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              When Jeet tells Rihaan that Reddy’s son is, Nagar Reddy, he looks at all the information again about the Reddy and Nagar.

              Grandpa says, “What my theory says, that Reddy and Jadhav planned your father’s death and when Reddy died, Nagar took over the mercenary empire and he and Jadhav are working together.”              

Rihaan says, “It is possible, see the information says, just some days ago, Reddy’s body was found at Chennai Highway where he was killed by a knife in the back and then dad and mom’s accident took place.”

              Jeet says, “Why would somebody kill Reddy as he is the one who devised the plan to kill your father?”              

              Tanya digs deeper into the information and says, “Guys, look at this. Reddy with the Minister, but the Minister is a good person, he believes in humanity and care of people, why would Reddy use him?”

              Rihaan says, “These questions are killing me….”

              Grandpa advises Rihaan to go home and also tells the others.

              When Rihaan reaches home, one of the servants gives him a note which says, ‘Meet me at the hill tomorrow at midnight.”

              Rihaan gets confused and asks the servant about the note and he tells Rihaan some kid came up and told some guy gave him money to give this note.

              Rihaan then keeps the note and switches on the TV and sees the news of terrorists getting killed in Kerala and also Rana Bhosale killing some of them.

              The next day,

Rihaan is at the base and tries finding some more information on Nagar and remembers Narayan Swami for a while and keeps on the search of Nagar. Sometime later, there is an alert of a robbery in a jewellery store and Rihaan sees this and leaves the base.

              He reaches the store as Mr. R and beats the thieves there and Tanya calls him about his whereabouts and Mr. R tells her that he is at work and has some more work at midnight.

Rihaan then comes at the Hill and  sees no one and just then, he hears someone walking behind him and that someone holds him in a neck grope position and Rihaan then immediately throws him off and removes a small knife points at him and the person says, “This is not the way to treat a friend, Rihaan.”              

The person turns around and it is, NARAYAN SWAMI and Rihaan delightfully smiles at him and says, “I can say the same….”

              He then hugs Swami and they sit on the bench there and talk.

Rihaan asks Swami about what happened when he left him with Nagar and his people and Swami says, “After you left, there was an explosion and Nagar took me to his base and tortured me for days and tried to convince me join back, but I didn’t wanted to.

One day, one of his men came to give me food and I kicked him in the head and escaped from there and I was running for a couple of days and then I came here to your City, thinking that I can trust you, I left a note at your place.”

Rihaan says, “It is nice that you came back here, some questions are killing and confusing me from days…”     

Swami asks, “What questions?”

Rihaan says, “You knew Nagar’s father, Reddy?”

Swami says, “Yes, I knew him. We were good friends and I kind of trained Nagar when he wanted to join the group, but Reddy knew that I was training a monster and so he wanted to turn good, but Nagar’s ideas and tactics made him stay evil and cruel.”

Rihaan says, “Reddy and his son, Nagar have killed my parents for Jadhav so he can take over my Company and be rich. Reddy got punished, don’t know who did, Nagar will face some huge punishment.”              

Swami says, “That’s how you talk when you wear the suit and mask?”              

Rihaan says, “What?”

Swami says, “Don’t think of me as a fool, Rihaan. The Guy Fawkes Mask, the skills, I did recognize you when I saw your news.”

Rihaan says, “You are good.”              

Rihaan then takes Swami home and allows him to stay.

On the other side, Nagar beats some of his men and says, “Did you know how important Swami was for us???”

Jadhav makes a call to Nagar and Nagar says, “Jadhav, don’t worry, my friend has escaped and I know where he is heading?”              

Rihaan then is at his home and Jeet comes and they play a match of darts and Swami arrives there and plays with them and Rihaan introduces Jeet to Swami and tells the whole flashback of what had happened back then. Swami then takes the darts and hits all on the center point.

They all have lunch and the servants tell Rihaan that, Rana Bhosale has come to meet Rihaan.

Rihaan then tells Rana come inside.

Rana says, “Rihaan, it is kind of a proud feeling to meet you, right now, things you have done and the courage you showed when you escaped the terrorists in Kerala. Brilliant!!”

Rihaan says, “I am also proud of you, MR. Rana, you killing terrorists in these days.”

Rana says, “Yeah, that’s thing I wanted to talk about. (He shows him some photos of Nagar and his men) You know them?”

              Rihaan replies that he know them and says that their group’ name is, Diablo.

Rana says, “These people are dangerous and they all are making a huge plan to take over the City, I don’t know how, it is going to happen, I did my job to tell all the huge and rich people in the City, hope you take good care.”              

Rihaan says, “I will…”

Rana while leaving looks at Swami and leaves the house.

Rihaan then as Mr. R releases a video that the people should be just be aware as there is going to be a huge terrorist attack in the City.

Rihaan looks at the reports and articles of Reddy and Nagar and finds something useful.

He then calls everyone home and shows the article and Jeet asks about it and Rihaan says, “As Swami said, Reddy was a good person, maybe someone in the group didn’t liked the plan to kill my parents and so somebody killed him and this must have made Nagar to devise the plan and so Swami would have left him.”              

Grandpa says, “But what does Nagar want to do when he comes to the City?”

Swami says, “Kidnapping, bomb blasts and killing are the expected things. What can be more?”              

Rihaan then sees further and sees an article which says, “Nagar sends Sleeper Agents to various Cities.”

On the other side,

There are huge trucks and trailers arriving at the City and some cars with it too and when they come to a warehouse, Nagar is in one of the cars and he comes out and sees Jadhav and Rao at the warehouse and hugs them and shakes hands with them.




              Rihaan gets shocked when he sees the articles that consists that Nagar use to send his people inside various cities as sleeper agents and for years they are gathering more men and weapons.

              He then also reads that some agents were killed by Rane and his men when they got a tip from various sources and also reads that the activities were closely analysed by many secret organizations like RAW and CBI.

               Reading this, Rihaan takes rest at the base.

              Next day, Grandpa is at the house and sees that it is very late and goes in Rihaan’s room to wake him up and sees that he isn’t there and says, “He is working late, I suppose….”              

              Grandpa then arrives at the base and sees Rihaan sleeping at the laptops and wakes him up and says, “You never partied this late and woke then so late.”              

              Rihaan says, “I know, I was just about to leave and saw these articles related to Nagar and the Diablo group.”

              Grandpa sees the articles and says, “Sleepers agents?”

Rihaan says, “Yes, sleeper agents. They are like terrorists living among us and they are just working for a sign to get started. They get some minor missions like picking  the new ones, train and accommodate them in some place, give them back up work, take part in escape plans, etc.”

              Grandpa says, “When were you kidnapped?”              

              Rihaan says, “Why!! Ok, I was kidnapped on somewhere between May and June, but why?”

              Grandpa says, “The articles say that somewhere in May and June, many new sleeper agents were killed and then some days later you were kidnapped.”              

              Rihaan says, “CBI then put their forces to find me by which they couldn’t devise any plans to kill the sleeper agents and so they kept incoming inside the City.”               Grandpa says, “I suppose you were a distraction for the City by which you would gain attention and CBI would focus on you and not the sleeper agents.”              

              Rihaan then leaves the base and goes to meet James at the company.

              At the company, he sees some personnel and security guards with huge guns and Rihaan (with Raghu and Jeet) is surprised to see all this and Jeet says, “I suppose, Jadhav and Rao took Rane’s warnings way seriously….”              

              They meet James and Rihaan to make the same delta suits for him and Jeet as they will need when the huge terrorist attacks will take place.

              James agrees and sometime later when the suits are manufactured, Jadhav and Rao fire James and throw him out of the Company.

              Tanya then calls Rihaan telling that Jadhav and Rao are throwing a huge party in the Company as they want to declare some news to the personnel and people there.

              Rihaan, Tanya, Jeet, Raghu, Grandpa and Swami arrive at the party.


              At the party,

Rihaan meets James and thanks him for the suits that came to the base and James says, “I am proud that I could help, but, don’t except any more help?

              Rihaan says, “Why is that?”

              James says, “I guess, Jadhav and Rao couldn’t see the progress and development in the department and so they fired me and told to me not show my face after the party.”              

              James leaves saying this and Rihaan tells all this to Grandpa and others.

              Jadhav goes up on stage and says, “Welcome all my guests and friends, it is a proud moment indeed that you have all come to attend the party and I would like to share a huge news that the new partners that wanted to join the Company have come here and their desire to be with us will now be completed.”

              Jadhav looks at Rihaan and says, “As this new partner will be with us, I would like to call the future of this company, Mr. Rihaan Kumar on stage welcome our partner to our family.”              

              Rihaan first hesitates and Swami tells him to go on stage.

              Rihaan comes on stage and Jadhav says, “Please welcome our new partners, Mr. Nagar Reddy.”


Rihaan is shocked hearing the name and Nagar comes on stage and looks at Rihaan and shakes hands with Jadhav and then shakes hands with Rihaan and Nagar says, “This is best for business.”              

              Rihaan goes in more in shock and leaves the stage and Nagar takes the mike and says, “Ladies and gentlemen, I was eying this company for years and my father too, after he died, I made good relations with Jadhav and Rao and then we made deals possible and so I am with them.”              

              Nagar looks at Rihaan says, “Besides, Rihaan called as the so-called future of the Company is one spoilt person I know, just saving a girl from thugs doesn’t make you better a person, he also knows he is not like his parents and only he knows to spend money and drive cars.

He hasn’t lived among poor and poverty. Me on the other side, I came up from poor and poverty and proved that I am wrong and I have the will to survive.”              

              Rihaan goes at Nagar but Swami stops him and says, “This is not the right time, Rihaan, I know what is driving you, it is the anger and rage but, we don’t need this now. What we need is; a plan which will expose these guys.”              

              Nagar then again looks at Rihaan and winks at him. Jeet says, “Great!!! Jadhav is the official enemy of Mr. R and not to forget the whole company is…..”              

              At a point at the party,

Nagar gets a note saying to meet him at the terrace and he gives a small smile and leaves and Swami looks on while Nagar leaves.

              Swami then looks at Jeet and others and asks Grandpa, “Where is Rihaan?”

              Nagar comes at terrace and sees no one. He then hears a voice and says, “You have a lot or nerve of coming back here after what happened earlier. You shouldn’t have come.”

              Nagar says, “Oh my God!!! Who is it? Mr. R or I should say, Rihaan?”

              Mr. R then comes in front of him and says, “You and your father shouldn’t have made the plan to kill my parents and making me an orphan.”              

              Nagar says, “You still don’t get it, killing your parents created space for me and created money for people like Jadhav and Rao.”

              Mr. R removes his knife and says, “After this, there will be space only for your punishment.”

              Nagar looks at the knife and removes his knife and says, “Let’s see.”

              They then attack each other and there is a knife combat and they have hand combat with that and the fight turns brutal and bad.

              Mr. R then holds Nagar and asks about his huge plan and someone comes from behind stabs Mr. R and Nagar starts laughing and it is, Rana Bhosale.

              Mr. R removes the stabbed knife and Nagar says, “There is a saying, half knowledge is dangerous, first, it was ME who devised the plan to kill your parents, not my father and me, he was becoming a saint even hearing my ideas and so I had to kill him and kidnapping you was a distraction to the CBI and RAW.

My father forgot what happened with us earlier, my siblings were killed in front of me and father and I did attack the bases and punished the soldiers but he didn’t let me kill them and said they only deserve a punishment.”

              Mr. R then barely gets up and Nagar says, “Now about this City, I should say, this City is beautiful, it will be never the same again. I will make this City worse than 9/11, 26/11 and other terrorists attacks that have gone earlier. I will be a like poster boy for new terrorists groups.”

              He laughs and Swami says, “Not that quick, Nagar….”              

              Nagar says, “Not shocked to see you, teacher. But I may kill my two favorite people today.”

              Swami removes the sword from his cane stick and fights Nagar and Rane.

              Swami gets a bit tired and goes Mr. R and tells him to leave and he disagrees but Swami says, “You have to go, for the City for your family….”

              He then throws him off the terrace and calls Grandpa to leave with Mr. R and others.

              Nagar then stabs Swami and kills him and Rana throws him off the terrace and he falls on some car.



              Rana then is about go at Rihaan but Nagar stops and says, “Don’t! He is not that capable for hurting me. We have things to do.”





              Rana and Nagar reach the Company’s warehouses and see their army and many more joining and Nagar looks at the men, women and weapons and says, “Today, is the day, we will have the rule in our hand. Over the years, we did make our impact on many places, but this City is our legacy, it is our home from today. This City has the best system of law and order and this will look like an insect to us and we will crush it under our feet.”

              He leaves and Jadhav and Rao are with them and Jadhav says, “What about the Commisioner, police officers, Ujwal Naik and Mr. R?”              

              Nagar starts laughing and says, “Police, they will not stop us and over the years I am working on that, Commisioner will face his fate and Ujwal Naik too. And Mr. R, the city’s beloved hero, I gave him his wound last night.”              

              They both leave and Rana asks, “Why don’t you tell us who Mr. R is actually?”

              Nagar says, “Mr. R is people’s hero and if he comes back, I will break him in front of the people in the City and if I tell these guys about it, they will break him now, I got no use then. I want to beat him, crush him and kill him personally.”

              Rana says, “Giving Rihaan the clue that you had arrived the City didn’t work.”

              Nagar says, “As I said, Rihaan had his focus on the people not me, you, did a nice job killing the followers of my father which brought you in the eyes of Rihaan.”              

              Nagar then tells to Rana to take another step of their mission.

              Jadhav and Rao then meet at their office and Rao tells Jadhav that Rihaan donated some part of his money to the poor and poverty ridden workers that left the company and Jadhav says, “Rihaan is still a kid and he is drove himself with emotions and he should have left the City but he didn’t understand the situation and Arjun Sir was with him still, damn, that old jerk should die and that would die in front of him and that will make him leave the City.”

              Rao says, “Don’t you think, it will make a worse person then?”

              Jadhav says, “No… it will make him a person that he will hate, he will hate himself, if we are lucky, he will kill himself.              

              Rao then leaves and calls Nagar and Rana.

              Jadhav on the other side calls the Commisioner, Ujwal Naik, Rane (new Mayor) and some more officers for a meeting in the evening.


              At Rihaan’s base, Rihaan is silent and not speaking to anyone as he remembers all the moments of Swami and him, the friendship, training and the talks of saving the City.

              Grandpa comes to him and cleans his wound of the knives and says, “Swami was a very nice guy I see of how you remember him.”

              Rihaan then just nodes his face and Grandpa says, “Listen, kid, Swami was a person who believed in good and had faith in you and believed in you so that you become a symbol of trust, truth and justice and you did, no doubt, but now, you have to stop Nagar, Rana, Jadhav and Rao from destroying this City, we all are ready to help you.”

              Tanya comes and says, “He is right, Rihaan, we all are with you and how much I know, you can beat those guys.”

              Rihaan smiles and looks at his and Swami’s photo and says, “Yes, we can do it.”

              Tanya and others start planning and Grandpa looks at Rihaan and says, “What will you do when I go?”

              Rihaan says, “Don’t ever say that, you are the best person in my life.”              

              He then hugs Grandpa and they work on their plan.

              Grandpa then leaves home as some of his friends are coming home for a get together.

              In the evening, Ujwal Naik and some officers, Rane, RAW and CBI chiefs, Jadhav and Rao arrive at the City.

              Nagar and Rana then come later and look at the guests that have come and Rane asks the reason and purpose of this meeting and Jadhav says, “I have called this meeting not to talk about the Kumar Enterprises, it is in safe hands, I have called this meeting to call to talk about the Security of the City.”

              Ujwal Naik says, “Security?”

              Rane says, “Jadhav, we have a good security system here in the City, we have military, police, Raw and CBI, what’s more then?”

              Nagar intervenes and says, “What if someone else takes it place?”

              Some people barge inside the room and point guns on the guests and Rane asks the reason of this and Jadhav says, “This you can call my real face, Mayor.”

              Nagar says, “As I said, (shows camera screens of the City), see all this, what if all this was gone and no help was provided to you from outside.”              

              The screens show, main RAW and CBI office, police stations, Commissioner’s office, etc.

              Nagar says, “As you see, all the entrances are blocked by us and we will see to that no one comes in and out of the City and no help will be provided and so the City comes on its feet and we will rule.”

              Ujwal Naik says, “Us?”

              Nagar says, “Oh, I mean, the DIABLO GROUP.”

              Ujwal Naik looks at Rana and says that he killed many Diablo Group terrorists and how is he with them and Rana says, “Sir, I killed the people who followed Nagar’s father rules, the rules are about to change.”

              Nagar looks at the clock and as the clock hits nine (at night), he removes a remote and presses a button and all the police stations explode and many police officers die in that explosion. He then explodes the CBI and RAW offices.

              Rane then tries calling the Commisioner and Nagar says, “Oh, yes, the Commisioner.”

              Nagar presses another button and the screens shows the Commissioner’s car on road and that also explodes.

              Rihaan on the other side sees it all over the news and gets shocked and calls Ujwal Naik and he cuts it.

              Nagar’s men then attack the main military bases after sometime and take over the tanks and other weapons.

Nagar looks at the explosions and says,

“The Rule of Diablo begins.”

              Nagar then is about to press another button and says, “This is my favorite.”

              When he presses the button, Rihaan at his base hears a beeping noise and sees that there is a bomb at the base and the base (warehouse) explodes into pieces and Nagar presses another and Rihaan’s house explodes.

              Rihaan then sits in his car and switches on the radio and the person, “By the news, we are getting, there is also an explosion at Rihaan Kumar’s house, we are seeing that many people there are injured.”

Rihaan says, “GRANDPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

              Flags of Diablo Group covers the Kumar Enterprises and Nagar’s men attack the people and they hurt them.


              Mr. R then removes the mask and starts crying for Swami’s death and grandpa calms him down.

              In a nice favor,

Rihaan the next day donates a huge sum of money to the poor laborers who were fired from the company and says, “I am now part of the City, not my Company.”


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