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  • Let's go on...
    Sunit Basak | 07-Jan-2017
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      Standing in the middle of the sea, I was awaiting for my destiny, My raft was broken and sails were torn, But my heart kept saying ; Let's go on...   I didn't knew how to swim, But still I had a grin, I knew that I may drown, But still didn't had a frown; Because my heart kept saying; Let's go on...   So I started paddling in search of land, For many days I paddled hard, but didn't find a pinch of sand; But still I didn't lose hope and moved on, Because my heart kept saying; Let's go on...   A few days later, I saw something new, It was not the water, but the sand, Which meant, that I had figured out the land; Finally I felt a calm breeze of the sea, Which was the end of my misery, Now I stopped using my hands, And my feet was on, And I thanked my heart which kept saying; Let's go on...   Believe me: If you ever get stuck in a place, Just like I was; And if you have will, And some definite cause; You will find a way out, And surely not fall off
  • I want to known
    Sunit Basak | 12-Mar-2017
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    She was walking past the road, With the dressing style of her own; She had ethos of hers, For which she was till date unknown; She was the one, who wasn't allowed to live freely, And lived as per the wishes of him; She was the one, who had killed her dreams before, With the dagger of her kin.   "Oh look at her ", said the mocking and disgracing crowd; They all stood with their open eyes closed;  They said:"Isn't she the one, the cause of all undone, The one very inept; The one who brings the rest discomfort, The one who is always unkept."   The excruciated women now turned back and answered: "Yes! It is me!And it is something I am proud to be; It is me, who has brains of her own; It is me, and my way to live; It is me, and now- I WANT TO BE KNOW. You didn't let me live the way I wanted to, You never let my thoughts come out; You never gave me freedom of my own, And you always considered me a lout;"   By now the flock was left with their mouths shut; This time th
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