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              After defeating the Champion, he was released as he didn’t kill any people and he just destroyed places and people and didn’t cause any harm. So Rihaan brought him out of jail and gave him a place to stay and indirectly took him inside his team.

              Later, One day, Mr. R is battling the thugs and he is cut by a knife and it starts to bleed and he runs off after defeating them. He then removes his mask and changes his gear and he arrives at a Tanya’s birthday party.

              At the party, he meets her and gives her a gift and they sing, dance and enjoy the party in full happy mood.

              When the party ends, all the friends and relatives head home and only, Rihaan and Tanya are only left.

              Tanya says, “Hey, your eyes look very weird, nowadays. What’s wrong?”

              Rihaan says, “Nothing, darling. It is just; I am awake for a lot of time at nights due to parties and watching movies.”

              Tanya says, “It’s a not party awake thing, it is something thing else…”

              Rihaan says that they should just cut the topic and leave the place. When they are about to leave, Tanya sees the knife wound on his hand and she asks about it and he says that it happened when he was making breakfast and they have an argument and they leave the place.

              The next day, Tanya comes at Jeet’s place and asks about Rihaan’s behavior and Jeet just denies that something must be wrong with him and he worries about small things a lot and he should be left alone.

              She then rushes at Jeet and says, “Look in to my eyes and tell me what is happening?’

              Jeet says, “It is nothing, seriously.”

              Jeet comes at Rihaan’s place and says, “When in the bloody hell you are telling Tanya the truth, she looks scary when it comes down to interrogation….”

              Rihaan says, “I will tell her when the time comes.”

              Jeet says, “Tell her as soon as possible, surviving her wrath isn’t that easy….”               Rihaan laughs.

              Tanya curious as usual comes at Rihaan’s house and starts checking the stuff and watching him.

              She sees Rihaan in his room and he sees he is getting ready and he is about to leave.

              She then calls him and Rihaan makes an excuse saying that he is going to meet a friend.

              She then goes behind him and follows him. Rihaan sees that Tanya is following and races the car and Tanya does the same.

              Rihaan thinks that she is way behind and she comes slowly and she stops at a place. Suddenly, Mr. R comes from nowhere on his bike and leaves in front of her and she follows him.

              Tanya gets more suspicious about all of this and goes to visit her cousin sister.

              Rihaan knows about this and he and Jeet follow her.

              At the cousin’s place, they are listening through a microphone and Tanya tells her cousin everything and she says, “What do you think?”              

              Tanya says, “I followed Rihaan to a warehouse and then Mr. R comes out and so I think,”

              The cousin says, “Rihaan and Mr. R is the same guy…”

              Tanya says, “No….No… Rihaan knows Mr. R and he will be working for him. Rihaan is manly enough, not enough to be a person to beat thugs at day and night….”

              Rihaan says, “That’s hurts actually….”

              Jeet laughs on this.

              The microphone starts to get ruin and they leave the place.

              Tanya inside the house and says, “I have a plan actually….”

              Next day, Rihaan and Tanya take a walk in the night and suddenly, some thugs arrive there and start misbehaving with Tanya and Rihaan tells them to leave and Rihaan loses it and starts beating them and one of them says that Tanya gave them money to misbehave.

              Rihaan looks at Tanya and she says, “I thought Mr. R will come and save us but, you did the job….”

              Rihaan says, “What did you think, I am not manly enough?”

              Tanya says, “You are…. But not as MR. R is….”

              Rihaan says, “He is one lucky prick that he isn’t here….”              



Rihaan then meets the thugs and gives them more money and thanks them and they leave. One of them starts playing with a ring and Rihaan meets Tanya back and checks the finger and the ring is missing and she tells that the thugs took it.

              At midnight, the thugs are playing and a whistling starts and he says, “The ring belongs to a woman and I want it back….”

              The thugs look and Mr. R is standing in front of them and he beats them and takes the ring.

              He arrives at Tanya’s house and she sees a ring on her bed and she also whistling sound and she comes and he says, “The ring belongs to you right, I saw when the thugs took it from you when they misbehaved with you….”

              Tanya says, “Thanks for the ring; it was my mother’s…”

              He says, “I know…”

              Tanya says, “What?”

              He says, “Nothing, I mean, I saw your house and saw that your mother’s photo is hanged on the wall and saw the ring on the finger and so I guessed….”

              Tanya looks at him and comes close to him and tells Jeet to use Plan B. Just then, some text messages come on her mobile of Rihaan and she looks at Mr. R and he says, “I think someone is calling and missing you.”

              Tanya in a low voice says. “Yes…”

              She looks back and he is gone.

              She calls her cousin and says, “I think your guess must be true, I have a plan and that will test Rihaan’s patience….”

              Rihaan tells Grandpa that Tanya will come to know some day that he is Mr. R and Grandpa says, “Tell her quickly, as I know women, they are way curious of finding hidden things....”




              As Tanya’s worry increased, was Rihaan working for Mr. R or he is Mr. R? She made a perfect plan and what she needed was a window i.e. something happens in the City and only the Mr. R can save it.

              Some days later, Rihaan comes from gym at evening and sees on news that some the amount of crime was decreased and Mr. R is said to be a symbol of hope and justice.

Tanya then just comes in and says, “Interesting, isn’t it!!! Mr. R is seen as a symbol of hope and justice to the needy and people who need Justice to live. I don’t get one thing, why a mask?”

              Rihaan then takes a sip of juice and says, “Mask!!! One reason can be, he doesn’t want to get caught or one more maybe, if he is in human form, there can be a direct attack or threats to his family and friends, if he has any.”

              Tanya says, “I still feel he should give up, for his own safety or he may get killed.”

              Rihaan says, “Why is it you are suddenly worried about him?”              

              Tanya says, “It’s just he brought my ring back from the thugs and he gave it me in person and I liked it, what is with you, you jealous?”

              Rihaan says, “No, no!! It is not jealously. It is just, if I knew, I would have tried, I am way better than Mr. R.”

              Tanya says, “You are way better than Mr. R?”

              Rihaan says, “At least I have a real face, not like him wearing some mask….”

              Tanya says, “It’s a Guy Fawkes Mask….”

              Rihaan says, “I know it, heard the story a lot of times….”

              Jeet then comes and Tanya says, “Jeet, tell me a thing, who is better, Rihaan or Mr. R on accounts of bravery?”              

Jeet looks at Rihaan says, “Mr. R technically (Rihaan looks at him), but I haven’t seen him fight, so I should say, Rihaan….”

              Tanya says, “I still think Mr. R is way better….”

              She leaves and Rihaan says, “IF someone was else, MR. R, I would have killed him….”

              Jeet says, “C’mon, man!!”

              Rihaan says, “Wait a sec!!! She never removes or put forth the topic of Mr. R, she is working on the same assumption, dammit!!!”

              Jeet says, “That you and Mr. R are friends?”

              Rihaan says, “No, that I’m Mr. R”              

              Jeet says, “If she is, she must have made a plan to make you say that you Mr. R”

              The same evening, Tanya talks to a guy where he gives her a packet and in that packet, there is a device and she places it in Rihaan’s bracelet which he wears and she is able to hear everything and she also tries to track it.

              Some days later, there are some criminals trying to steal of a huge cache of weapons and gold which will arrive on docks in some days and this comes in news on TV and newspaper.

              Rihaan gets suspicious about this.

              He then talks to Jeet and Grandpa about at the base and Tanya hears everything.

              The news reporters tells on TV that on a Sunday the shipment will be arriving and the weapons and Gold will be transferred to a location and the next day, the authorities will take their materials.

              Tanya says, “I guess, I got my window….”      

              On Saturday, Rihaan is checking his bike and says, “Damn, it feels weird, not tell the love of your life, the biggest secret that who am I, it just feels not normal…”

              He comes across the radio that Grandpa is hearing and feels some disturbance and says, “This is weird….”

              He does it a couple of times and Jeet removes that bracelet and sees it carefully and whispers, “This has a device like a microphone, Tanya is hearing us….”

              Rihaan tells to remove it and Grandpa says, “Don’t do it, she will definitely come to know, who you are, wear it and divert the topic and leave now….”

              Rihaan says, “What I just said the biggest secret that I love her and I want to be with her….”

              Tanya in her car hears all this and says, “Ya, right!!! As if I believe you…”

              Rihaan leaves from the base and at some distance sees Tanya’s car.

              On Sunday, the criminals get their own weapons and bombs and get ready for looting the weapons and gold at the docks.

              Rihaan has his mask in his hand and takes a look at it and he hears a singing voice and keeps the mask back in the closet.

              He comes out of the room and sees some new arrangement of lights and Tanya comes there in a beautiful dress (like Angelina Jolie black dress at Oscar Awards) and she sings a song for Rihaan seeing that the time is wasted and Rihaan doesn’t leave.

              During the song, Jeet calls Rihaan to come at base and he tries but Tanya stops him.

              Rihaan says, “I have some important work, I have to go…”

              Tanya holds him and says, “Important than me, you love me, right, then stop….”               Rihaan says, “Let me go….”

              Tanya says while holding him tight, “No…”

              Rihaan gets angry and says, “Alright, you know what, you wanted to hear it, I AM MR. R, I ROAM AROUND DAY AND NIGHT AND FIGHT CRIMINALS AND THUGS AND POLICE ARE TRYING TO ARREST ME…. Happy!!!”

              He says all this in Mr. R’s voice.

              He leaves Tanya standing and she just smiles off.

              At the docks, everything goes well and when the police come out, Ujwal Naik is present with them and he gets a text message, ‘Beware…’

              Just then two jeeps come at a speed and hit one of the security cars and they hit the fence. From one of the jeeps, one guy comes out and explodes the other police cars with a missile launcher.

              They see Ujwal Naik and start shooting at him and leave him there with others.

              The criminals kill the drivers and take the charge of the trucks.

              At a freeway, there are huge speakers put up in the way and the whistling sound comes out in a loud volume and one of the criminals says, “Is it who I am thinking?”

              One of the speakers then just explodes and stops one of the trucks and when it is about to move, two arrows hit the thugs and they fall down and get unconscious.

              The other truck with the jeeps move ahead and they see a bike standing at a distance.

              It is MR. R’s bike and the news helicopter watching all this says, “I suppose, we will have some action, people!!!”

              Mr. R sees them and Jeet says, “Use the bike, hero!!!”              

              Mr. R says, “I am the savior and the punishment they deserve.”              

              He then opens a compartment in the bike and removes the BROWNING Gun and fires it and damages the truck wheels and upside downs the Jeep injuring the people in it.

              There is one more guy in the Truck and he takes the truck ahead and Mr. R goes at him and breaks the glass of the window and beats him.

              He comes out and beats other when they attack him and ties them for the police to arrest them.

              Sometime, later Ujwal Naik comes with other cops and arrests them and Mr. R leaves.

              The next day at night, Rihaan sitting alone at a hill place, and Tanya comes and meets and Rihaan says, “I am sorry, I didn’t tell you that I am MR. R. It is just I care for you and love you a lot, I didn’t know how you would react….”

              Tanya says, “My Reaction, Rihaan!!! I know you from childhood, I know you love to beat the bad guys, let them be, bullies in school, college thugs or some person misbehaving in the streets. It was just, yes, I thought it will be dangerous, but when I saw your commitment towards the City, I didn’t worry at all….”

              Rihaan says, “Thanks….”

              They both get up and Tanya says, “You are not going away that easy, I want to be a part of your team too like others….”

              Rihaan first disagrees but then takes her in and she says, “Alright, first we have to change the attire a little bit, I have some fashion tips….”

              Rihaan just smiles and they leave together.


              In Andaman and Nicobar Islands,

Mr. Jadhav and Mr. Rao meet a guy who is a police officer and he shows a trailer and says, “That’s the guy you wanted, I should say, he is too dangerous and Cannibalism is his feature or USP…”

Mr. Jadhav gives him a suitcase of money and says, “And his first dish is, Mr. R”   

Inside the trailer, there is a guy tied from head to toe in chains and especially his mouth is tied with a mouth mask and his eyes red craving for human flesh and blood.


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