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              After Rihaan hears the video voice, he rewinds the video and plays it again. He then sees Jadhav talking to Reddy that it was their plan to kill Rihaan’s father and take over the company.

              Rihaan gets emotional and breaks a lot of things at the base in anger and leaves the base.

              He sits in his car and stops at a distance and comes out of the car and looks around and starts shouting out loud. Grandpa and Jeet come there and comfort him.

              Grandpa says, “Reddy and Jadhav have murdered your father, but we don’t have a proof, we have to hear it from him.”

              Jeet says that he will find more on Reddy and his mercenaries. Sometime later, Rihaan arrives home and takes a bath and then goes in his room and sees his family photo and Jadhav arrives there and Rihaan tries to control himself.

              Jadhav says, “It is very good to see you are recovering so well, so quickly.”

              Rihaan says, “Thanks. Want to have a drink?”

              Jadhav says, “Sure…”

Rihaan and Jadhav sit face to face and Rihaan says, “What happened that day when my parents died?”

              Jadhav says, “Of what I came to know some people attacked on the highway and your mother died on the spot and your father died when he reached the hospital.”

              Rihaan says, “It was a murder then…”              

              Jadhav says, “Murder!!! Yes, there were threats that were given to them, no one wanted them to die like this.”

              Rihaan in anger breaks his glass and Jadhav tries cleaning his wound and Rihaan just blows his hand away.

              Jadhav says, “Listen, son!! You are an asset to us and you are the future of Kumar Enterprises….”

              He saying after he says this and Rihaan says, “If the past and present is like this because of people like you, there is no future….”

              The next day,

Rihaan is disappeared from the house and Jeet comes at his house but he is seen nowhere.

              Rihaan visits some slums and alleys and meets some people and they abuse him, behave rudely and just say bad things about his company and he comes back home and meets Tanya.

              Rihaan says, “In a business, with money, the people inside it matter a lot, Jadhav and Rao haven’t been such people, today, I met people who hate my father’s company.”

              Tanya says, “Jadhav and Rao have been indirectly trying to kill you as Mr. R and just don’t give them a chance to kill you directly….”

              Rihaan understands this and leaves the house again.

              Jadhav is at his home and has a drink and Mr. R arrives there with his bike outside the house and he then hears some other voice of a bike and comes at him and it is Jeet when he removes his helmet and he is wearing a mouth mask and Mr. R says, “Finally… The attire looks good, does ‘this’ have a name?”        

              Jeet says, “As a matter it does, it is, SIKANDER!!!”

              Mr. R says, “You just thought of it right now, didn’t you?”

              Jeet says, “NO…. It was the Indian name given to Alexander when he invaded India.”

              Mr. R says, “OK!! Sikander!!!”              

              Mr. R then removes the huge machine gun and starts firing at Jadhav’s bungalow and Jadhav tries to save himself and he does and hides in the house and Mr. R the enters the house and says, “You have a lot of nerve in killing me. Don’t you!!!”              

              Jadhav then slowly comes out and says, “You have been also a huge prick in my leg and destroying my missions….”

              Mr. R says, “Am I talking to a criminal right now?”

              Jadhav says, “You are just talking to a smart and intelligent businessman.”

              Sikander says, “Jadhav, you have done things that you will the pay the price, not with money, with your life….”

              They both leave.

              Next day, there is a huge security outside Jadhav’s house and Ujwal Naik comes to meet him and Jadhav tells him that Mr. R and his partner came to talk to him and they gave him a threat that they kill him….

              Ujwal Naik says, “Mr. R has a partner now…..”

              At the base,

Rihaan says that they all find a way by which Jadhav will say in person that he had a hand in killing his parents.

              Rihaan then comes at the Company and meets Rao and tries to manipulate him against Jadhav, Rao then goes and quarrels with Jadhav and Jadhav says, “Rao, listen to me, you and I have made this company, rags to riches and we all have earned good…. Don’t bring in false things on me….”

              Jadhav is alone in his cabin and comes up with a plan.

              At night, there is a gunshot heard inside the cabin and security comes there and Jadhav tells them that Mr. R shot him and thus there is a huge movement of police around the City searching for MR. R.

              Rihaan says, “He is making Mr. R a villain again…”              

              Some days later,

Jadhav is back in his cabin and Rihaan and meets the security and in the lift, he stops at a floor and changes the attire and Jeet hacks all the cameras and so nothing was seen and it shows that Rihaan left some time later.

              Ujwal Naik arrives at the Company to see the security and the personnel tell him that Rihaan came here and went back away home.

              Mr. R then arrives at Jadhav’s cabin and he says, “Jadhav, you have been giving me a bad name outside….”

              Jadhav looks at him and alerts the security but nothing happens as the controls are jammed.

              Mr. R removes his knife and says, “What was hard by the way? Killing me or orphaning a child, who is the ‘future’ of the Company?”

              Jadhav says, “What nonsense you are talking? Rihaan!!! No!!! I had nothing to do with him and killing his parents, but yes, I sometimes hated his father, he was very stubborn.”

              Mr. R attacks him and Jadhav has a cane stick and he uses it a defense weapon against him and they have a fight and when Jadhav sees him near the window and slides the table at him and the table breaks the window and the security is alerted.         

              Ujwal Naik and some more officers’ stay down and in the cabin, the fight resumes.

              The fight then comes at the window and Mr. R loses balance due to the broken glass there and Jadhav smiles and says, “Have a great time when the police torture you….”

              Saying this, he kicks him and Mr. R falls down on a police car and all the officers surround him and Ujwal says, “I didn’t you, the day will come when you will get arrested….”

              Mr. R gets arrested by the police and he is taken to Ujwal Naik’s special facility.





              The crowd gathers at the Kumar Enterprises when, Mr. R is arrested and there are news reporters taking pictures of the ‘hero’ and some people attack him despite the police and trying to remove his mask and some just praise him saying to leave him and let go free.

              Mr. R then reaches Ujwal Naik’s special facility and is cuffed with his hands back of the chair and one of the police officers says, “It is so nice to see him cuffed here in front of us, I can’t just wait to get my hands over him…”

              Other officer says, “Let us remove his mask and see who really he is…”

              The officer goes at him to remove the mask and Ujwal Naik stops him and says, “Wait, let the Commisioner come and then we get into further details….”

              The officer then stops and moves back and the Commisioner arrives after sometime and says, “You filthy fool, finally arrested….”

              Ujwal Naik in a down voice says, “Yes, he is…”

              Commisioner says, “Don’t you have anything to say or you will say when we remove this mask?”

              Mr. R looks up and says, “This mask, I wore for the people, I wore it as a symbol, and this symbol is and always will be powered by the people who respect and praise me….”

              One of the officers comes at him and punches him on the mask and says, “That is the respect and praise I got for you….”

              Ujwal Naik takes him back and pushes him away and the Commisioner says, “Enough of this; remove the mask NOW!!!”

              Ujwal Naik says, “Now!!!”

              The same officer that punches Mr. R goes at him and laughs at him and touches backside of the mask and he gets a huge voltage current and he falls at a distance, he gets a shock when touches the mask…”              

              Mr. R says, “That was some shocking effort by you, officer!!!”              

              Ujwal Naik takes a closer look and sees there is some circuit at the Mask and only Mr. R himself can remove it and Mr. R says, “I suppose, you would have to convince me hard to remove the mask….”

              Commisioner says, “Night is very long, my friend. Make every effort to remove the mask, do whatever you have to do… If you want rip his face and separate the mask….”

              Ujwal Naik says, “Sir that is cruelty!!”              

Commisioner says, “No, that is justice….”                                                                                                                         

He then leaves and Mr. R is left with officers that hate him and Ujwal Naik.

The Police officers then hang Mr. R upside down and beat him badly and when he loses conscious, they throw water on him and bring him back. This happens the whole night and Ujwal Naik cannot do anything about it.

The officers take a small break and Ujwal Naik comes at Mr. R and says, “I am sorry. I cannot do anything for you….”

Mr. R says, “Don’t feel sorry, I knew the consequences when I took this job…”

In a low voice he says, “At least, they are not so cruel than Diablo group…”

He then remembers the whole Diablo and Nagar episode of what had happened with them.

Outside the facility, Raghu, Grandpa and Jeet are watching, Mr. R get beat up and Jeet says, “We have to do something. They will kill him….”  

They then see a Police truck approaching at the facility and they see some armed guys in the truck and they come at the facility door.

Jeet then wears his gear and says that he will take a chance no matter what happens.

One of the officers then open the door and the guys start firing at the cops and some of them die and leaving Ujwal Naik and Mr. R.

The guys come at them and just then, the rooftop explodes and Sikander comes and jumps between them and says, “Hello, I am Mr. R’s partner, Sikander…. Can we fight now…?”

Sikander throws long wires at them and take the guns off and he fights them and beats them all one by one.

Ujwal Naik then shoots some of them and when they are beaten, they try to run and Ujwal Naik takes one of the knives of Mr. R and hits the knife at the guy and he falls down and get unconscious.

Ujwal Naik then ties them all and says, “Isn’t Sikander, Alexander’s other name?”

Sikander says, “Yes it is, why people have problem with that!!!”

The walkie talkie beeps and Mr. R tells Ujwal Naik to tell the whole situation to the higher authorities and Sikander says, “Are you mad, we have a chance to leave right now, let us go….”

Mr. R says, “No, we can’t. If we go, Ujwal Naik will lose his job when seen here not with me and the Commisioner is already has a grudge on me…”

Sikander says, “What should I do?                                                                                                                                              

Mr. R says, “Leave right now, I will have to stay here and find a new plan to get me out of here….”

The Commisioner on the walkie talkie says, “Is Mr. R alive?”

Ujwal Naik looks at Mr. R and he just nodes at him and Ujwal Naik says, “Yes, he is here….”                                                                                                                                              

The next day,

The Commisioner announces that on Independence Day, Mr. R’s mask will be removed in front of the people with the help of acid and chemicals.

Jeet and others are worried to see this and Grandpa says, “I have an idea….”

Raghu says, “What idea?”

Grandpa says, “I discussed with Tanya and she came up with it”

Tanya comes and says, “Guys, what Mr. R hates?”

Jeet says, “Don’t know….”                                                                                                                                              

Tanya then shows the mask and says, “Copycats….”

She then shows a huge list of people living in the City and then shows them a site on the internet.

Jeet says, “He may hate this…”                                                                                                                                              

Some days then, Independence Day arrives and people are all excited about Mr. R’s identity.

Ujwal Naik gets all dressed up and his son stops and pins him the country flag and shows him a package that came last night and when he opens it, there is a whole attire of Mr. R and he says, “What is all this?”

While leaving at the City Square, he contacts the site and the people there they say, “Sir, around 1000000 boxes were sent from here, to various addresses and this was the largest order we had got….”

Ujwal Naik then arrives at the City Square and sees the security there and comes to the Commisioner and says, “We should cancel the point of showing the Mr. R’s true identity… we might have a problem…”

When the flag gets hoisted and the anthem is played, the City’s mayor comes up with a speech and says various things and suddenly, some people walk off and the public gets less.

The Commisioner then brings Mr. R on stage

Just then, there is a huge video screen and shows Mr. R on it and says, “Mayor, that was a nice speech, no doubt, let the hero speak now. You talked about the security the City has got, I am like the invisible security of this City, every criminal and thug thinks twice when he is about commit a crime and he/she knows, when I will commit a crime, MR. R will be there in front of me and he will there to punish me and the next day, I will be arrested by the police. It is not that, I don’t respect the law and police force, if it was then, I would have happily removed my own mask today and showed my real face to the people who have respected me and so (while he speaking, Ujwal Naik shows the Commisioner the report of the people getting the attire of Mr. R in these days), after yesterday, I have changed my mind about it and so, just to show you all my love, BEHOLD!!!!”

The Mayor and others look and they see huge groups of people wearing the whole attire of Mr. R and they are coming at stage and the police don’t fire their guns and stay down and they come at the stage.

Sikander then comes out of nowhere and hits a gas grenade on the stage and there is smoke everywhere and when the smoke clears and Mr. R on stage is disappeared and the Commisioner is at his place cuffed and chained.

              They all walking off like a parade and they all then remove their masks and the real Mr. R also removes his mask and all people start celebrating and Rihaan says, “Thank you people….”

              He then hugs Jeet for his efforts and says, “Nice Speech, I should say…”                                                                                                                                              

              Jeet says, “We call this your birthday, you know….”

             Rihaan and Jeet then walk off and Rihaan says, “Yeah…”

            At the base,

             Raghu is treating Rihaan and clearing all the wounds and he asks Jeet about the Reddy’s son and Jeet says, “About that, I found him, he was a full bright scholar and expert in defense tactics and skills. When his siblings were killed, he joined his father and started eliminating his own City’s villains….”

            Rihaan says, “You told me his information, does he have a name?”

             Jeet says, “Yeah!! Sorry, his name is NAGAR REDDY.”

            Rihaan says, “What!!!!!!!”

            On one side,

          Nagar Reddy calls Jadhav calls Jadhav and says, “Jadhav Sir, me, my ‘friend’ and the army are arriving at the City. Welcome us.”


        On the other side,

        COMMANDO RANA BHOSALE kills some men and says, “Nagar, I am coming for you….”                                                                                                                               


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