By Raveena Warkad in Poems » Short
Updated 18:50 IST Mar 14, 2017

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She just felt the shore.
Near her.
As though waiting
For her to arrive.
After surviving that tempest,
In the night sky,
Whose shades
She looked upon
To wonder,
If similar were the shades of her life.
Not long has it been,
The fading sunset,
Brought back the bright sky.
The stars were gone,
The moon disappeared.
Who had kept her hopes high,
With the dim light,
They could provide.
It was as though
The end of darkness
In her life.
Few peaceful breathes she took,
Before getting struck by another storm.
The shore never came,
Illusion it seemed,
When waves promised to be the,
Never ending part of her life.

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