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              Rihaan later arrives at the base and sees pictures of Diablo and his gang which consists of Queen, Apollo, Virus, Stinger, Black Dragon and Ghost.

            He then hears some noises and he goes more inside, he sees Chang throwing ninja disk (Shuriken) at a board and Rihaan sees this and says, “Still angry, I see.”

            Chang says, “No, just sad, that I thought Lee wouldn’t return and he did and in such a bad way…”            

            Rihaan takes one of the disks and throws and hits the board and says, “What was the quarrel between you and Lee?”

            Chang says, “Quarrel!!! Not Such!! He was the yin for my yang, in short turned rogue with our own team and left them to die and didn’t even thing that his own brother is there and he just left…”

            Chang continues, “It was nice that Yudhisthira Uncle that he took me in and as a chef, bodyguard and friend.”

            Rihaan says, “Some people are lucky to have good people around, we are some of them…”

            Chang says, “What does Lee deserve Rihaan, Punishment or Death?”

            Rihaan says, “It’s on you, Chang, it’s always has been.”

            He leaves hitting one of the disks as a bull’s eye.

            Rihaan and Chang close the base and Rihaan doesn’t go home and leaves at an unknown place.

            He sits and has a cigarette and has all the glimpse of his past, present memories and he also remembers what he said to Diablo in Jail that he deserves Death and nothing else.

            Just then Jeet arrives and says, “I knew, you would be here, I hope I am not disturbing you…”

            Rihaan nods and says, “No, I hadn’t been in here in months. I just wanted to go over stuff…”

            Jeet says, “Stuff like Diablo and his gang!!!”

            Rihaan nods again and says, “What if Dad had agreed to those illegal deals, he would be alive but with shame and despair and thus he would have killed himself and he didn’t take the deals and still died. It wasn’t his fault, not mine, he would have been dead in any way, and I just feel just sorry…”

            Jeet says, “Why!!! Your dad did the right thing and we all know that right things cause consequences and your parents faced it, you have nothing, I will tell you nothing you had to be guilty and about Grandpa too, he motivated you and made you, Mr. R and made you a symbol of justice and trust for this City.”

            Rihaan smiles and says, “Damn right…”

            Just then, they are about to leave and Rihaan says, “Thanks, Jeet!!! Grandpa told me you helped him in my parent’s final rituals…”

            Jeet says, “Anything for a brother like you…”

            They hug and just then they get a call and it is Tanya and she says, “Guys, come quick at home, something has happened.”

            They quickly drive home and they see Tanya watching TV and they show Diablo on TV showing that he has send a video and he says, “Hello, everyone, I am Nagar Reddy aka Diablo, you all must be remembering me, huh, I was the one who ruled over the City some months ago, thanks to MR. R, I am not and I was in Jail and thanks to Mr. R, I recruited some people there and they are my gang and support and the people that will hurt you. Mr. R, only you could have killed me, these things wouldn’t have happened, thus, again the same havoc, chaos and destruction will take place and People will hate you, they will lose hope, faith and trust in you and they will have a single thought, why did you come here!???”

            Rihaan says, “We have to find him…”

            Shakti then arrives to meet them and asks them about the video and he says, “But, how, as he resides in South regions, we can go there…”

            Rihaan says, “He has his men there and he somewhere else making ideas and plans to infiltrate the City again.”

            News comes on TV saying, a scientific experiment has gone in a lab and the subject has run off from the lab and is on a killing spree.

            Jeet says, “What is this now?”

            Rihaan goes to gear up and says, “We will stop that thing first, that is inside the City.”

            Rihaan gears up and the thing is breaking things and eating out of a café and he hears a voice and says, “If you calm down, we can have a chat over dinner, lad!!!”

            He turns back and it is, Mr. R and the thing says, “I will eat you too…”

            Mr. R says, “I may not taste good…”

            The thing attacks him and suddenly the thing stops and loses all weight and becomes normal and Mr. R hits him with a dart and he gets unconscious.

            The police arrest him and take him to Police HQ.

            At the HQ, a team of scientists arrive and show letters of leaving the thing and the thing loosen control again and gains weight and becomes obese and attacks the inmates and then breaks the jail and kills the scientists and picks one of them and says, “I am not just a thing, I am Blob…”

            He then leaves and takes missile and missile launchers with him.

            Mr. R at returns home and removes all the gear and meets Jeet and others and tries to get information on Blob.

            Jeet says, “His name is, Gaurav Singh, he is a scientist and wanted to make medicines on obese people and he did create a formula and tried it on himself and it backfired and gave him powers like he can turn obese to normal anytime he wants.”

            Tanya says, “Wow, this guy has superpowers, others had some underworld background at least…”

            Rihaan says, “How will we stop him?”

            Jeet says, “If we get a blood sample, an antidote can help but the superpowers will stay.”

            Shakti says, “Guys, I have an idea, let me face him, it will be my debut hero thing, please…”

            Rihaan and other agree and Jeet says, “Come, we will find you a gear and a name…”

Blob then attacks a bank and takes all the money and hits a missile inside a hotel and goes in and has some food and some cops come and attack him, but Blob beats them easily by throwing them on each other and turns normal again and walks out of the hotel.

            The next day, Blob attacks the bank and just then, he hears a voice he is Mr. R and he attacks him and for a time he gets beaten, but takes the blood from Blob’s body and throws a flash grenade and leaves.

            At the base, Shakti is doing pushups and Jeet shows him some designs and Shakti says, “What about the hero name?”

            Jeet says, “You are the hero right, you should think of a name…”

            Shakti says, “I may have one…”

            Some days later, Blob arrives inside the City and attacks the buildings there and just then, he is seen someone walking at him and Blob says, “Mr. R, how many times, you want to get beaten, huh!!!”

            The person walking at him says, “It’s not Mr. R, it’s me, CRUSHER!!!”

            Crusher aka Shakti is wearing a mask like helmet and his hands and leg covered with Delta Enhanced suit Parts and he comes and spears Blob.

            They then have a huge fight and Crusher beats Blob and he turns normal and Crusher hits the antidote for a while Blob weakens.

            Some days later, Blob is being taken to facility to get alright and he is tied in chains inside a truck and on a bridge, the truck and the convoy stop when they see Diablo sitting on a chair and sometime later Apollo on a bike arrives with a Drug Suit which increases his strength and breaks the jeep convoy and the cops get down to fight but Queen kills them with her tiger nails.

            Scarface then kills some with his sharp whips and Ghost breaks the lock from inside and Virus and Stinger are with Diablo.

            Stinger then hits the mini missiles and explodes the jeeps of the convoys and they bring Blob out and smiles at them and Diablo says, “People, we have a new member among us…”

            All this news has covered and Rihaan and his team are seeing this and Jeet says, “This guy should die, man!!”

            Rihaan looks at Jeet and others and says, “I should say, the one rule I had, will change!!!”

            He leaves the house and Jeet says, “Wait a sec, your rule was wasn’t to kill anyone, you mean, oh, NICE!!!”




              At the base, Rihaan is using his new gear and just then, Shakti wears his gear and becomes Crusher and Raghu becomes Leo and Rihaan says, “You guys going to fight again?”

            Crusher and Leo look at each other and Rihaan says, “I take that as a Yes…”

They circle around and begin the fight; Leo uses his whole strength and throws Crusher. Crusher then increases the meter and punches Leo and he bashes him on the ground. Rihaan then stops them and says, “If you want to fight again, find some other place, you both might destroy the base.”            

Later, Rihaan reaches at Kumar Enterprises and sees many reporters at the company and all the reporters gather around and ask, “What are your views on the current situation?”

Rihaan says, “What situation?”

One of the employees comes to him and takes him inside the company and tells him that Mr. James has suffered a heart attack and he is taken to a hospital.

Rihaan gets shocked by this and leaves for the hospital.

At the hospital, he sees Mr. James in the ICU and later the doctors come and tell him that he is out of danger and was at a critical stage at once and so his care should be taken neatly.

Rihaan goes inside and Mr. James says, “You don’t seem happy to me in this stage.”            

Rihaan says, “Who would be happy to see anyone like this!! What happened?”

Mr. James says, “It was just, something…”

Rihaan says, “What, tell me?”

Mr. James says, “Joshi was trying to pressurize me to leave the Company as he was saying to the entire board that and I and you were not handling the company well and so he wanted to me to quit and due to some reason will throw you out.”

Rihaan says, “Joshi, that son of a gun!!!”

Rihaan then leaves the hospital and reaches the Company and goes directly in Joshi’s cabin and says, “How could you?”

Joshi says, “The rich brat is here, what happened, felt bad seeing your ‘support system’ in the hospital.”

Rihaan says, “Talk about him with respect, you get that.”

Joshi says, “I can say worse, he should have been dead…”

Rihaan then moves back and kicks Joshi and goes outside the door and he says, “You are fired… Raghu, throw him outside the company…”

Joshi says, “You don’t know who I am, kid, I will teach you a lesson.”

Rihaan comes at Joshi but Raghu stops and says, “He is not worth it.”

Joshi is put outside the company and Rihaan goes inside his cabin.

Joshi then reaches his home at night and sees his whole house burned down and he gets a text, “Greetings from, Mr. R.”

Joshi then gets a call the next day and he says, “Where?”

Joshi takes a flight to Nepal and when he lands in the airport, some men come and meet him and take him to a place.

At the place, someone says, “Welcome, Mr. Joshi.”

He looks and it is Diablo and Apollo and Diablo says, “There is a reason that I called you here, see we have common enemies, Rihaan Kumar and Mr. R, but first, his other ‘support system’ has to be taken out and you know who?”

Joshi says, “Jeet???”

Diablo says, “Right answer, Mr. Joshi, for this answer, you get a task to do.”

Joshi says, “Task?”

Diablo says, “Bring Jeet here.”

Joshi says, “How?”

Diablo smiles and says, “Using this.”

He then shows him a same delta enhanced suit but in a Bull form and Joshi says, “You just made it nice and easy for me.”

The next day, Jeet and Rihaan are at a place having lunch and they some noises and then they see people running and they ask one of them and he says, “There is a bull monster headed here…”

Jeet and Rihaan then get inside a changing room and wear the gear.

They come at the place and they see around and they see Joshi wearing the Bull suit and he turns around and he sees, Mr. R and Sikander and Mr. R says, “Hey, bozo, why here?”

Joshi lifts the head part of the Suit and says, “I am searching for Jeet, you dumb heroes, leave before I smash you on the ground.”

Sikander says, “R, you see what happens when you fire people.”

Mr. R then takes the bike and attacks Joshi and Mr. R tries dodging him, Joshi then knocks him out from the bike with a Horn attack.

Sikander then comes with the Machine Gun and starts’ shooting at the Suit, but nothing happens to him and Joshi comes at him and nearly stabs him with the horn.

Sikander then gets injured and just then, Crusher comes there and says, “Hey, fight me now…”

Crusher then kind of wrestles with Joshi and they get through buildings and shops in that place. Joshi then in midst of smoke created there escapes and the heroes return to base.

At the base, Jeet is treated for his wounds and he says, “Why is he finding me, it should be you, right?”

Rihaan says, “Yeah, you are right, but Joshi cannot such a suit just like that, there can be two things, one, he has somewhat made it, or the second option?”

Jeet says, “Does the second option start with D?”

Rihaan says, “Yes.”

At a place, Joshi has some men there and they are repairing the Suit and Stinger (Dhanraj) comes there and says, “Diablo sent me, you might need some help.”

Some days later, there is a function of an orphanage where they show a great support to Mr. R and his friends.

Rihaan, Jeet, Tanya, Shakti and Raghu are present there and they see kids have worn the Mr. R’s masks and some kids are playing at a ground and a kid kicks a football and some other kid goes to bring it and it hits something and the kid looks up and he sees Stinger and Joshi in their respective Suits and get scared and Jeet sees this and tells Rihaan.

The kid is wearing the Mr. R mask and Joshi looks around and says, “I don’t want so many, Mr. R’s, I just one, the real one.”

He is about to hurt the kid, but then, Crusher saves him by spearing Joshi and Stinger goes and attacks him but only to be stopped by Leo.

Rihaan and Jeet save the kids there and Joshi sees Rihaan and hits mini missiles and injures him and he hits a mini missile but it bashes Rihaan on a wall making him unconscious.

Stinger sees Tanya and goes at her, Jeet sees this sees Raghu’s machine gun and starts shooting at Stinger and Stinger looks at him and hits him with his tail.

Leo then attacks Stinger and tries tearing his suit but fails and Stinger throws him too and takes the unconscious Tanya with him and Joshi also leaves.

Rihaan wakes him in the hospital and Raghu tells him that Stinger took Tanya with him and there is no way to track her and Stinger.

They then get an alert the same night saying, Joshi has attacked Kumar Enterprises.

Rihaan gets up but Raghu stops him and tells him to rest and says that he and Shakti will handle Joshi.

Rihaan agrees in a quite manner.

Leo and Crusher reach the Enterprises and see Joshi and attack him together.

Joshi says, “Where is Rihaan, I want him, I want him dead.”

Crusher says, “First fight us.”

Joshi then increases the power of the Suit and breaks Crusher’s suit and makes him unconscious.

Just then, Sikander comes there and attacks Joshi with the guns.

He later hits the missiles on the Suit breaking it a bit and Joshi just smiles at him and from behind of Sikander, Aisha Khanna hits him with an injection and makes him unconscious.

Raghu is shocked to see this and Joshi attacks him, but, Raghu kicks the head part of Joshi’s Suit and the head comes off and Crusher comes and hits a final punch on the face and kills Joshi.

Aisha then takes Sikander with him and says, “Jeet, you didn’t bug me that much…”

Rihaan comes to know this and he gets call from Diablo, “Rihaan, I pity you; you let your girlfriend and your close friend kidnapped to me on same day. I pity you.”            

Aisha then comes to a place and sees Diablo and says, “Hey, Darling!!”

Diablo says, “I didn’t know you were so capable (says this looking at Jeet’s body).”

The whole gang arrives there and starts laughing on Jeet.

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