I want to known

By Sunit Basak in Poems » Long
Updated 21:14 IST Mar 28, 2017

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She was walking past the road,

With the dressing style of her own;

She had ethos of hers,

For which she was till date unknown;

She was the one, who wasn't allowed to live freely,

And lived as per the wishes of him;

She was the one, who had killed her dreams before,

With the dagger of her kin.


"Oh look at her ", said the mocking and disgracing crowd;

They all stood with their open eyes closed; 

They said:
"Isn't she the one, the cause of all undone,

The one very inept;

The one who brings the rest discomfort,

The one who is always unkept."


The excruciated women now turned back and answered:

"Yes! It is me!
And it is something I am proud to be;

It is me, who has brains of her own;

It is me, and my way to live;

It is me, and now-


You didn't let me live the way I wanted to,

You never let my thoughts come out;

You never gave me freedom of my own,

And you always considered me a lout;"


By now the flock was left with their mouths shut;

This time they realised their mistake;

They figured out that they had been killing souls;

They realised how many of her they had defamed;


She once again resumed her tongue, 

And told them-

" I am afraid no more;

Not afraid of anything what you say,

No more I am an introvert,

And from now on,



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TheLostBronteSister 25-Mar-2017 02:59

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