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              Rihaan is taken outside the Special Prisons and kept in his normal cell and sometime later, Tiger and some constables come and take him out of the cell and hang him in the middle of the whole jail with both hands tied.

            Tiger comes with a rod and says, “You filthy fool, you think you are some hero, huh, thinking you are some fool that can create havoc and I will stand there and watch…”

            He then hits him with a rod and keeps the beating on and on. Rihaan starts to bleed badly and Rihaan smiles at Tiger and says, “Hey, if you tired, ask your constables to carry on the beating, or tell your pimp, Diablo, as it is you are his BITCH!!!!”

            Tiger then removes his gun and points it at Rihaan and he says, “If you weren’t here for just a month, I would have killed you…”            

            The constables then remove Rihaan from the chains and put him back in his cell.

            At the base, Jeet says, “The anniversary day is here and we don’t know the plan yet…”

            Tanya says, “Jeet, what we can do is beware and stay near the jail…”

            Jeet then calls Ujwal Naik as Mr. R and tells him that Diablo and his gang will escape on the anniversary day.

            Ujwal Naik reaches the jail and sees all the security measures and takes a look at the Special Prisons.

            He then sees Diablo’s cell and calls the constables to bring him out and looks at Diablo and says, “What happened to you, huh!! I guess, Rihaan beat the hell out of you…”

            Diablo says, “Yes, the prince of the City beat me, it was out of context!! But Sir, when I get out, total destruction…”

            Ujwal Naik says, “Correct the words, if I get out…”

            Diablo looks at him in a furious manner and Ujwal Naik leaves.

            At the base, Chang tries to tell Jeet and others but they don’t listen to him and Jeet says, “Rihaan will get you out from those cuffs, you understand…”            

            Chang says, “I got nothing to do with this…”

            At some other place away from the prison there is a bike with guns on them, a helicopter and some men with guns and missiles getting geared up and a Ninja BLACK Suited guy comes and sees all the arrangements and he looks at a photo and says, “A great day to come ahead….”

            At the prison,

Tiger calls Rihaan inside his office and he says, “Rihaan, (while smoking) Diablo did tempt you a lot, even if he stays here, you cannot kill him here…”

            Rihaan smiles and says, “Yeah, you are right, a little birdie did told me, he and his gang will escape tomorrow… Am I right?”

            Tiger says, “No, he is not…”

            Rihaan says, “As your pimp is getting out, you will be out of business… (Laughs)”

            Tiger attacks him but Rihaan dodges him and Rihaan kicks him back in his seat and says, “When he escapes, I will kill him, if he does escape, I will be the one who kills him…”

            The next day,

The Mayor gets ready for the Anniversary and Ujwal Naik accompanies him to the Jail.

            At jail,

 The Mayor meets Rihaan and shows the orders to get him out and he asks the Mayor to let Shakti out too and he agrees to do that.

            When the Anniversary begins, Jeet is in his on his bike ready that something will happen and Tanya, Raghu and Chang are at the base.

            Diablo, Apollo, Virus, Queen, Stinger and Ghost are brought out and put in pressurized chambers near the anniversary and Tiger is with the Mayor and Naik.

            Just then, a bike is seen in a high speed approaching at the jail and Jeet sees this and says, “Guys, someone is coming at the jail.”            

            On that, there is a black suited guy and he leaves the bike and presses a remote and the bike becomes automatic and goes and crashes the prison wall.

            Everyone inside is shocked and the guy removes his helmet and says, “Boom, boom, boom… Here I come…”

            He then removes his swords and kills the constables with it and some more men come inside and kill the constables.

Jeet comes inside the Jail and sees all this and at the base, everyone is shocked and Chang asks to show the face of the guy and he also get shocked and says, “OH my GOD!!! He is LEE aka BLACK DRAGON!!! He’s my brother!!!”


Lee then sees the chambers and throws bombs at them and explodes them.

            All of them come outside, Rihaan and Jeet then attack Lee and Diablo.

            Diablo attacks Rihaan and shoots him in the chest and Rihaan still comes and punches him. He then sees a pair of handcuffs and ties him and says, “You cannot go…”

            A helicopter arrives and Diablo pulls Rihaan with him and Jeet takes some guns and starts shooting at them and Stinger then comes and cuts the guns with his claws and hits him a wipe with the tail.

            The helicopter goes up and Rihaan is half way out and Diablo tries breaking the cuffs and Tiger sees this and shoots the cuffs and Rihaan goes down but holds the door.

            Scarface takes Diablo and kicks Rihaan away but he doesn’t go off and Rihaan tries moving the helicopter and by some effort it starts to move and a gun falls down and Rihaan catches it.

            Rihaan tries getting inside and Scarface kicks him and put him outside. Rihaan looks down and looks at Tiger and says, “At least, you die…”

            He sees Tiger near petrol drums and Rihaan shoots them and a lot of petrol comes out and Tiger says, “Now what???”

            Rihaan says, “Die…”

            Sikander shoots on the petrol drums and they explode and there is an explosion and Tiger dies…

            Rihaan’s hand leaves and he falls down and he is not much at height, Shakti saves him.

            The helicopter leaves taking Diablo, Lee and others away.

            After the incident, Ujwal Naik comes at injured Rihaan and says, “You did a great effort, kid, but they got away.”

            Shakti then joins Rihaan and his team and Jeet says that his sorry to Chang that he doubted him and Chang accepts the apology and punches him.

            Tanya says, “We all saw that one coming!!!!!”


Mr. R- LEO



              The story goes with a flashback in Andaman Nicobar Islands where Raka was born and then made into an animal using the wolf serum and then he attacked Mr. R and made him into a monster and he was cured and Raka was killed.

            When he induced with the serum and the scientist and the associate are working on the serum and the associate says, “Sir, after this experiment, we can then focus on the other serums which do contain Animal blood.”

            The scientist says, “Yes, we have the LION and the TIGER and this has been already been bit, so it may enhance his blood cells. Let’s see.”

            He injects the serum and leaves the subject (Raka) and they put the Lion and the Tiger subjects inside the chamber.

            The next day, they arrive, they see, the Lion cubs they had been eaten and they see the remains and Raka attacked them and the assistant escaped from the lab and when Raka left, he released Lion and Tiger subjects into the jungle.

            Years later,

 Raghu is at the gym lifting huge weights and Rihaan arrives there and a young girl arriving at the gym and Raghu keeps on looking at her and Rihaan says, “You should talk to her.”


Raghu first hesitates and then goes to her and after some talk, he comes back and says, “She was also noticing me from days, she wants to go out with me, her name is, Nisha Thakur, she is an assistant to a scientist.”            

            Rihaan says, “You are wooing a geek, good for you.”


            After the date, Nisha says, “I had a great time, you know, Raghu, I am glad that I came.”

            Raghu says, “I appreciate that. You are going home or you have some plans?”

            Nisha says, “Actually, I have some plans, Raghu, can you drop me?”

            Raghu agrees and they come to a facility like place and it is locked with chains and has hugs locks on the doors. Raghu says, “What is this place?”

            Nisha says, “Actually, my boss, I am helping her in her some experiment and she found a thing some years and it was half human, half lion and she brought that thing here, and we run some tests here and it used to go out of control, I had come here and give him food.”            

Raghu says, “Oh, if you need some help, I can help you.”

            Nisha says, “That’s nice of you.”

            They go inside, she switches on the lights and they see the cage where the thing was kept isn’t there and he is hiding and Raghu tries to protect Nisha and she calls her boss and the thing suddenly attacks Raghu and they have fight, it tears Raghu’s clothes and Nisha tries to stop the Lion Monster and she sees it was already injured and it leaves from the door.

            Raghu is injured and taken to hospital and Nisha sees that he is scratched by the Lion monster.

            Raghu arrives at Rihaan’s home. Jeet is also there and asks about the date and Raghu says, “It was wild!!!”

            Jeet says, “Wild, huh!!!”

            Raghu says, “Not that way, wild, Jeet, wild in some other manner.”

            He tells them the whole incident and Rihaan says, “That Lion Monster is inside the City, you were saying that it was already injured.”

            Jeet says, “It’s like the Raka thing all over again.”

            Raghu then says that he will be meeting Nisha now and Jeet says, “By the way, who’s her boss?”

            Raghu says, “Aisha Khanna, she said…”

            Jeet says, “I will come with you…”

            Rihaan whispers, “That didn’t work out last time, right??”            

            Jeet says, “Shut up.” He then leaves with Raghu and Rihaan begins the search for the Lion Monster.

            The Lion monster finds a long jacket and he wears it and roams inside the streets.

            Rihaan finds on internet about Raka and he finds that more two such experiments were conducted and the assistant left the experiments in the jungle after Raka destroyed the lab and killed the scientist.

The people on whom the experiment was created were two criminals who hated each other and they have a heated rivalry. Rihaan says, “So, there is one more, it is the Tiger one.”

            Jeet and Raghu arrive at the lab facility and Nisha sees them and meets Raghu and Aisha arrives there and says, “Hi, Raghu, and you!!!”

            She looks at Jeet and he follows her and says, “I know, I bugged you a lot last time we were in Delhi…”

            She stops him in between and says, “Listen, I don’t have time for your bugging, my subject has escaped.”

            At night, MR. R arrives at the lab facility and looks around without letting them know and sees along the road and sees some dark streets and goes there and suddenly, he hears some noises of fighting and he follows it.

            When he reaches there, he sees both the monsters fighting, i.e. Tiger and Lion monster.

            He sees Lion Monster nearly dead and Mr. R texts Jeet and tells him to come here.

            Jeet and others leave from the lab and while leaving, Raghu’s body starts paining and he sees some lion hairs growing on his body.

            At that place, the Tiger Monster says, “Lion, if you hadn’t taken my jobs, this situation wouldn’t have taken place. Look at you, I should have killed you at the lab, but the rabbit at that neighborhood place I was excited to eat.”

            Lion says, “Please don’t kill me, I want to get normal, yes, I volunteered for this experiment, but I realize that I was wrong, let me go, you would realize that too.”

            The Tiger comes closer and just then, Mr. R comes there and says, “Never attack a person who is not able to fight, kitty!!”

            The Tiger turns back and says, “Who dare you call a Kitty!!!”

            He attacks Mr. R and tries beating him and Mr. R sees that he is not bit or scratched again or he may turn again in some animal monster.

            Jeet and others arrives there and they see the fight and they then see, Lion there and Raghu’s body starts to pain and he eyes turn to Lion eyes and Nisha gets shocked seeing this and she says, “Ma’am, Lion did scratched Raghu and…”

            Raghu turns into the Lion Monster and the Lion Monster dies there as he was severely injured.

            Raghu then sees Mr. R fighting and goes and attacks Tiger and throws him at a distance and Mr. R looks at Mr. R and says, “Raghu!!! Lion Monster!! Damn!!!”

            Aisha sees this and says, “I can run some tests on Raghu…”

            Jeet says, “Wait a sec, what!! Have some humanity, woman!!! Man, why I liked you!!”

            He then leaves and waits with Nisha.

            Raghu then says, “Tiger face the death now!!!!”

            He roars at him and attacks and injures Tiger badly and Tiger says, “Who are you?”

            Raghu says, “Call me, LEO.”


            Leo then attacks Tiger again and with the huge sharp nails tears his chest and kills Tiger.

            After sometime, they all leave, and Aisha and Nisha are left there with the dead monsters.

            The dead monsters are taken to the hospital and examined.

            After some days, Aisha examines Raghu’s body and says, “The serum and blood combination has worked perfectly on Raghu and he can transform in LEO in any time he wants and change to human to anytime.”

            Jeet in a sarcastic way says, “So, no more tests on him, huh!!!”

            They all leave and Aisha stops Jeet and says, “Hey, I know I was just thinking vague and I am sorry.”

            Jeet says, “It’s alright!!”

            Aisha says, “You know, we should go out again!!!”

            Jeet says, “Alright!!”

            He then leaves and goes at Rihaan says, “You will be dating a geek too…”

            Jeet says, “A good looking geek, brother!!!”

            They all laugh and leave.

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