Let's go on...

By Sunit Basak in Poems » Long
Updated 23:16 IST Jan 07, 2017

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Standing in the middle of the sea,

I was awaiting for my destiny,

My raft was broken and sails were torn,

But my heart kept saying ;

Let's go on...


I didn't knew how to swim,

But still I had a grin,

I knew that I may drown,

But still didn't had a frown;

Because my heart kept saying;

Let's go on...


So I started paddling in search of land,

For many days I paddled hard,

but didn't find a pinch of sand;

But still I didn't lose hope

and moved on,

Because my heart kept saying;

Let's go on...


A few days later,

I saw something new,

It was not the water, but the sand,

Which meant, that I had figured out the land;

Finally I felt a calm breeze of the sea,

Which was the end of my misery,

Now I stopped using my hands,

And my feet was on,

And I thanked my heart which kept saying;

Let's go on...


Believe me:

If you ever get stuck in a place,

Just like I was;

And if you have will,

And some definite cause;

You will find a way out,

And surely not fall off the boat;

Till the time your heart says;

Let's go on...


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