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               A year has gone now; Mr. R and his adventures are going around the City. Police sort of like him now, but they have still an agenda of catching him sometime, Ujwal Naik believes that Mr. R is the person they need for a time.

              Rihaan is at his home and seeing the old pictures in the albums and remembers some moments and memories and gets emotional. Grandpa then comes and cheers him up and says that there are many pictures more of him and others.

              Tanya then comes and shows some designs of the new attire for Mr. R and Rihaan sees all and she shows them in a holographic manner. Grandpa says that he is impressed by the work and Rihaan agrees with him and chooses some of them.

Jeet comes in the house and also sees the designs and says, “You know what I am thinking, I should join you too….”

              Rihaan says, “Are you serious, I seriously don’t mind you being my partner. I will like it… What will call name yourself?”

Jeet says, “I haven’t thought of it as for now, but till that I will be your eyes and ears.”

Rihaan then agrees to that and sees more designs.


On the other side,

A huge trailer enters the City and it comes to a nearby village and the drivers just leave it.

Sometime later, two cars arrive there and from them, Mr. Jadhav and Mr. Rao come out and they take a look at the trailer door.

Mr. Rao says, “We have taken a huge risk, sir! He may destroy the whole city, if we unleash him.”              

Mr. Jadhav says, “If we don’t do anything, Mr. R will destroy us and then Rihaan will destroy us…”

He then asks two of their men to open the trailer and they open and they see chained guy with hands tied and legs chained and mouth closed too and one of them touches him and he opens his eyes and tries to move.

Mr. Jadhav then tells one of the men to remove the chain and leave from there.

They open the chains and mouth mask and they leave him there. Just then, some kids are roaming around there and one of the kids comes at the trailer and the person inside the trailer says, “You smell nice….”

The kid gets scared and the guy jumps on him and the other kids run away seeing this and the guy takes the kid inside the trailer and Mr. Jadhav sees this and says, “Let’s see what does Mr. R does about this!!!”

Next day, people find the remains of the kid and they call the police and Ujwal Naik comes some time later and the news comes on TV and Rihaan sees this and the reporters say that some animal must be brought in this trailer and he is unleashed in the City.

Rihaan then comes at that area and starts to look around and he is with Raghu and says, “We have to look around more….”

Ujwal Naik is at the hospital and doctors tell him that it wasn’t an animal attack because the marks on the Body.

Ujwal Naik says, “What is it, then?”

Rihaan looks around the area and sees some kids playing and he asks the kids there and they tell that kid that died had a group, he tries searching them.

Here, the guy (cannibal) comes inside the City and he is just wearing torn pants and grabs a shirt and looks around and sees Mr. Jadhav’s photo and smiles and licks his nails.

Mr. Jadhav then goes home from office and reaches home and sees some scratches on the wall and a voice in the dark says, “Liked my art…”

              Jadhav gets a bit scared and looks at his sofa and sees the guy sitting and comes at him and says, “Looks like you weren’t a bad investment…”

The guy says, “I should know why so much money was invested on me?”

Jadhav switches on the TV and there is news of MR. R and he says, “He is the reason….”

The guy says, “He should be tasty then…. But people say that change is inevitable and so, I also brought some change in me in these years when I was locked up; I had a new idea….”

Jadhav agrees to his ‘idea’ and the guy says, “Oh! How unkind of me, I didn’t tell my name and you in curiosity wouldn’t have asked my name, it’s RAKA…..”              

He laughs and leaves.

Raka while leaving says, “You should clean the blood at the back of the house, the maid was delicious…”

Jadhav goes back of the house and sees the remains of the maid.

Ujwal Naik is at his house and gets a text on his mobile phone and he leaves the house and goes on terrace and he looks around and says, “Where are you now?”

A voice comes and says, “I am here….”

He is on top of a pole and jumps in front of Ujwal Naik.

Ujwal Naik says, “You must have heard about the news, what are your thought about this ‘animal’ attack?”              

Mr. R says, “It wasn’t an ‘Animal’ attack. The kid was killed by a man inside the trailer who was chained and I suppose his face was also covered too…”

Ujwal Naik says, “You mean like a cannibal?”

Mr. R says, “Yes….”

He then tells Ujwal that he got the news from the kids there that their friend was killed by that cannibal and says that he is a threat to the City.

Yuvraj comes up and tells that some officer is here and he is saying that one more person was killed.

Ujwal Naik sees that side and sees Mr. R has disappeared.

Mr. R then arrives at the place and sees the body of another kid and looks around and he hears another noise and follows it and sees some guy is taking another kid and follows him.

The guy then stops and sees Mr. R behind as he feels the presence and the smell and stops.

Mr. R stops and the guy and tells him to drop the kid which happens to be a huge doll and says, “So you are the hero, huh!!! (Waters his tongue) Tasty…”

Mr. R says, “You are one damn combination of an animal and human, you should be punished….”

The guy licks his nails and says, “Punishment!! You will be punished when I treat you something like this…”

              He then just attacks him and they have a duel. Mr. R removes his knives and hits the guy with him. The guy dodges some attacks and scratches him back. The guy then holds him in a neck hold situation and says, “I will feed on you some day, (laughs), but now, let me beat you, the name’s Raka…”

Mr. R bangs him back on a car and Raka jumps on him and tries biting him but Mr. R kicks him and Raka catches the leg and bites it and just then, Ujwal Naik comes there and shoots at Raka and he runs off.

The police arrive there and Mr. R with a bite on his leg thanks Ujwal and runs off too.

At the base, Rihaan arrives and Jeet checks the leg and says that he can do something temporary for now and Rihaan feels okay for now.

              Rihaan feels weird for some days and Jeet says, “Are you okay? I found some information on Raka…”

              Rihaan asks about him and Jeet says, “Raka Javeria was born in Andaman and Nicobar Islands and his soldier friends were killed in car crash and he lived in jungles for some days and when he was roaming around he saw some wolf kids eating some animal and he went ahead and started eating and the mother wolf bit him and he ran off.

Some days later, local police found him and took him home and he put his name on some experiment and when the scientists put the serum inside his body, the wolf bite was enhanced and he started behaving weird and he went mad and he bit a scientist’s hand and ran off. Sometime later, he went to various places and killed woman, men and kids. He was then caught and put in maximum security….”

              Rihaan asks about his arrival here and Jeet says that somebody brought him here to unleash hell.

              Raka on the other side says, “Mr. R, I got your smell and I have my things too, get ready for the experiment…. (Laughs)”

              Raka gives a wolf sound while going inside a small shed.






              Raka then enters the City and attacks the people and the police chase him and due to his speed and agility, he beats the police and they go inside a mall.

              Rihaan and Tanya are present there and they see the scene. One of the police officers hits Raka with a rod but nothing happens to him and he beats that officer. Raka then suddenly stops and sniffs his nose and looks around and says, “Mr. R, you are somewhere…. Come out….”

              Rihaan hears this and looks at Tanya and tells her to leave and he also leaves with her.

              Raka then beats some more officers and the people get scared more and they move besides and Raka takes a kid with him and the mother pleads but Raka doesn’t stop and takes the kid in the center of the mall and says, “Mr. R, would you come ahead and fight me or else, I will eat this kid?”

              Mr. R sees this from above and takes a rope of swings at Raka and kicks him and saves the kid. The crowd then clears and they both fight and Raka sees that Mr. R is still cannot walk and Raka says, “The wound still hurts, doesn’t it?”

              They fight for a while and some more cops arrive there with machine guns and Ujwal Naik is present there and stops the cops and they see the fight. Mr. R then removes his grappler hits and catches Raka and he comes and punches him on the mask.

              Raka comes at Mr. R and Ujwal orders to shoot and in the firing, Raka and Mr. R escape.

              Mr. R arrives at base and removes his mask and sees that he was all blood and Tanya clears the blood and says that she saw the fight and she felt that Rihaan fought like an animal too.

              Rihaan feels weird about it too.

              Raka is in his shed and says, “Mr. R, I have a plan for you, I have to find you, in your human form….”

              Raka then starts to roam around and tries to get that smell again and finds nothing.

              Rihaan is at his house and sees his body and goes to check his blood at a doctor’s clinic, the doctor happens to be, Bakhtavar’s wife, Aarti and she takes the blood and Rihaan asks about her and she tells that Bakhtavar is on a world tour and training athletes.

              Rihaan leaves after giving the blood and filling the form.

              Raka that time, is near the clinic and feels the smell and goes at the clinic and hides back and closes his eyes and opens back and smiles.

              Raka then starts to attack the people again and Mr. R comes and they both have a fight and Raka bangs him on a wall making him unconscious.

              He then says, “I have seen you in your human form, Mr. R. I will not tell anyone about it, but you will be one who will tell them…”

              He then takes Mr. R with him.

              Mr. R wakes up and sees him tied to chains and Raka says, “I tested and checked your blood, hero, what is the coincidence, we have the same exact blood group, which means, you become the perfect candidate for my experiment…”

              Mr. R says, “What experiment?”


Raka says, “When I was bit by a wolf, the serum inside me enhanced the bite and made me a cannibal, like I am now, making me feed on humans…. I will do the same with you….”  

Mr. R says, “You cannot do that…”

Raka then brings a device with him and says, “This is what I made, this is a Delta fragment Enhancer. This will help me to make you, me….”

He then fuses his blood in the device and fires it at Mr. R and he starts feeling more weird and he gets unconscious.

Mr. R then wakes back up and sees that he is on a freeway and he removes his mobile phone and calls Grandpa and in the car, he starts screaming and says that his body is paining badly and feeling like a mad animal.

The next day, Rihaan wakes up and Grandpa comes and checks him and says, “You have been sleeping for two days….”

Rihaan is shocked and tells him everything.

Raka in his shed says, “Monster time, hero…”

There is a small party at Rihaan’s party and he starts feeling weird and he goes in the room and starts vomiting and gets all wild and a guest comes in his room and gets scared and runs off and all the other guests flee away.

Rihaan turns into a wolf monster in just sometime and gives a wolf noise and Raka hears it from his shed.

Rihaan then breaks the window and runs off.

Next day,

Grandpa tells that Rihaan has gone on a vacation and tells Jeet to find him.

Tanya and Grandpa are worried and they come to know that a new monster did hurt some people and the news press have got a tip that it is, MR. R.

Raka is at his shed whistles in a joyous mood and he hears a sound and he looks and it is the Mr. R in monster form and says, “Hello, friend….”

The sound becomes more dangerous and Raka says, “Not a friend…”

The monster attacks Raka and they have a fight and there is a petrol tanks all round and Raka falls on one of them and the monster throws all the chemicals present there and creates a fire there and it nearly burns Raka a bit and he runs off and the monster makes a wolf sound and runs off from other side.



Aarti sees the news on TV and informs Tanya about Rihaan’s reports and they both meet up and Tanya tells the truth about Rihaan.

Aarti then tells that she can make an antidote for Rihaan and says that someone has to bring Rihaan to her and Tanya says, “We need someone stronger than Rihaan….”

Aarti says, “I know a man for this job…”

She then takes the call and says, “Hey champ, it is time to return the favor?”

The voice from other side, “You got it, darling…”


Tanya says, “What about Rihaan?”

Aarti says, “Let him rest somewhere for today, if he finds Raka again, I don’t think, he will go alive…”

The wolf monster is seen walking in a small cave inside the park.

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