Incidents: Meant to Change Us

By Vageesha in Poems » Long
Updated 16:34 IST Dec 15, 2019

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Strived everyday still felt that sore 

Apparently they weren't my friends anymore 

So debilitated was I 

That couldn't even tend to cry 

Was done endeavouring on my ex 

As I fell off the apex

Almost have I led down my reputation 

Moving on looked like procrastination 

How long could I live in endurance?

Will I ever cease my perseverance? 

A bombshell met my heart 

Telling me there's a new life I need to start

Neither was it difficult at all 

Nor this time was I afraid to fall 

Started I to believe in my own self

Wasn't meant to be kept in a closed shelf 

The incident I look back and see 

Changed me how and glowed me with glee 

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