He & She

By Kalamwali in Stories » True Story
Updated 12:12 IST Aug 09, 2016

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He was arrogant but loving. She was kind but fierce.

He was always sure of everything yet unaware of many things. She was never sure of anything but every once in a while she knew the right things.

He was not perfect for her but he gave her perfect moments. She was as perfect as it could get but she was full of imperfections.

He was very practical yet his heart worked full time. She was all heart yet her brain struck sometimes.

His time was precious which he invested in her. Her feelings were priceless which she showered on him.

He always looked to strike a balance yet loved to lose it sometimes. She was allergic to being balanced yet created the right balance between them.

He added love to her drama and she added drama to his love.

He brought out the adult in her and she brought out the child in him.

He taught her all that she needed to know. She untaught him things he over knew.

They both had those imperfect pieces of the puzzle that fit perfectly together!  


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Mohini Limaye 09-Aug-2016 16:37

It's so beautiful, so appealing.. You can just see yourself and the person you love in every comparison made. It so touches the heart..

Kalamwali 09-Aug-2016 22:02

Thank you very much :)

Rama Limaye 10-Aug-2016 21:03

Very good understanding 👍

Kalamwali 11-Aug-2016 13:36

Thank you ;))

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