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                 Mr. Rao then meets the guy and takes him to Mr. Jadhav. At the office, Mr. Jadhav says, “Mr. R is creating a problem for me and I want you make him feel what real pain is when you put your nose in somebody else’s business.”

             The guy says, “Don’t worry, sir!!! Giving pain to someone is my actual business rather than making this body….”

              He then says, “How will you find him?”

              Mr. Jadhav says, “How much I know, someone will have some problem and the solution will be present, I mean, our beloved hero.”

              Mr. Jadhav takes a sip of his drink and gives the guy a bag of money and he leaves the office and when he gets out he kind of goes by Rihaan.

                Rihaan looks at him and heads into Mr. Jadhav’s office and asks, “I heard that Mr. R saved our weapons on a train and I just wanted to know, where they were going, there wasn’t any security….”

              Mr. Jadhav says, “Rihaan, that is company’s business and I know, you are into weapons and defense, but we will handle him and about Mr. R, (looks at Mr. Rao) we have a way of thanking him….”

               He then tells Rihaan to leave.

               Rihaan then comes at the Weapons and Defense department and meets Mr. James there. He then asks, “Mr. James how was the relation between my father and Mr. Jadhav?”

             James says, “Nothing much of that predictable. Both of them wanted make the company better and effective, Jadhav brought some new partners too but your father didn’t like the idea when he met those people and there were many fights on that, but your father didn’t want those people to enter the company…”

              Rihaan says, “One can say, Jadhav is kind of a villainous person, here….”

             James says, “He is, but he is too damn intelligent and smart….”

            Rihaan says, “Intelligent people like him create ideas to destroy and destruct the world via physically, mentally or financially. It is inside thing, I don’t know, he is dangerous for me and the company”                               

          Rihaan then takes a look at the godowns and something hidden under a huge cloth and in dust and lifts it up and it is like some sort of mechanical suit and sees the project number and finds it on the files.

              He then calls Mr. James and asks about it and he says, “This was a way future project which I and your father started. (He takes him back to the suit) It is a delta enhanced power suit, this has ability to increase the movement of the body 10 to 100 times, let it be punching, jumping, kicking or any action related movement. It also connected to your mind and thus it becomes easier.”

                 Rihaan asks the reason of not being available or manufactured and James says, “It was too ‘advanced’ and ‘technical’ the board when I presented it to the Board right after a year your parents died in the accident….”       

                   Rihaan looks at the Suit and looks at James and leaves the godowns.

          On the same night,

        Some thugs then enter a jewellery store and take all the jewellery and the alarm goes on and police come there and the thugs shoot and injure them. The thugs then run in an alley and there they hear a whistling sound and one of the thugs says, “We should leave the jewellery here, he is here somewhere….”

          The other thug says, “Who?”

            A voice comes, “Me…. The punishment….”

           They see it is Mr. R standing in front of them and some thugs ran off and their leader fights him and Mr. R beats him and falls unconscious.

             Mr. R then climbs on a building and another voice comes, “You fight good, want to try me, punk?”

           Mr. R turns back and it is the same guy that (Rihaan) saw in the office and he is wearing a wrestling gear and he says, “You are a quick job, I should say…”


             Saying this, he attacks him and Mr. R dodges him and they have a brutal fight. The guy then bangs him around injuring him badly. He then throws him through walls. Mr. R then removes his grappler and uses it and injures the guy and the camera placed at the building takes all the footage happening and Jeet and Grandpa are seeing this.

             Mr. R then injures the guy and the guy then holds the rope of the grappler and breaks it and comes to him and tries breaking his mask.

             Mr. R then kicks him and uses a smoke grenade and due to the smoke he disappears.

           The guy searches him but he is nowhere to found out and Mr. R removes his mask and sees a taxi and goes in it and escapes.

             The fight is all over TV, News and video sites.

            Rihaan in an injured condition comes back to base and Grandpa helps him and he tells Jeet to find some info on that guy.


            The next day,

             Rihaan is hurt on his back due to yesterday’s fight and Jeet comes and says, “I have some good news. This guy’s name is Bakhtavar Bhosale aka Champion, was in military for a couple of years and was suspended when he tried to kill his colleague and later joined body building and won many medals and was thrown out again for using illegal medicines and now he uses his power and energy in underground fight clubs.”

              Grandpa says, “He must be having some vendetta against you or somebody must have hired him….”

           Rihaan then remembers something and says, “Not just somebody, Mr. Jadhav has hired him, I saw him in the office some days back. He came to meet Jadhav and Rao, now I know the reason. Both of them are hiding something.”

             Raghu is present there and says, “Jadhav and Rao are not the issue now, Champion is the problem now….”

           Rihaan says, “He is too strong, he is hard as a rock. I need something stronger like”

            Saying this, he just leaves and Jeet says, “You can share the idea with us….”

          The next day at the base,

          A huge truck comes there and inside that, it is the huge suit and Rihaan says, “This is the idea I wanted to share….”

                               Grandpa says, “Impressive… We can make some changes in it and make it our style….”

                               They take the suit inside and Rihaan says that this will take a lot of time and Champion will create chaos in the City and the City has to bear him.

                     On the other side, Bakhtavar is in the gym alone and Jadhav comes there and starts clapping and says, “Congrats, you beat Mr. R (stops clapping and pushes him), but he is not dead. You better be a good value for money….”

                               Jadhav then says, “You said, you were suspended for taking medicines for body building…”

             Jadhav takes Bakhtavar to a place and Rao is present there and gives him to injections and he starts feeling some changes and heads to the gym and starts picking weights.

             His wife then comes there and sees her huge built husband and says that it is too dangerous and he says that nothing will happen to him and after the job is done, they will leave the City.

             He then posts a video of hurting people and says, “Mr. R, I heard you are the savior of the people here, you become the punishment for people like me, I want you to know, if I don’t get my punishment the City will bear huge consequences….”

                Rihaan sees this and Grandpa says, “He is very eager to face you….”

               Rihaan says, “He is… I am eager too (looks at the suit).”                               

              The media then hypes the news and name it, CHAMPION VS HERO and make an event like thing that they can face each other and say that Mr. R hasn’t accepted the challenge.

                The media then gather at Champion’s gym and inside breaks all the equipment and throws some outside and injures the reporters. He then takes a camera and says, “Mr. R, what is up with you, huh!!! You don’t care about the people much, I thought you were the hero here… I want you here in an hour, and if you are not, I will break each and every thing in this City….”

               Rihaan sees this and says, “It is not a fight he wants, he wants to brawl, and I will brawl then….”

             In the City, Champion sees the police cars coming and he throws a huge electric pole at the cars and explodes it and one of the cops shoot but nothing happens to him due to the medicines and drugs.

                               Just then, he hears a stomping noise, he looks back and he sees a huge bot like structure coming at him and says, “You wanted the punishment, right!! Here I am….”

                               Champion says, “Mr. R!!!! That’s a nice suit though; I also have some of my own….”

                               Mr. R says, “Call this the R-TRON, punk….”

                               They then attack each other and badly and they punch, kick and fight in the whole city and land in the football ground.

                               After sometime, Champion starts feeling weird and Mr. R for a final attack swings and bangs him on the ground. He is then about to knock him out but, Champion’s wife comes in the middle and tells Mr. R to forgive him and says that he is ready to go to jail and spend the time.

                               Mr. R agrees and says, “You were made to do this job, remember that….”

                               The police arrive there and Mr. R moves back a little and comes out of the Suit and his bike comes there from a trailer and he leaves and explodes the Suit.

                               The police arrest Champion.

                               On the same night, Rihaan and others are having a get together and Jadhav and Rao arrive there Rihaan goes there and says, “Mr. R won again I heard, gentlemen. You both don’t seem happy about it… Our company wasn’t involved, right?”

                               Jadhav says, “No, it wasn’t involved. I see, you are his huge fan….”

                               They both leave and Rihaan is at his bar and James comes there and says, “I was out of town for a couple of days and when I came back and I saw the godown and I saw something missing there, do you know something about it, Rihaan?”

                               Rihaan says, “I don’t know….”

                               James says, “Don’t think of me as an idiot, but, I can say, you put it work nicely….”

                               Rihaan says, “Thanks for that and you can join the team if you want…”

                               James says, “Touché!!!!!”


  On the other side, some days later,

                               Bakhtavar is seen walking out of prison and a car comes and his wife comes out of it and she gives him a file containing a passport, ticket and keys to new house in Delhi.

                               Mr. R is seeing this and smiles off.

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