kumar, his father and later they have lunch and Milind then asks, “Where is Rihaan?”

            Rihaan (Age 18) is in his gym doing weight training and Milind comes and sees this and says, “Your results came good, huh!! Congrats…”

            Rihaan says, “Thanks Dad!!!”

            Milind says, “What next? Heard you were talks with Grandpa shifting to London with him.”

            Rihaan says, “I was, I am still in two minds, and colleges here are also good and there too and but there here are you and my other friends…”

            Milind says, “Listen, it is on your mind, it is your decision to go to London or stay here.”

            Rihaan says, “I respect that, Dad!!”

            Milind says, “I know your friends too, Jeet and others, does that girl count too who you see every day.”

            Rihaan says, “C’mon Dad, you too…”

            Milind says, “She’s a nice girl, cute and good looking…”

            Rihaan says, “May be, I should tell Mom that on how you see her!!”

            Milind says, “Don’t tell her…”

            They share a laugh and Milind heads back to office.

            At the office, Mr. Jadhav says, “There is a new person who has arrived and he wants to meet you regarding to talk on Weapons Department.”

            Milind agrees to meet that person.

            Later, Shivraj Reddy comes inside the Cabin and Mr. Jadhav says, “Mr. Kumar, this is Mr. Shivraj Reddy, he is from Chennai and he actually into Defense Armies who help soldiers and mercenaries in supplying weapons. So what I have a thought, that we should help them too in supplying weapons and manufacturing as it is, Weapons Department here is way ahead.”

            Reddy then says, “We are good people, Mr. Kumar, we are like helping people in our state and bringing peace and with your weapons we can do that.”            

            Milind says, “I have to think about that, Mr. Reddy because, we are talking about weapons here, not some food supplies. I am with the peace thing; let me consult the weapons department and other members.”

            Mr. Reddy and Mr. Jadhav leave then Milind heads out of the Company and drives at the Weapons Warehouse.

            At the warehouse, he sees Mr. James designing some weapon and Milind says, “Still working, Mr. James?”                        

            James says, “Yes, I am, making the weapons simpler, take a look at this.”


James then shows the Delta Enhance Suit design and Milind likes it and tells to build it and later talks about Mr. Reddy and James says, “I have heard about that and him  a lot, he is kind person, helping like a saint, it may be a risk but we should send a small consignment.”

            Milind then meets Mr. Reddy again and he sends a small consignment of weapons.

            A month later, Milind and his family is at his home having breakfast and there is door knock and when the servant opens it, there are police officers and press and media standing outside and the Commisioner comes and arrests Milind Kumar.

            He is taken to the Police HQ and shown videos of killings at the hands of the mercenaries headed by Reddy and Milind is shocked and later shown that the consignment was robbed and Milind loses all hope and just then, Rihaan and Grandpa come with a lawyer and bail papers and have Milind out.

            As they get out of Police HQ, they are questioned by media and press on how can such weapons be delivered to states like Chennai where there are wars going on between armies and mercenaries and civilians.

            Milind get highly demotivated and stays at home as Grandpa tells him to.

            Mr. Jadhav arrives in Chennai and he meets a guy who is standing on a bridge in a hood he says, “I feel really bad for Mr. Kumar, what happened and all…”

            Mr. Jadhav says, “After what you did robbing those consignments and weapons and using them. The name Reddy was all over the news in mud.”            

            The guy opens the hood and says, “I also have that same name, Mr. Jadhav, now go back home and convince Milind Kumar to send more weapons and be quick, I have more people who can deliver me weapons.”

            The guy in the hood is, Nagar Reddy (age 25) and who robs the weapons and kills soldiers and civilians.

            Milind then arrives at the office and gets the news that there is a direct order from the High Court that the Weapons Department should be closed and if the decision not executed, the whole Company will shut down.

            Mr. Jadhav comes and meets Milind and Milind says, “It is all because of you see, and the whole department will shut down, because of you…”

            Mr. Jadhav says, “I am one of the reasons and it is not my fault that the consignment got robbed and they people who robbed it used the weapons, don’t blame me…”

            Milind says, “What the hell do you mean, don’t blame me!!! It was you, who brought that Reddy here and told me to send those weapons.”

            Mr. Jadhav says, “See, all of this can be repaired, we can send another weapons consignment illegal way and help those people there and we can be equal.”

            Milind loses it and slaps Mr. Jadhav and says, “Get out of here, I don’t want to meet you, right now…”

            Just then, Nagar Reddy comes inside the cabin and says, “Mr. Jadhav, I knew you weren’t that good at convincing and so I had to come…”

            Two men then come in and they bring a huge suitcase of money and Nagar says, “I should confess, I was the one who robbed the weapons and used it. I am the son of Shivraj Reddy, he is like a saint, don’t get him wrong, I am the sinner here.”

            Milind says, “What is it you want?”



Nagar says, “See, I am the leader of the Diablo group that my father doesn’t know much about and we are in terrorism activities and my father came to use have those weapons for peace but me, I am guy of chaos and destruction. I want all those weapons that you can deliver and I am buying them and you can take that money, it’s just simple business, you get a cut, the company does and Mr. Jadhav gets a cut too.”

            Milind laughs and pours the whole whisky bottle on that suitcase and burns it and says, “The company, me, don’t support people like you, monsters like you, GET OUT!!!”

            Nagar leaves and Mr. Jadhav too.

            Milind reaches home and the media on TV says that the people are in peace that Kumar Enterprises is helping them and they have shut down the Weapons Department and Milind apologizes to Mr. James and he says, “Don’t worry, the weapons in there will be used for good, I promise.”

            Milind is then having a drink and Rihaan comes there and says, “Are you okay, Dad???”

            Milind says, “I am and not too…”

            Rihaan says, “I am sorry for the whole thing…”

            Milind says, “Why are you sorry for the whole thing, you had nothing do with that. The Diablo group is the real deal here, they have to be stopped, the army, the police cannot do it, someone they need like an invisible hand with right weapons and tactics.”

            Rihaan says, “Don’t worry, Dad, there will be someone of that persona…”

            Rihaan then tells Milind that he has to go Jeet’s house for a party.

            In a warehouse somewhere, Shivraj Reddy and Swami Narayan are meeting and Nagar arrives there and Shivraj says, “What is wrong with you, you robbed those weapons that came from Mr. Kumar. Are you mad?”

            Swami calms Shivraj and Nagar says, “What I did was correct, these people need to be scared of us, they should have the fear of us…”

            Swami says, “Not fear, faith in us…”

            Nagar says, “Faith, trust, huh!!! Where was that faith when my mother was kidnapped by terrorists and even after giving the money that my father gave them, she was killed…?”

            Nagar continues, “I killed those people years later and brought peace and yes, I am still correct on having the weapons with me…”

            Shivraj says, “What you are doing is wrong, son!!! Stop it…”

            He turns around and Nagar removes a knife and kills his father and Swami fights the men there and takes the bike and leaves and looks behind for a while and leaves and the men are about to chase him and Nagar stops them and says, “We have some more important thing to do…”

            AT the party, Rihaan get very much drunk and Jeet calls his father and says, “Rihaan, I know, you don’t like it, sir, but he is drunk and cannot handle himself, can you help me?”

Milind and Sonali leave for that party to bring Rihaan home and Sonali scolds him and Milind says, “Sonali, it is okay, he’s an adult too, people do that, I used too.”            

Sonali says, “I know, he is an adult, but I care for him a lot….”

Milind looks at Rihaan and says, “We care for him too…”

Just then, a car is following them and it goes ahead and stops and Nagar comes out of the car and shoots a missile at Milind’s car and it explodes and he comes at the car and looks at Milind and Sonali’s body and says, “Told you to take the offer…”

One of the men of Nagar says, “I can see someone under the door too…”

Nagar says, “There is no one, let us leave…”

This gets all over the news and Rihaan is in coma for a whole seven months and when he gets out, Grandpa takes him to London for the next eight years.

Mr. Jadhav and Mr. Rao handle the Company here.


The story then turns to today and Rihaan is seeing all the pictures of him, his parents and Grandpa and he starts crying and Tanya comforts him and he says, “If I wouldn’t have called them to pick me up, they wouldn’t have been dead..”

Tanya says, “If you had called them or not, they would be killed, it was Nagar’s plan and he would have executed at some point, you have no fault in this.”

She hugs Rihaan and they leave that room.

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