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Obsession Is An Image, Thought, Or Influence Which Continually Fills Or Troubles The Mind; A Compulsive Interest Or Preoccupation Seemingly Beyond One’s Will To Control”


              At the base, Rihaan is making some changes in his bike and just then, Jeet comes inside the base in a joyful mood and Rihaan says, “Are you alright or just happy?”

              Jeet says, “Happy, brother!!! What a day I had yesterday…”

              Rihaan says, “What happened?”

              Jeet says, “I met this girl yesterday at a hotel, very cute and good looking. We are meeting again….”

              Rihaan asks him the name and Jeet says, “Neha…”

              Rihaan says that he also knows a ‘Neha’; he saved her life once, his first outing.

              Jeet smiles and helps Rihaan with his bike.

              Next day, Jeet is with Neha and Rihaan arrives there just to confirm, which Neha is it?

              He sees her and smiles and texts a message to Jeet saying, “It is that Neha who I saved; she is a nice girl, good luck!!!”

              After some days, Mr. R is at a building and he gets news about a fire and he goes there, he sees a small building is on fire and uses the firepower in his bike and blows the water tank near the building and people praise him and later he goes inside and saves some people.

              This entire event is recorded by a girl there and she takes the video home and starts watching it and says, “You are good, Mr. R….”

              Rihaan is at home and Jeet arrives in a sad mood and Jeet says, “Neha is something else, you know….”

              Rihaan says, “What do you mean?”

              Jeet says, “The other night, I was in her room and she told me to dress up like Mr. R, and told me to say your entry dialogue that many people know and she then just told me to leave and later to took her bike and rode off. Crazy!!!”

              Rihaan says, “It is a bit crazy…. I saved her life, it’s not like she likes me….”

              Jeet says, “Alright, the other day, she told her life saving incident 10 times that day and she was like enjoying it, even if I wasn’t listening….”

              Jeet then suggests that Rihaan should meet her and sort out things….

              Neha is in her room the same night and just a whistling sound comes and she just gives a huge smile and comes out in her balcony and a voice comes, “Hey, Neha!!!”

              She gets in all joyous moods and says, “It is great to see you….”

              Mr. R says, “You know, I will come straight to it, I was watched you with a guy in a hotel and later followed you around with him too and I came to know, you were kind of telling him the story when I saved you from the thugs….”

              Neha says, “Yeah, so… Shouldn’t I tell anyone about it?”

              Mr. R says, “Yes, you can…. Not like 10 times to a single person, you were in news when you were saved, it is just you are indirectly pushing me into your relationship with that guy…..”

              Neha starts getting emotional and says, “You saved my life…. I am not pushing into anything and it is just, I have started to like you a lot….”

              Jeet is hearing all this via microphone and says, “I knew it…”             

              Mr. R says, “It is not possible, I am symbol to people here, I save lives and punish the thugs and criminals. You cannot like as a lover…”

              Neha comes close to him and starts touching him (seducing) and says, “I know you are not just a symbol, you are a human too, is it you are not a relationship oriented person or you like someone else in your human form, and if like someone, I will take care of it….”

              Mr. R says, “Are you seriously saying all this? I will take care of it and everything, you know something, you are, you are obsessed about me…”

              Neha then steps away and says, “It is not obsession, it is love, you don’t understand. Remove your mask, sorting things will be easy.”

              Mr. R says, “It will be not, it will complicate a lot of things…. Our ‘human’ lives….”

              Neha starts loosing it and says, “Be with me, R…. (She tries to kiss him) I want you…”

              Mr. R by mistake throws her off and leaves.

              Neha gets more emotional and freaks out and goes in her room and breaks all the things….

              Mr. R says, “Jeet, your girlfriend is obsessed with me….”

              There is news the other day, Mr. R burned down a shed the other day and Rihaan is shocked to know about this….

              Grandpa sees this and says that someone else again is wearing the mask and doing the things…

              Rihaan takes some time and finds about Neha and her background.

              He is shocked to see all this. He call Jeet and says, “Neha, was obsessed before too, she liked a guy but he was dating someone else and she wanted him bad, so she created rifts between her guy and his girlfriend and later, killed that girl and she was taken into custody at the age of 16.  She was taken to a rehab centre and for three years she was treated and she came back here and lives with her parents and works at her father’s saree shop….”

              Jeet says, “She is a psycho…”

              Rihaan says, “We need more proof of her obsession…. I have an idea…”

              Jeet then takes Neha again to a date and they come at Neha’s home and Rihaan (as Mr. R) checks around Neha’s house.

              As they are in the room, Mr. R sees a small garage shed and sees a dead body when he enters and sees all pictures of him and all around the shed and later sees the video too.

              In the room, Jeet tries to explain Neha about her obsession of Mr. R and she starts arguing with him and in anger beats him and she sees a knife around attempts to use it but, Jeet jumps from the balcony.

              Jeet and Rihaan arrive at the base and Rihaan says that Neha is completely obsessed about him and she has photos, news articles, videos and everything about him and Jeet asks about the dead body and Rihaan says that he might have dressed like Mr. R and burned down the shed where he saved her for the first time.

              Neha at her house gets into fight with her family and she says, “No one will come in between me and Mr. R…”


The next day, there is news all over saying that a whole family was murdered. Rihaan goes and meet Ujwal Naik and he says, “Three people were murdered, a couple and a sixteen year old kid and the daughter were missing….”

              Mr. R says, “Anything suspicious?”

              Ujwal Naik laughs and says, “Suspicious, it is you…. The people who died in that house, the murderer after he killed them wore them your masks and left from there and burned down the shed outside the house….”

              Mr. R says, “Damn it…. The murderer is not a ‘he’; it is a SHE!!!!”

              Ujwal Naik says, “SHE? How?”

              He is gone.

              A video goes online saying a person is wearing a Mr. R saying, “I know, I am not the real one, the real one should come today midnight or else many people will die….”

              Mr. R sees this and goes at the place and it is at a warehouse and he sees people are tied to each other and there is a bomb fixed on them and he hears his own whistling sound and look back and sees Neha is dressed in white and says, “Did you like all this?”


Mr. R looks at the people and says, “You think I will like all this…”

              There is a table arranged and she opens a bottle of champagne and she gives one glass to him and she says, “I knew you wouldn’t like all this, how would I overcome all of this…”

              He says, “Killing your parents and brother too didn’t decrease the obsession…”

              Neha smiles and says, “I told them, no one will come in between me and you, but they didn’t listen and so they paid the price….”

              Mr. R throws the glass away and tells her to free the people and she puts a condition that he will remove the mask and they will leave the City right now and Mr. R says, “There is no time for conditions, leave them….”

              Neha gets angry and removes her knife and tries using it but Mr. R stops her and throws her off and he goes at the people to remove the bomb and she shows him the remote and says that she will press it and they will all die together.

              Mr. R then shoots his grappler and takes the remote and hits her with a tranquiller dart and she gets unconscious.

              Before getting unconscious she says, ‘I love you’ to him and touches the mask and she falls down.

              The police get there when he tells him and she is arrested and put into jail.

              Jeet then comes to meet her and she says that she is sorry for what she did, she says, “But there is one thing, no one can take his place….. (Laughs)”

              Jeet says, “Still crazy…”

              Rihaan is sitting in his car and Tanya comes and sits at the near seat and he asks, “Tanya, what is obsession from your point of view?”

              Tanya says, “Obsession is something, it is not love, it is madness….”

              Rihaan says, “Perhaps, she should understand this….”

              Tanya says, “She?”

              Rihaan says, “Nothing…”

              On the other side, Neha is in her jail and a guy comes there and says, “You showed a nice effort against Mr. R, I should say.”            

              He shakes hands with her.

              He leaves and the lady inspector comes to take and Neha asks, “Will Mr. R come to meet me some day?”

              The lady inspector insults her saying things about MR. R and she says, “How dare you…”

              She then kills the inspector near her cell and goes inside and the fellow prisoner asks, “Who are you, really?"

Neha says, “I, I am MRS. R”

              She then keeps on laughing loudly……





              After Neha, Rihaan was moved badly thinking that when he wanted to be a symbol that is respected, he is used as in politics, obsession and etc. People were praising him and liking him but then he knew he was not above the law and order in the City and one day, the police will catch him and he will be charged guilty for breaking the laws.

              Rihaan is then, sitting in his room watching news on how Mr. R is breaking the laws in the City and thus police will not stop finding him and many fake Mr. R’s were arrested and brought in jail and thus his masks were banned in the City and whoever did wear the mask, will be in jail for next few days.

              Grandpa then comes and switches off the TV and says, “C’mon, son!! Cheer up, when you took this ‘job’, these things were suppose to happen, masks, crimes and hatred was going to happen.”

              He then suggests that he should continue all this and beware. Rihaan is then depressed and Grandpa says, “You know what, we will go on a small vacation, nicer, let us go to my village….”

              Rihaan says that he hasn’t been to his Grandpa’s village and he agrees that he will go to the village.

              Grandpa takes the whole gang to the village.

              At the village, they reach by train and see a lot of changes happened in the last years. Grandpa tells some stories when he was here and how he lived with Rihaan’s parents and uncles.

              Grandpa says that when he left the village, it was in a bad condition but now, there are lots of changes, like schools, agriculture offices, etc.

              They then visit the old house which is renovated and Rihaan goes in his father’s old room and gets glimpse of old moments that he spent with his family when he came here.

              Just then, they hear a voice of gun shots and when they see two jeeps with machine guns attached to it and it is a group of bandits and their leader, Johravar comes out of one of the jeeps and calls the villagers.

              Johravar says, “Listen everyone, as you know, I am leader here, so give me the grains and money gathered which you have been doing in so many years….”

              Grandpa comes there and says, “Who made you the leader, me and my friends here have made this village what is it now. You are just some criminal who is not scared of law and police. Leave from here….”

              Johravar smiles and removes his gun and points it at Grandpa and Rihaan stops Johravar and says, “We don’t want any feud here, leave. The villagers have brought the grains now, take it and leave….”

              Johravar says that Rihaan is smart enough to understand and saying this he leaves.

              Later, Grandpa says that this people need someone or something to cheer them up and Rihaan says, “Why is Mr. R present then?”

              At night, all the bandits are enjoying drinks and food, and then just then, whistling sound starts and one of the bandits says, “Who is it?”

              The voice comes and says, “I am the village’s savior and your punishment….”

              Other bandit says, “Who?”

              He is standing behind one of them and says, “Me…”

              He then attacks them and sees that Johravar isn’t present here and beats the other bandits and one of them shoots at him and the bullet cuts him and Mr. R makes them unconscious and leaves.

              The police come and arrest some of them and Johravar comes to know about this and says, “He is the City’s threat, made a mistake coming here….”

              At home, Rihaan is stitching the wound and Jeet helps him and just the Tanya comes and he hides the wound and she says that they all should roam around the village more. Rihaan agrees and he and Tanya leave for a ride.

              After a long ride, they are at dhaba and just then, some of bandits arrive there and boss around the people and they then catch a kid and try to beat him and Rihaan goes to them and fights them and saves the kid.

              The bandits leave and Rihaan talks to the kid and he is a boy and he tells his name, Akash.

              He shakes hands with Rihaan and they take him inside the village.

              Mr. R then goes near Johravar’s main base, and sees he and other bandits are planning something dangerous. He then goes close and attacks the one of them and Johravar sees this and attacks him and they have a small fight.

              The other bandits’ then together attacks Mr. R and he gets hurt badly and just then, another guy wearing a helmet comes on a bike and saves him. He takes him on the bike and moves ahead.

              They go at a distance and Mr. R is injured and the guy removes the helmet and he is, Jeet and he says, “You couldn’t tell me where you are going, it was nice I was keeping a watch on you….”

              Rihaan says, “Thanks for saving me….. I think I need a partner too. You should have a name or something….”

              Jeet says, “No need, I am just happy to help…”

              Saying this, they leave.

              The other day, Jeet and Rihaan are sitting under a tree and Rihaan says that when he checked the base, they were many boxes of their company and they had huge weapons and bullets. Their plan is something do with the train.

              Jeet says that he will try to find out at the train station and he leaves.

              Rihaan is alone and Akash comes there with a drawing book and Rihaan sees what he is drawing and he sees that Akash is drawing, Mr. R picture and he smiles and asks, “Akash, have you seen him?”

              Akash says, “I saw him on TV once. He was saving people from fire…”

              Rihaan says, “He is a good hero…”

              Akash says, “You know him?”

              Rihaan says, “What you know…”

              Akash says, “What?”

              Rihaan says, “No, nothing!!!!”

              Later that night, Jeet comes and says that he has terrible news and he tells that the train that is coming tomorrow has some highly specialized weapons on them and the bandits may be want to capture it and Rihaan says, “We know their plan, let’s see to that, it fails….”

              Johravar on his base tells his henchmen to be ready and says, “That hero will come in between me and those weapons, I have a plan for him…”

              The next day, Mr. R is at a point where the bandits can attack the train and he gets a call saying that some people are captured inside the village and some are kidnapped by Johravar.

              He comes back inside the village and he sees jeeps with machine guns and bandits have huge guns with them.

              He meets Jeet and asks for a plan and Jeet says, “I have one…”

              A trailer is seen coming from other direction and the driver says Jeet’s parcel is here.

              Inside the trailer, there is Mr. R’s bike and another bike too for Jeet.

              Mr. R and Jeet together attack the village in order to save the village and Mr. R removes his Browning Gun and explodes all the jeeps and other village people attack the bandits.

              He then sees Johravar taking some village people with Tanya and Akash in them.

              Mr. R fastens his bike and goes behind them.

              Johravar stops the train and takes the villagers inside and Mr. R arrives there and beats the bandits and Jeet helps him using darts.

              The train starts and Mr. R and Johravar fight on top of the train.

              Tanya and Akash see the fight from a distance.

              The fight turns brutal when Johravar tries removing the mask but Mr. R throws him off and stops and uses some moves and keeps him at a distance.

              Johravar says, “Why did you stop?”

              Mr. R says, “For the signal….”

              Johravar turns back and the signal hits him badly and he falls off from the train lands on the electric fence and dies.

              He then takes Tanya and Akash to a safe place.

              The next day,

Tanya says that Mr. R does fight well and Rihaan says that he is sorry that he couldn’t save her and Tanya takes the apology.

              While they are about to leave, Akash stops them and gives the picture to Rihaan and whispers in his ears, “You did a good job on the train….”

              Rihaan and Jeet hear this and they are shocked and they smile at him and Rihaan whispers back, “Don’t tell anyone, kid….”

              Akash smiles back and his mother ask about the whispering and he says that it is a secret….

              At the City,

Mr. Jadhav breaks the phone and says that Johravar is dead and says that the specialized weapons were to be delivered by him to their partners and says that it was all Mr. R’s fault and tells Mr. Rao to find someone to kill him.

Mr. R sends a note to Ujwal Naik saying, ‘Back from vacation…’

On the other side, Mr. Rao visits a gym facility and sees his guy picking weights and says, “I have a job for you….”

The guy says, “Is it fun?”

Mr. Rao says, “It is related to Mr. R, it will be fun when it is to kill him…”

The guy says, “Time to rumble, hero!!!!”


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