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              After Raka turned MR. R into a monster like him, Mr. R started to run but many times, Raka found him and beat to him to death and leave him alone and repeat the whole procedure.

              Raka says, “I just feel like the hunter right now, hero….”              

              Mr. R growls at him and attacks him and they have a huge brawl in a rainy night. Raka uses his long nails and scratches Mr. R and hurts him bad.

              Mr. R then tries to leave and Raka catches him by neck and says, “Run, run, how much ever you can, I will beat you each day and kill you when you have a single breath to live. This serum gives you new energy everyday and we will fight again and again…. Run!!!”              

He leaves Mr. R alone and crawling off.

The next day, at an airport, Aarti comes there and sees Bakhtavar in huge long jacket and says, “Oh, Champ!! I missed you so much…”

              Bakhtavar says, “Oh, Darling, I have missed you too and after Mr. R beat me last time and you plead for my life, I came to know the real importance of you, and yes, we will save him…”

Aarti says, “Did you bring your gear?”

              Bakhtavar says, “I am a fighter, I will always have my gear….”

              Bakhtavar and Aarti then meet Jeet and Tanya and make a plan to save Rihaan from Raka and bring him back in human form.

              Jeet then gives Bakhtavar a dart like and says, “There is a chip inside the dart that will like a GPS and throw it at Mr. R when you see him, he will not be easy to catch but we have to cure him….”

              Bakhtavar says, “Sure, darling….”

              Jeet looks at Aarti and says, “Did he call me Darling?”

              The same night, Raka comes to a dark alley and says, “Hero, where are you, come to daddy!!!”

              Mr. R comes out of the place and he sees Raka and attacks him and they again fight. Mr. R then gets furious and tries tearing Raka apart and Raka laughs and says, “That’s a real animal you are showing….”

              Raka uses his strength and throws Mr. R in to a house and the tenants run off when they see them.

              Raka looks at Mr. R and says, “I see why, people gave me money to kill you, you are one stubborn guy who loves to fight for justice….”

              Mr. R growls back and attacks Raka and Raka beats him back.

              Just then, Bakhtavar jumps in that house from top and stands in between Mr. R and Raka.

              Raka says, “Who in the hell are you?”

              Bakhtavar says, “I am also a hunter, but with a good cause to save him…”              

              Raka laughs and he attacks Bakhtavar and seeing this, Mr. R tries to run and Bakhtavar sees him and hits the dart and smiles and bangs Raka on a wall and he gets unconscious.

              The police arrive there and Bakhtavar leaves Raka and Ujwal Naik is present there with the police and says, “We got one animal, one more to go…”

              Raka is taken to a police station nearby and will be taken to the authorized facility the next day. Raka wakes up and attacks all the cops there and Ujwal Naik hides and hits a bullet and nothing happens to Raka and he leaves Ujwal alone with the dead officers.

              Jeet and others try finding Mr. R and they locate at some place and Bakhtavar and Aarti leave for that location.

              At the location, it is an old house and Bakhtavar arrives first alone and starts finding and a voice comes saying, “Oh, you again….”              

He looks and it is, Raka and Bakhtavar says, “Looks like the police couldn’t cage an out of control animal like you….”              

Raka says, “I am not the ONE who is out of control, right now….”              

Bakhtavar looks behind and sees Mr. R with hungry eyes and attacks him.

              Raka takes Mr. R’s side and attacks Bakhtavar. He then spears Mr. R in order to calm him down and fights Raka.    

              Ujwal Naik then arrives there and sees the two fighting and sees Mr. R injured and tries helping him and Raka sees this and attacks Ujwal but Mr. R attacks him and says, “Friend!!!”

              They take the fight outside and Mr. R throws Raka on a car parked nearby. Mr. R feels weak and collapses.

              Raka says, “You will die now, hero…”

              Bakhtavar sees Raka coming and punches and he again falls on the car and sees the petrol leaking near Raka.

              Ujwal Naik then shoots Raka and as one of the bullets deflects, it hits the petrol, it burns Raka and he dies and burns off.



   Mr. R is in grieving pain and Aarti comes there and tells Ujwal Naik to put his jacket on him and cover him and tells Bakhtavar to hold him so she can use the antidote.

              Bakhtavar holds Mr. R and he starts getting into human form and Aarti and other watch him and Ujwal Naik shows Aarti the mask and says, “Maybe we should put him the mask, we should respect this….”

              Aarti goes and puts up the mask on Mr. R’s face.

              Mr. R is unconscious and Aarti takes him in his car and leaves.

              Bakhtavar and Ujwal Naik stay and Bakhtavar asks, “How did you find Mr. R?”

              Ujwal Naik says, “It wasn’t that simple. Some days till now, these two were fighting in all streets and lanes. I had to put a device like GPS on one of them and we had Raka for a moment in custody and I hit him with a GPS bullet…”

              Bakhtavar says, “Smart, cop!! We did the same….”

              Ujwal Naik says, “WE?”              

              Bakhtavar says, “I mean, Mr. R and his team…”                

              They both then leave.

              After a couple of days, Rihaan opens his eyes and sees everyone around in the hospital.

              Tanya tells him everything and he thanks Aarti and Bakhtavar for their help and they leave.

              He goes back to sleep, Jeet looks at him and says, “Tanya, you know where he was hiding?

              Tanya says she doesn’t and he shows her the photo and Grandpa also sees the photo and says, “Hey, this is the old house where Rihaan was born….”

              On the other side,

Jadhav and Rao are angry on how didn’t Mr. R, didn’t die yet and their secretary, Rhea Joshi comes and says that she wants to leave the office and Jadhav says, “You can…”

              She leaves and Jadhav says, “She knows a lot, Rao…. She has to leave the world….”

              She gets down from the office and calls Rihaan who is sleeping wakes and she says, “Rihaan sir, I want to tell you something important….




              Rihaan is at the hospital as he is getting alright due to the wolf serum, his many other friends visit him and give him ‘get well soon’ cards and flowers. Tanya is with him day and night taking care of him.

              Some more days later, Jeet comes with ideas of his attire at the hospital and Tanya makes some changes and Rihaan says, “Jeet, did you think of some name for the hero thing?”

              Jeet says, “Other things are done; only the name is left….”              

              Rihaan jokes and says, “Why not Mr. J? J for Jealously….”

              Jeet says, “Jealous of you? Dude, I can beat you easily like I did when we were in school together, Tanya is the witness…”

              Rihaan says, “Think of a name, alright….”

              Jeet says, “Don’t you have to take the medicine and go to sleep?”

              Rihaan says, “No, you must be knowing, Rhea Patil, The PA at the company, she was going to come to meet, that was some days ago, but she hasn’t showed up….”               Jeet says, “Ya, I know Rhea, beautiful, good looking, smart….”

              Rihaan says, “Jeet, focus… She’s elder to you…”

              Jeet says, “I am just thinking about her…”

              Rihaan sarcastically smiles at him and calls Rhea but she doesn’t pick the call.

              Just then,

Jadhav and Rao reach the hospital and they meet Rihaan and others and Rihaan asks about Rhea and they tell him that she quit the job and left the company some days ago.

              Rhea is at the hospital and hears everything and hides when Jadhav and Rao come out of the room. When she is about to meet Rihaan, he takes the medicine and goes to sleep.

              Some more days later,

Rihaan is discharged from the hospital and he goes home.

              At home,

He gets a call one day and it is Rhea and she tells that if he is in a good health, she would like to meet him in person and she cannot tell everything one phone. Rihaan agrees and takes the Mr. R suit with him.

              Rhea and Rihaan meet on a bridge and she says, “Rihaan, you have known me for lots of years as I am the PA in the company, but you don’t know what is deep inside the company, I have been a part of it….”

              Rihaan says, “What are you trying to tell me?”

              She says, “Kumar Enterprises was in a loss, and your father didn’t take the offer from people which Jadhav and Rao got and some days he and ma’am died in that accident when you were just 16, and after that the company went into more loss, then Jadhav took in-charge and you went to London with Grandpa, and Jadhav and Rao and other people invested the people’s money and earned millions and didn’t give anything to workers and they left the company and abused it. Jadhav then closed many departments and some were there, it felt they weren’t….”

Rihaan says, “Who were those people who invested in the Company when in loss?              

She says, “They weren’t so nice people, one of them I know, because while talking, I took a picture and asked a friend to find about him and he told his name was, Shivraj Reddy, he was huge weapons manufacturer in the Southern areas and had a huge group of people under him and he brought people and money and started the Weapons department and so James was fired.”              

They then hear some noises and Rhea leaves and tells that she has more information and she will tell it later and while she leaves, some men are following her.

Rihaan then texts the name to Jeet and goes behind Rhea after sometime. He then sees the bag in the car and says, “Savior is back…”

Rhea is walking home and she sees some men behind her and she stops and asks them what they want and the men remove knives and tell her that they want her life.

She gets scared and a whistling sound comes and he says, “I thought my fright was still present in the hearts of the criminals and thugs here, I see it is fading off.”

The men look back and it is, Mr. R standing with a knife in his hand and says, “Let her go… She is important to me….”

The men attack him and he beats and hurts them all badly and they leave when they see his power.

Rhea then thanks him and says that she has heard about him a lot and he says that he appreciates that and he heard all the conversation between her and Rihaan at the bridge.

Rhea smiles back and says, “Isn’t that a bad habit to hear other people’s conversation?

              Mr. R says, “It is Rihaan, he will not mind and he is also important to me….”

Rhea says, “Kumar Enterprises has a name in name of person satisfaction and I couldn’t bear it and so I left the company. Jadhav and Rao are cruel, bad, evil people I haven’t seen, they killed a guy in front of me and told me not to tell anyone about it and they gave me a lot of money for my dying mother and she still died as she didn’t wanted to get treated by forced and bribed money.”

Mr. R says, “Those people are corrupt in their ways and I have to punish them…. You should go home and leave the City before its late….”

Rhea says, “Thanks, R! (She goes inside the building) Would you like a drink with me, R? R?”

She comes out again and he is disappeared.

Rihaan returns home and sees some stuff regarding Kumar Enterprises when the time when he was in London and Jeet sends some links of Shivraj Reddy to Rihaan.

Rihaan reads the reports that Reddy gave the Company a lot of money and people as workers and they came up with new designs and weapons and they were manufactured in the Company and people (fired workers) weren’t happy with this and abused the company.

Rihaan sees the links of Reddy and sees that Reddy was a rich person and he and his teams were mercenaries and they did jobs in all areas of the world. He sees other links and says a news article with a headline, ‘Father and Son alone attack the military base and kills the soldiers.”  

Rihaan says, “Son?”              

The next day, Rhea is at her place and she finds opens her cupboard and sees a pendrive and she gets emotional and says, “This has to be given to Rihaan in any case….”

              She then leaves home and texts Rihaan to meet at the same bridge and while walking, she sees that again some men are following her and she gets scared and in hurry she bumps into a guy and that guy is, Jeet…

Jeet says, “Rhea, what a pleasant surprise….”

Rhea looks at the men and she says, “Yeah, Jeet!! Long time, let’s walk…”

They both walk ahead and she says, “Jeet, listen, you are like Rihaan’s brother, I need a favor….”

Jeet asks, “What favor?”

Rhea says, “Give this pendrive to Rihaan, please…”

The men following her see this and come there tell Rhea to give the pendrive and Jeet and Rhea start running from them.

While running, one of the men stop and removes his gun and shoots Rhea in the back and she falls and Jeet sees this and she tells him to go ahead and run and she dies.

Jeet continues to run and comes at the bridge and sees Rihaan and he meets him and the men start firing at them and they both leave in the car.

Rihaan and Jeet take the car to the base and Jeet tells Rihaan that he bumped into Rhea and the men killed her and she told him give this Pendrive and Rihaan takes the pendrive and operates it and there’s a video file and plays it and he goes to check the bike and stops and gets a shock when he hears,

“Mr. Kumar has to die whatever happens, do it, Reddy.”

Rihaan just then trembles down and goes slowly at the video file and Jeet is also shocked to see this.

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