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              Just as Rihaan hears the news, he drives fast and reaches his home and sees the whole place is blown into pieces and he sees ambulances taking people in it and Rihaan sees that the servants are taken into the ambulances.

              He then goes ahead and sees that Grandpa’s friends are taken in some other ambulance and the friends tell that Grandpa is already taken to the hospital and Rihaan rushes at the hospital.

              After sometime,

Rihaan reaches the hospital with others and they all start searching for Grandpa. Jeet then comes to Rihaan and tells him that he has found Grandpa.

              The doctors then meet Rihaan and show him that Grandpa is in at a serious stage and Rihaan goes at him and starts crying and says, “Get up Grandpa, please, don’t leave me, please....”

              Jeet tries to control him and doctors further tell him that the next few hours are crucial for Grandpa.

              Rihaan tells Jeet, Tanya and Raghu to leave the hospital and head home and first they all first disagree and Rihaan forces them to leave.

              Tanya gets in a stubborn mode and tries to stay and says, “I will not leave you, Rihaan.”

              Rihaan says, “Nagar and his men may come here to find me, please leave, Tanya, it is for your own good.”

              Tanya says, “No…”

              Rihaan looks at Tanya’s eyes deeply and says, “All these years, you have been with me in all walks of life, please I love you a lot and I don’t want to lose you, I cannot lose you….”

              Tanya and others leave then and Rihaan stays with his grandfather.

              As they get out of the hospital, some men come in black jeeps and one of them says, “We are from CBI, please come with us.”

              Jeet and others get confused and says, “I thought the CBI offices exploded.”

              The person says, “Yes, the office exploded, the services haven’t.”              

              Raghu then tells Jeet and Tanya to go with them and they three sit inside the CBI car.

              In the car, there are two people in the front and the three are in the middle and there is one more jeep following.

              Jeet starts looking around and sees Diablo flags all around and says, “The City has been burnt to ground by Nagar, sad….”

              Tanya sees the flags and sees the same symbol on clothes of the CBI agents and tries signaling Jeet and as he doesn’t understand first, she pinches him and tells him softly to see the guns.

              Jeet sees the guns and says, “You people don’t know Nagar by a chance, right?”

              One of them says, “No, sir.”

              Raghu says, “You are lying, you know him very close…”

              Raghu then goes ahead and punches one of the agents and the car hits the nearby pole. The other car behind stops and starts shooting at the jeep and Jeet, Tanya and Raghu get out of the jeep.

              Jeet sees a grenade in the jeep and opens the pin and kicks it at the car and it explodes killing the fake agents.

              They then take some car nearby drive ahead.

              Tanya says, “What about Rihaan? The fake agents will go to him too.”

              Jeet says, “No, they will not. Nagar wants Rihaan and he will not send any men, he wants Rihaan by himself in front of him.”

              Raghu says, “What do we do now?”

              Jeet says, “Wait, for a couple of days.”              

              In the couple of days, many police officers are killed brutally and some are hiding out of fear, some making small teams and attacking the terrorists.

              Nagar and Rana then reach the main jail and Nagar says, “We have some special people here.”

              Rana brings a missile launcher and explodes the jail doors and takes the men inside and frees the prisoners and gives them weapons.

              Nagar then goes inside the maximum security and looks at a prison and says, “How are you, Mrs. R?”

              Neha aka Mrs. R says, “Burning inside to kill Mr. R”

              Nagar frees her and sees the lady prisoners she killed and leaves with her.

              Jeet and Tanya see the whole scene and also see that they have taken Neha with her.


At the company,

Ujwal Naik secretly escapes the Company.

              He then recruits some officers and people with him as a team.

              Jeet, Tanya and Raghu then drive at a place and see its Rihaan’s old house where he used to live when he was just a kid.

              Tanya asks the reason of being here and says that how much she knows he and Rihaan spent a lot of time here and Rihaan when became a wolf monster hid here.

              Jeet then looks at a huge shed and says, “Rihaan made a good use of this house.”

              He then opens the shed with a biometric access and they see guns, machine guns, huge missiles and Jeet sees two covered up things and when he removes the cloth and it’s the Delta suits and on one  of them it is written, ‘For Jeet, my best pal.’

              Raghu says, “This must be some sort of back up.”              

              Tanya says, “The Diablo Group is huge in group, how will only this stop them, we will need more.”

              Jeet agrees and says, “Right, let me make a call.”

              After sometime, Ujwal Naik and some more people arrive at that house and Jeet (as Sikander) is there and he looks at Ujwal Naik and he is about to say something and Ujwal says, “No need to say anything. We all want well for this City.”

              Sikander says, “Mr. R trusts you and so I made the call to you, sir!!!”

              Ujwal Naik says, “Right, I suppose someone with him trusts me too.”

              He then says that Diablo Group is of like 20000-30000 people and they have huge guns and weapons with them, with this number they we will be no match to them.

              Suddenly, they all hear a whistling sound and Jeet says, “No way in Hell…”              

              They see Mr. R at the door of the shed and says, “The Savior is here…..”

Ujwal Naik says, “Things have got interesting now….”




              Mr. R comes to them and says, “Diablo Group has terrorists that need to be punished and they consists of thugs and criminals that have come from this same City.”

              Tanya comes and says, “What do you mean?”

              Mr. R says, “The City will punish them.”

              Jeet says, “That will some sort of outnumber them.”

              Then a video is released and it has Mr. R and he says, “People make mistakes and they get the punishments they deserve and Nagar, Rana, Jadhav and Rao will get the punishment they deserve. I maybe alone now, but then the whole City know well that they can and they will do anything to save their home.”

              Nagar says, “He knows he will die still, look at his attitude….”

              Rana suggests finding and killing him and Nagar says, “No, he wants the City behind him, let us see what he does. Ready the people.”

              On the other side, many people are gathered consisting of Police, military, citizens of the City and etc.


Mr. R then comes there and he is like on a stage like and says, “I, this City gave birth to me, it taught me to live with hope, trust and faith. But today, the City will need to fight its way through against these people who are on verge on destroying us and then move on to some other City.

 I don’t want that happen, I will fight against them even if I die, because I know you people that you all seek vengeance and revenge against them and someone very close to me said, ‘Even if I lose trust in me, do not lose the trust in the people with me.’ If you all want, I am ready to remove this mask which was accepted as a symbol by you people.”

              Mr. R is about to remove the mask and a woman stops him and says, “We don’t know who you really are, some people maybe knowing you really, for us, you are the savior, the hero, the symbol….”

A kid says, “AN ICON…”

              After hearing this,

Mr. R keeps the mask on and says, “This is a Guy Fawkes Mask and he was hanged to death because  he wanted to do right and that was a day of justice and tomorrow as we know it is the Independence Day of India (15th August) and tomorrow, WE TAKE OUR FREEDOM FROM THEM.”

              They then burn down a Diablo flag.

              Mr. R then is at a place and takes a look at the knives and Jeet comes there and says, “People will be killed tomorrow, you are sure you will not kill anyone, even if it is, Nagar. He did hurt you bad.”

              Mr. R says, “He did hurt me, but I will punish him only and he took the some special people from me.”

              Jeet says, “It’s your rule, you don’t kill anyone.”

              Mr. R says, “Yes.”

              Jeet says, “Swami, your parents.”

              Mr. R says, “And Grandpa….”

              Jeet says, “You mean?”

              Mr. R says, “He died the next day and told me to save this City at any cost…”

              Jeet then hugs him.

              The next day, all the people get weapons (let it be guns, rods, knives, household tools, etc).

              They all gather at the City Square and Nagar and Rana arrive there with their army and Nagar says, “My followers, you all have a feast here today, let us finish this, quick.”

              Then a tank comes there and points it at the City people and Jeet comes ahead and says, “R, they have a tank.”

              Just then, a delta suit comes there and someone is controlling it and shoots a missile at the tank explodes it and Rana comes and hits a missile at the suit exploding it and Jeet says, “Good thing exploding the tank, but lost the Suit.”

              Mr. R says, “No worries, it was your suit.”

              Jeet says, “Jerk….”

              The people then attack the Diablo Army and a fight issues between them.

              Jeet and Rana square off for a fight and Rana asks about Mr. R and Jeet says, “Don’t worry about him, he is finding his equal….”

              Raghu then beats some of the men and moves ahead and comes across Mrs. R as she is hurting a lot of people.

              Raghu challenges her and they start a fight.

              Raghu says, “I know about you, being a huge fan didn’t help so became a psycho helps you…”

              Mrs. R says, “I will tell you what a psycho does….”

              Nagar sees all this and leaves from there and reaches the Company.

              At the company, he sees someone sitting on his chair and Nagar says, “That’s not your place, your real place is at my feet…”

              Mr. R is the one sitting on the chair and says, “We will decide about the place right now.”              

              Mr. R removes his knife set and throws it off and Nagar removes his guns and he shoots them off.

              They look at each other and they come towards each other and start fighting.

              At the City Square,

Rana gets injured as Jeet injures him more when he fights with brass knuckles.

              Rana tries to run and gets in a car and Jeet smiles when he sees Rana leaving.

              Rana looks behind and sees it is Jeet following him on Mr. R’s bike and they have a huge chase around the City.

              As the chase ends,

 Jeet stops and removes the huge machine gun and fires it at the car and it crashes it on a building and Rana nearly dead comes out of the car and says, “You cannot stop me.”

              Jeet looks up at the building and says, “Maybe I can….”

Rana looks up and the Jeet fires more bullets and a huge slab falls on Rana and kills him.


                                          RANA BHOSALE DIES                                                             


              Jeet says, “All in a day’s work…”

Mrs. R then attacks Raghu and injures him and she takes a rod to kill him and suddenly, someone comes and kicks her and she falls away and it is Tanya and she says, “You are one stubborn girl!!!”

              Tanya tells Raghu to leave and she will handle Neha.

              Raghu says, “Only a woman can handle Mrs. R”              

              Tanya looks at Neha and says, “Mrs. R? Seriously!!!!”

              The girls then get to their fight.

              At the Company building,

Mr. R and Nagar had started their fight and they take their fight in the whole building and also they fight inside the elevators and they reach the roof/ terrace then.

              In the City,

Mrs. R keeps beating Tanya and says, “After you, if by chance, I will beat and kill Mr. R.”               Tanya then kicks her and says, “He is mine, witch!!!”

              Tanya then punches Neha and pushes her inside a shop and Tanya looks up and says, “You wanted be a fan of Mr. R, right? I give you a chance.”


Neha looks up and sees a many masks of Mr. R in shelves and Tanya pulls the rope and all the masks come down on Neha and kills her when the shelf too falls on her.


                                         MRS. R  DIES                                                                          

Tanya says, “Wanted to be a huge fan, no chance!!!”


At the roof, Mr. R and Nagar fight it hard and brutal, and a time comes when the mask comes out and Nagar says, “You thought, wearing a silly mask, you can be a symbol for these people, I am their God here, you are beneath me….”

              Mr. R gets up and says, “You are no God, you are a person who defines good as killing and torturing people.”

              Mr. R then kicks Nagar and keeps punching him badly and later, Nagar throws a grenade at him but he dodges it and creates a crack on the floor and they keep the fight.

              Mr. R then bangs Nagar on the cracked floor and goes a bit behind and Nagar bleeding and hurt and Mr. R says, “You see, there is one thing that happens when good and bad battle, good always, always wins.”


Mr. R then stomps the floor and it cracks more and Nagar goes down with the floor and gets unconscious.


              Mr. R then barely stands and goes downstairs and sees Jadhav in his father’s cabin and says, “You are the one to be punished.”

              Jadhav removes his cane stick and later the sword in it and Mr. R removes the knives and they have a small fight and Mr. R cuts of Jadhav’s hand and he goes at the window and is about to slip and Mr. R holds him and says, “I have punished you, (removes his mask and Jadhav is shocked) let ME kill you.”

Rihaan leaves Jadhav from the window and kills him too.


              Then the remaining people beat the terrorists and they get arrested and Some days later, Nagar is taken to a maximum security prison.

              Rao tries to escape the City but, a news comes that he was killed in a truck accident (Rihaan planned it).


              People are still celebrating and say thanks to Mr. R via emails, letter, paintings, video messages, etc.

              Ujwal Naik then is made the new Commisioner of the City.

              Rihaan is sitting at the top of the hill and Tanya comes and he gives her a necklace and she sees him in all silent manner and asks him the reason and Rihaan says, “People are thanking me for what I have done for them, a hero’s life is this, the people don’t know what a hero loses in his way to become a symbol. Is this the way?”

              Tanya says, “Maybe it is, you and we all knew that when you wore the mask and helped the people, it will have consequences, it will have situations that will go out of hand, you will have to deal with them and save this City. I believe you can, the people believe in you, that’s what a true heroic symbol is…”              

              Rihaan and Tanya leave the place and head to meet Jeet and Raghu.

              After some days, Nagar is sitting with Rihaan inside a cell and Rihaan says, “You were wrong about the power and belief of the people and see what it brought you, a 4*4 cell.”

              Nagar says, “The war has just started, Rihaan.”

              Rihaan looks at Nagar and in Mr. R’s voice says, “You intend to start a war, I intend to finish it.”

              He leaves Nagar and walks out of the prison,


At night, Ujwal Naik and his son, Yuvraj are at their roof and they meet Mr. R and he says, “People have started to like me now, I guess.”

              Ujwal Naik says, “Some people do hate you, of them are some are corrupt cops, criminals, terrorists and thugs.”

              Mr. R says, “Then I have to run from police still?”

              He then jumps from the building and Yuvraj goes behind him and sees him on the bike and rides ahead.

              Yuvraj says, “Why is he running, people like him, right?”

            Ujwal Naik says,

“Let him run, kid, because some day someone will catch him and unmask him and people may care who he really is, some will don’t mind even if he is someone they really know, because he is the symbol of Justice and Hope for this City, HE IS THE ICON THAT HE DESERVES TO BE.”


                                                END OF SEASON 1                                                            


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