Imperfections…journey from bane to boon!

By Kapil Muzumdar in Experiences
Updated 16:15 IST Jun 05, 2017

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Life is truly a wonderful blessing. And perhaps the larger blessing comes in a cast of being imperfect.

I agree nobody is perfect on this earth. But the imperfections that I am talking about are different. Flaws or imperfections that do not bulge out in the open but are constantly played in your mind and restricted to your own self. And perhaps to some close ones. Being aware of your imperfections I believe keeps you alert. It does perpetrate a certain degree of under confidence because not always do you find yourself in command or sure of things around. But I guess that tends you to perform better. For some, worse too. Nevertheless.

It’s okay to be like that. I am and have no qualms in admitting. And I guess at some point you begin to get comfortable talking about it. When the need arises that is. Courage befriends you easily being flaw-full. But I must admit that age and maturity make you embrace it. You aren’t the same as a teenager or even as a young adult. You either don’t recognize or kind of grow fighting it at every given time to triumph over bitter situations. Little or the big ones. All around seem perfect to you, minus yourself. And you want to be recognized as perfect, so you learn the art of deceiving people around making them believe you are awesome…coz you fear they may elude you. To simply tide over the resentments, you constantly manage this overcast over your real self. You pretend to be perfect inviting a bigger mess.

Until you grow an age when you realize all isn’t worth it.


If I had recognized my imperfect self then, I would have possibly admitted to it. And life could have blessed me a lot differently. At least I could have provided it with an opportunity to do so. And perhaps be happier, much earlier in my life. And stayed that way throughout.

No regrets.

Today, life’s much better and more real. And surprisingly, nothing’s really changed. The people you want are there; the ones who didn’t deserve…have fled. I guess when you yourself come to terms with something; the world around kind of supplants itself to your thought…I want to believe that until I am…

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