The coveted 'Kadha'

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Updated 11:58 IST Aug 08, 2016

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The weather is giving every household reasons to bunk school, work and activities. Doctor visits are soaring and most ladies of the house have their hands full with routine plus the sickness. Finding myself in a similar situation, I decided to re-visit an age old therapy. A coveted hand-me-down recipe for the “Kadha” that works like magic for any kind of physical discomfort. Passed on for generations, this one has to be a full proof home remedy.


1.5 cups of filtered water
½ tea spoon Turmeric
A small piece of Ginger (approximately an inch) grated
A tea spoon full of Ajwain seeds. Also known as Ajowan Caraway
A small piece of Cinnamon (approximately an inch), or even cinnamon powder will do
2 tea spoons of Honey
¼ tea spoon Soonth Powder. Also known as dried ginger
A few leaves of Tulsi. Also known as Holy Basil.


In a utensil, add everything one by one to the 1.5 cups of water and start heating the concoction on a medium flame. Let everything mix well with water and bring it to a boil. Make sure the 1.5 cups of water have boiled down to 1 cup, or even less, in quantity. Strain it in a cup. It normally looks like tea decoction.   

Serve piping hot. For kids its advised to give them at least 10 spoons full at one time. Half a cup of the Magic Kadha, 2-3 times a day, might just keep the Doctor away :)

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