By Dr Sana Khan in Experiences
Updated 00:06 IST Jul 31, 2018

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Destiny is something mysterious. I'm saying this to define and expose the different facets of this broad spectrum term called 'destiny'. 

Some people are born with a silver-spoon, some middle class, some poor. Does this have any reason at all? 

As per my observations about the people around me - some experienced a beautiful life whereas some had been miserable throughout; I can't say that anyone had anything very easily but this continuous series of unfortunate events for some individuals takes a heavy toll on their brain cells, shoots blood pressure, causes stroke and so many other serious ailments. This is so unfortunate cause an individual who was young, valient , I-know- it- all , I can do it all falls prey to dependency; dependency on others is a horrible and horrific moment but destiny as one can summarize this journey of events- fortunate or unfortunate has a major role in all this.

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